Protect the “black clouds” at the top of the head, so that youth does not leave “white”

8 myths about white hair
Normal aging is the primary cause. Hair whitening is an inevitable phenomenon in the aging process. Anthony, a professor at Stanford University School of Medicine in the United States, calls it the “50-50-50 rule,” that is, 50% of people in the population have 50% of their hair at the age of 50. Grayish white.

The race is very different. Caucasian hair tends to become grayer earlier, with redheads being the earliest. Asians are slightly later than Caucasians, and Africans are the latest.

The pressure has a certain impact. Lu Boer, an associate professor at Northwestern University’s Fenberg School of Medicine, believes that stress does not directly whiten hair, but it is associated with many skin and hair problems. After a period of stress caused by a stressful event (such as chemotherapy), the hair that grows again may have a different color.

Lifestyle has a big impact. Smoking puts pressure on the skin and hair. The low vitamin B12 content in the body has a lot to do with the loss of hair pigment. Wilma, a senior dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic in the United States, recommends that older people with white hair eat more carrots and animal livers.

Hair dye does not change the texture and structure of the hair. Hair stem cells make hair, and pigmented stem cells make pigments, which are two different physiological processes. Normally, two stem cells work together, but both functions will decline over time, sometimes prematurely. Hair dyes only apply color to the hair and do not alter the texture and texture of the hair.

The hair won’t turn white, it grows like this. A hair can grow for 1 to 3 years, then fall off and grow new. As you age, new hair that grows out is more likely to be grayish white. Each time the hair is regenerated, the pigment cells must be re-formed, which will turn white due to wear.

White hair is no more rough than other colors. White hair is actually more delicate and delicate than other colors, but it feels drier than it is because the scalp produces less oil as it ages. Another reason why white hair appears rough is that constantly pulling hair can distort the hair follicles, causing the newly grown hair to curl and wrinkle.

White hair is less susceptible to staining. If you plan to dye your hair, you may find that white hair is less susceptible to staining because it is resistant to hair dyes.

Where is the white hair, where is the crisis?
In fact, white hair can occur in all ages, and the position of white hair can also determine your health. The following Chinese medicine teaches you to look at your health based on the position of the white hair. From the point of view of Chinese medicine, it can be seen from a person’s hair whether the yang is sufficient. When hair problems occur, such as white hair, yellow hair, hair loss, the body appears to have lesions, when white hair grows in 3 parts It is necessary to be vigilant.

1. The long white hair on the top of the head or the back of the head reminds the kidney
When the kidney essence is insufficient, the kidney can not produce yin and blood, which is easy for people to have yin and blood deficiency, so that the hair loses certain nutrients and causes the hair to be white. Such people are associated with neurasthenia, insomnia, and urinary incontinence. There is an indirect relationship between the top of the head and the kidney. When the white hair appears on the top of the head, it indicates that the kidney is insufficient. When the white hair appears in the back of the head, it indicates that the blood and blood are both deficient. For people with long white hair on the top of the head or the back of the head, it is necessary to actively tonify the kidney. Men should eat more loach, walnuts, black beans, etc.; women should eat Polygonum, Scorpion and so on. In addition, we must maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, not to let the spirit be severely stimulated, reduce its stress, avoid picky eaters and partial eclipse, and pay attention to nutritional balance.

2. Two long white hairs suggest that the liver is burning
People who are generally emotionally excited have a strong liver, and the roots of the hair are not hydrated and whitish. The two cockroaches correspond exactly to the liver and gallbladder. The people with strong liver and gallbladder are tempered and prone to anger, accompanied by dry mouth and bitter mouth, sore eyes and so on. When young people work too much pressure, excessive grief, etc. will make their hair white for a short time. The diet of this group should be based on lightness, adjust their mentality, and often drink hawthorn tea, lotus porridge and so on. If the hair is severely white, you should go to the hospital for treatment in time, and you should not let your body be overworked and nervous.

3. Forehead long white hair suggests spleen and stomach disorders
The forehead is directly related to the spleen and stomach. The forehead long white hair indicates spleen and stomach disorders. People with poor spleen and stomach function may have abdominal pain, increased stomach acid, thirst, loose stools, bad breath and unfavorable urination. Such people should adjust their diet, and make regular meals for three meals a day. Do not overeating. Choose foods that are light and easy to digest. You can take Chinese herbal medicines such as medlar and Chinese yam. Never stay up late, or you will hurt your blood. Many pairs of scalp massage, or use a wooden comb to comb the hair, can promote blood circulation in the head, thereby improving nutrition for the hair.

Glasses are not suitable, but also promote white hair, 14 small means of resisting white hair
If the blood circulation in the head is poor, it will become one of the opportunities for long hair. According to the summary of the “Vital Gate” website in Japan and the opinions of domestic experts, the following 14 details can be earnestly avoided to avoid premature long white hair.

1. The law of eating. After the food enters the human body, the nutrition will first moisturize the skin and internal organs that sustain the life, and the hair will be placed in the back position. If you are malnourished, your hair will become brittle and thin, and your hair will increase.

2. Decompress in time. If the pressure is too high, the autonomic nerve will be out of balance, and the blood circulation will be deteriorated, so that the nutrients cannot reach the hair roots, causing white hair and hair loss.

3. Sufficient sleep. Not enough sleep does not only make people feel stressed, but also disrupts the autonomic nerves, and the hair does not absorb nutrients.

4. Do not dry naturally after washing your head. Allow to dry naturally so that the moisture in the hair ends first, and the moisture in the hair roots remains. Together with the high temperature of the scalp, the bacteria are more likely to multiply and deteriorate the growth environment of the hair.

5. Hair splits often change. The scalp at the seam is always exposed to ultraviolet light, which is not only easy to grow white hair, but also hair loss.

6. Don’t be too tight. The ponytail is worn every day, and the scalp always stretches in one direction, which can lead to poor blood circulation. If you have to comb the scorpion during the day, you can loosen it or change the position frequently. After releasing the scorpion at night, massage the scalp.

7. Do not wear glasses with different degrees. Due to busy work and other reasons, many people wear glasses with different degrees of matching a few years ago, which will make the muscles of both eyes and head very tight. Especially those who work in common eyes will make the diaphragm on the side of the head stiff, resulting in poor blood circulation and white hair.

8. Avoid excessive hot dyeing. Excessive hot dyeing can cause serious damage to hair and hair follicles, and increase problems such as white hair and hair loss.

9. Promote blood circulation to the head. The head blood circulation can be promoted by massaging the scalp, combing the hair, etc., in order to promote the secretion of melanin and prevent the effect of white hair.

10. Diet conditioning. In the daily diet, we must ensure the integrity of the dietary structure, adequate nutrition, and can also supplement some foods that nourish the hair, such as walnuts, sesame seeds, fungus, etc., which have great benefits for the growth of hair. It is found that when you have white hair, you can also eat some health supplements that make up the kidney. For example, Shouwu flushing tea is a good choice.

11. Regular work and rest, happy life. It is necessary to develop healthy living habits, arrange regular work and rest, and avoid staying up late; be good at self-decompression and avoid being in negative emotions for a long time. Once the pressure is high, it is necessary to find the channels of dispatch in time to ensure a positive and calm mentality.

12. Do a good job of head protection. Long-term exposure of the head to ultraviolet light, melanocytes are susceptible to damage, not only hair becomes hairy, but also hair color fades.

In general, you must do a good job of sun protection for your hair. You can always do protective work by wearing a hat or an umbrella to avoid the destruction of ultraviolet rays.

13. Relax your emotions. Emotional changes can easily make the body’s nerves dysfunctional, so the function of secreting melanin will also be impeded, affecting the synthesis and transport of pigment particles, and it will grow a lot of white hair. Due to extreme emotions such as extreme tension and sorrow, it often causes a series of rapid changes in the body, resulting in serious endocrine disorders, which cause people to have white hair in a short time. Give yourself a vacation, go to the countryside, or listen to songs, chat with friends, and release the pressure.

14. Make up the blood. Chinese medicine believes that one of the main reasons for whitening hair is lack of blood. Hair is an important manifestation of qi and blood in the body. The hair is black, thick, supple, and bright, which means that the blood is sufficient. White hair, hair loss, hair dryness, etc. are all manifestations of women’s lack of blood. Therefore, supplementing qi and blood is especially important for women. Usually, we can eat red dates, longan, angelica and other foods that help to make up blood.

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