Rage and violence in a runaway society

If you search for the key words in the electronic document library of “Spiegel Weekly” with the words “injury”, “firefighter dereliction of duty” and “police deportation”, and limit the time limit to nearly 4 years, limit the source to 65 kinds of Germany. Newspapers and magazines, then print out the articles found, and in a few minutes you can get a file with the same size as the entire Berlin phone book. Many of the stories inside are very ridiculous.

On November 3, 2017, a one-year-old boy was dying of ventricular fibrillation in a day care facility in Berlin. The emergency personnel who arrived came to park the car outside the parking space, thus blocking the exit of a car parked here. “Get out! I have to go to work!” the car driver roared. When the emergency personnel explained to him that the first aid in the car was related to a person’s life and death, the 23-year-old replied, “Where do you rescue me?” Then, he destroyed the ambulance outside without a hand. glass.

The risk of dying from torture or hail is reduced, and the likelihood of being headshot by neighbors increases due to too much noise at night.

On September 4, 2018, in Hanover, a car driver grabbed the priority of two cyclists. To prevent a collision, one of the bicycles helped the rear window of the Volkswagen Touran. Next, the car driver began to contain the two cyclists, and after a few hundred meters, they braked in front of the two, and after jumping off the car, they beat them. Witnesses who tried to help were equally embarrassed, and the police who arrived were also verbally abused.

On October 21, 2018, in the football B-level county league, SV Preussen Eiberg and Essener SG 99/06 are playing a half-time match. In the 69th minute, two players started to fight. After a few seconds, one of the faces bleeds and collapses to the ground. His opponent bit his nose.

| “Rottweiler Society” |
These three scenes from Germany are incredible, but this is just the tip of the iceberg. In Germany, such things happen all the time. We don’t need to check the electronic document library at all. We only need to stay on the German street for a while, or stay in the public office for a few hours, or take a look at the waiting room of the hospital and the waiting room of the police station. It will naturally Question: What happened to our society? Has our security system failed? Is there a problem with our natural emotional self-control? What was previously taken for granted is no longer applicable now?

In our interpersonal relationships, attacks occur more and more frequently, and small dissatisfaction in daily life can lead to an outbreak of anger. At the Düsseldorf train station, a train was cancelled and a man ran to the platform with a folding knife and shouted: “Despicable Federal Railways, where are you? You should all be killed. The blood is dying!” In Hanover, a person accidentally walked onto the roadway because he was watching a mobile phone, and he was slain by a cyclist for three days and then died. In Arnswang, in the Upper Palatinate area, a resident ordered his dog to fly forward to investigate a policewoman who had fired the night before. The firefighters were thrown into the bottle and the bus driver was beaten for refusing to ask some passengers to stop and get off the bus.

Of course, the aggression in everyday life has always been, but it is worth noting that today’s aggression is more about the public officials responsible for maintaining public order. In the end what happened?

Studies have shown that Western society has become more and more secure and less violent. Harvard University scientist Stephen Pinker also stated in his book The Good Angels in Humanity: A New History of Humanity that we live in the most peaceful years to date. If you think about disasters such as war and murder, this is true, but social research experts believe that less cruel violence is growing. It can be said that the risk of death from torture or hail is reduced, and the possibility of being headshot by neighbors increases due to too much noise at night.

The economist Paul Collier called it “Rottweiler Society.” He lamented “the collapse of our society” in the subtitle of his book “Social Capital.” In general, these views are hard to get support on the data. For example, there is no data collected specifically for violence in street traffic. The cases mentioned above are hidden behind judicial concepts such as “personal injury”, “resistance to state power organs” and “insults”. But just look at the long-term contingency measures taken by government departments, federations, and politicians to know that something is out of control.

“Our society has become more violent overall,” said Andreas Zick. “But we should not be surprised. After all, for many years, the most respected in all social classes is execution. And self-interest.” The 57-year-old Zick is in charge of the Multidisciplinary Conflict and Violence Institute at the University of Bielefeld. Seven years ago, scientists at the Institute strongly warned that German society’s indifference is growing.

At that time, in December 2011, a 10-year study published by the Institute with the goal of “Exploring the attitudes of society to its most vulnerable groups” showed that, especially since the outbreak of the financial crisis in 2008, violence and violent tendencies have been There has been an increase. Wilhelm Heit Meyer, then director of the Institute, found that increasing competitive pressures, isolation and social injustice all made people more and more uneasy.

Nowadays, the right-wing German election party has become the third largest party in the parliament, and it can be said that the legalization of the aggression is declared. In 2015, the then president, Flaubert Petrie, said: “We need those cowards to inspire the majority.” In the last two years, most of the attacks have occurred in the national public service. For example, in 2018, after dozens of public officials were attacked by people’s speech or behavior, including a bite by the Social Welfare Bureau, Dresden announced a new security for the municipal management building. Program. All employees of the German Employment Service Center put punchers and scissors in the cabinet for safety reasons. The Public Safety and Order Management Department of Mülheim has begun to allow employees to receive training in baton operations.

In 2015, after a fatal traffic accident in Bremerford, pedestrians and rescuers twisted together.

According to data released by the Federal Criminal Bureau in 2017, a total of 74,000 police officers have become victims of violence in the course of their official duties. Since some of these attacks even occurred during the traffic accident investigation record that was supposed to be completely friendly, the German government enacted a new law that stipulates that even the highest level of assault in the process of performing simple official duties can be sentenced to five years in prison. .

The German Federal Railways recorded 2,550 attacks on conductors, an increase of more than 700 more than two years ago. The company has developed a software for employees to deal with emergencies and consider using a police camera.

The city of Berlin has been working on building more humane street traffic for many years – the idea is good and the results are quite small. Parking signs, traffic lights, speed limit signs… Many people apparently regard the rules as unfair interference in their right to self-determination, so they armed themselves, and the displacement, engine power, speed and attack level all showed a straight upward trend.

Limited street space is increasingly occupied by SUVs. They seem to be tailor-made for the battle of the streets. It is no wonder that former Audi CEO Rupert Stead will declare: “Many car owners don’t want to buy a ‘restricted retreat announcement’ that rolls on the road.”

One-fourth of the newly-branded cars last year were SUVs, and this percentage in 2016 was only half of last year. The problem of higher fuel consumption and more pollution of the SUV, it is difficult to find a large enough parking space, it seems no longer important, it is important to have a car that can clear the road ahead. The SUV, known as the “road tank”, is indeed a civilized version of the vehicle developed by the military to enter difficult-to-reach areas.

Although the German Football Association claims that the proportion of events in which violence has occurred is only 3, but if there are about 1.5 million matches a year, the total number is quite large. Especially in low-level amateur-level events, players will use angle flags, bottles, sticks and sometimes scimitars to launch attacks. The referee repeatedly launched a strike and wanted to signal this and arouse public concern.

The sports sociologist Juter Pilz has been recording the daily life of the German football stadium with the students many years ago. The researchers placed hidden microphones on the edge of a youth football match. Pilz heard parents shouting at their children: “Kick him!” “Get rid of him!”

“People who hear these words often won’t accept the loss,” Pilz said. Obviously, “the social center conflict was transferred to the stadium on the weekend.”

| The source of anger |
Where does this anger come from? It is very likely that the violent acts that have intensified on the Internet for many years have now shifted to real life. The temptations of insults, defamation, slander, slander, etc. have never diminished, and as social conflict researchers have foreseen a few years ago, they are now also targeting national representatives.

On the Internet, people are madly targeting politicians, humiliating them as “sludge livestock”, “addicts” or “arrogant stools”. The Green Party politician Claudia Ross was threatened to “make you evaporate from the world,” and Foreign Minister Haiko Maas found a pistol bullet in the mailbox. But now, everything is no longer just in the intimidation of words, and this can be seen from the case of the Mayor of Altena, Andrias Holstein. In November 2017, a man attacked him at a Turkish barbecue food stall and brought a knife with a blade length of 22 cm to his neck. “I want to kill you! I am starving to death, but you let 200 foreigners into the city!” The unemployed roared, and the two employees at the food stall immediately subdued him.

Social psychologist Zick said that violence is increasingly described as “the right to resist.” “There is a lot of evidence that today we are increasingly using violence to achieve personal benefits, especially those who have lost contact with the national society and cannot recognize basic democratic values.”

What Zick describes is not just a German problem, but there are more and more people in the Western world. In France, where there is a radical tradition, the conflict in the Huangshan movement continues. In the United Kingdom, which gave the impression of “rarely over-excited”, the hatred caused by the “Brexit” problem led to the price of life for Joe Cox, a politician who supported the stay in Europe. In the United States, which continues to be over-excited, the most powerful and violent man in the world is happily slashing into society.

About 20 years ago, sociologist Robert Patnan described the state of American society before the Trump era in his much-watched book, “Bowling alone.” Patnam writes: In the United States, the interpersonal relationship of almost all social classes has been drastically reduced; fewer Americans are attending parties, trade union organizations, churches and associations; they are less likely to go bowling and play cards, get off work. After that, I have less to have a drink with others, less dinner at night, and less to go out to play together. On the contrary, there is a group activity that is becoming more and more popular, that is, the neighborhood is safely supervised.

Patnam said that people’s trust in the country and other citizens has disappeared, and this can have serious consequences: isolated people who avoid establishing social connections are more likely to be driven by lower-level instincts. “It is no coincidence that indiscriminate killings are generally ‘unsocial and independent.’

The situation in the United States by Putnam also appeared in Germany. Here, the church has been losing believers for many years, and the two major parties are the same: in 1990, about 800,000 believers entered the CDU and became 400,000 by 2018: the same number of Social Democrats from the same time period 94 million fell to 450,000.

Germans like to spend their leisure time alone. The Future Issues Foundation regularly studies the most important leisure activities of the German public. In 2018, it was not until the eighth place that there was an activity that must be met with others (“to spend time with a partner”). In contrast, Germans prefer to watch TV, listen to the radio, surf the Internet, and even “rest” and “do nothing”.

Another point that many people will agree with is that everyone has to be responsible for themselves, because if everyone thinks for themselves, everyone will be considered at the end. However, extreme individualism will inevitably lead to segregation, and out-of-groups will think that they do not need to consider anyone, and some will go straight to their own needs, even with violence.

Along with the reduction of collective activities, it is armed and armed in the private sphere. The holdings of small arms licenses have been increasing for many years, as is the sales of pepper spray. The security industry has ushered in a prosperous period, as more and more people have converted their homes into small forts. For those who are rich enough, it is almost a practice to build a security room in the villa to deal with illegal intrusions, terrorist attacks or other threats. If you look around the piste in the winter, you will find that almost no one dares not to wear a helmet, protect the back and elbows, and enter the cable car with full force. It seems that it is not going to the snow, but on the battlefield.

“The practice of seeing individualism as a role model has brought us tremendous disasters,” Paul Collier said. Last year, it was no accident that the United Kingdom, as the world’s first country, chose a lonely minister. In a society where the principle of self-interest is supreme, the concepts of “hometown” and “identity” have been heatedly explored, and it may not be accidental. The right-wing populists who dominate these discussions are cause for concern.

“The initial performance of cruelty is often indifferent, and language may become action.” In February 2012, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in the commemoration of the NSU victims of the right-wing extremist organization.