Restart the biological clock, please call me the morning person

what? You said that you are a night-type person, can you wake up in the morning? The latest research by neurologists can tell you that while most people have 50% of their brain clocks determined by heredity and age (for example, you wake up 30 minutes in advance every 10 years), but 50% of the brain The biological clock can be changed and adjusted by active training. So, what are you waiting for, come and learn how to transform into a morning-type person, so that you can easily enjoy the wonderful morning without pressure, and go anywhere. You should know that spending such a time before starting work every morning will not only help you reduce your work pressure, but also greatly improve your work efficiency and even make you curious about your new day.

1. Give yourself a tempting reason to get up
Just find a reason to attract you, you can also start the morning training mode, get up early every morning to put on clothes. So, set yourself something that you must do early. You can get up early to listen to music and make a rich breakfast. You can also run with your running friends in the morning, or run on a treadmill while listening to your favorite novel serials, even a sweet phone porridge with your lover every morning.

2. Try not to get too early on the first day
If you want to become a morning person and turn early into a permanent thing instead of a flash in the pan (such as getting up early in the dawn flight), you need a step-by-step model, not a one-off. So, first, based on the time you go to work and the time it takes to commute, determine the target time you need to get up early every morning (for example, 8 am in the morning instead of 8 am), then you can get up at the moment according to the target time. On the basis of getting up 20 minutes in advance every day until the target time is reached (such as getting up at 7:40 on the first day, getting up at 7:20 on the next day, and so on), gradually getting up early in this step-by-step way, than suddenly Getting up 2 hours in advance can make the brain’s biological clock adapt.

Of course, with an early morning 20 minutes, you should also go to bed early for 20 minutes a day, so you don’t feel exhausted every day, but you can be energized every day.

3. Use a “hate” smart alarm clock software
You are not mistaken. In the initial stage of the morning training mode, you can’t wake up early every day. You need to download and use a smart alarm clock software that makes you “disgust” on your mobile phone. The “hate” ringtone that wakes up every morning and chatter, so you can’t continue to sleep is the key to helping you transform into a morning person.

4. Adjust your daily habits
If you really want to enjoy the morning time brought by the early rise, you still need to adjust some daily habits, otherwise it is very likely that it will save 2 hours, but it will evaporate without knowing it.

For example, do you spend almost 30 minutes in the morning to choose what clothes and shoes to wear, and then use 30 minutes to communicate with girlfriends WeChat to go to dinner party this evening, or do not go to the gym to practice yoga after work… So now, It’s time to make some changes: you need to advance the time to match the costumes and discuss what to do, where to go, what to eat, etc. to the night before. After getting up in the morning, your brain will not be occupied by all sorts of trivial things, you can really enjoy a high-quality decompression time.

5. Pull the bedroom curtains before going to bed
If the bedroom window does not come into close contact with the neighbor’s terrace, and there are no street lights or other direct light outside the bedroom, then you may wish to open the bedroom curtains before going to sleep to prepare for the sunrise sunshine the next morning.

Why did you do this? Because if you plan to restart your own wake-up rhythm and wake up early, then nothing is a “wake-up expert” that is gentler, healthier and more effective than “sunshine”! Neurologists say: “Light means alertness, so the morning sun gradually shines into the bedroom, which will make your brain naturally wake up and secrete a depressing hormone that is pleasant.”

However, since “light is the biggest factor”, neuroscientists also recommend that you “deep the light source in the room 1 to 2 hours before going to sleep at night”, especially not to lie in bed and use your mobile phone to brush friends. Because the light emitted by the screen of the mobile phone will prevent the secretion of melatonin in the brain, which directly affects the quality of sleep. Although dimming the phone screen helps to reduce this negative impact on sleep, the most fundamental method is to stay away from mobile phones, tablets, TVs and other electronic devices with illuminated screens before going to sleep.

6. Don’t stop at the weekend.
After a period of active training, can you wake up naturally every morning before the alarm sounds? Congratulations, this shows that your biological clock has changed, and you have fallen in love with a cup of coffee, a piece of music, a relaxing reading or a morning run decompression.

You know, once your early morning training lasts for 2 weeks, you basically develop the habit of getting up early and create the basic model of the “morning person”. The key now is – weekend! Because once you relax, you can easily “sleep over” on weekends.

Therefore, in order to avoid the difference in the biological clock between working days and weekends, affecting the cultivation of “morning people” and causing “the risk of returning once”, neuroscientists suggest that “it is best to insist on getting up early on weekends. Habit.” If you want to add sleep on the weekend, try a nap in the afternoon.