Portrait super night scene redefining self-timer standard

On June 21, Huawei’s new nova5 series was officially released at Wuhan Optics Valley International Tennis Center. Huawei’s nova5 series includes two models, nova5 and nova5 Pro, which not only has a more fashionable appearance, but also has been fully upgraded in product performance. Huawei’s nova5 series has a front-end 32 million person-like self-timer like a super night scene, making it a favorite mobile phone for young people. The rear 48 million AI four-shot camera covers ultra-high-definition, super wide-angle, macro and depth-of-field blurry full-field shots. With its distinctive color matching system and ID design, the nova5 series’ unprecedented fashion trend will definitely lead the new trend of the mobile phone circle.

Airbnb Luxe: Redefining high-end travel
Beijing, China, June 26, 2019 – 11 years ago, Airbnb’s founders Brian and Joe temporarily filled three air-cushion beds in the living room of their San Francisco apartment, and Airbnb was born. We have evolved from small airbeds, from idling rooms to renting entire listings, to Airbnb Plus, to boutique hotels. Today, we inject the innovative concept of the year into the high-end tourism market, launching the new Lover Luxe, making it easy for travelers to achieve a unique private high-end customization experience.

Announced the winners of the 2019 Rolex Awards
The Rolex Awards are the core of Rolex’s plan to protect the planet and keep moving. The announcement of the Rolex Awards marks the success of the program for more than 40 years. On June 14th, Rolex announced the winners of the 2019 Rolex Awards in Washington, DC, who will receive funding and other incentives for projects that improve life on Earth.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the world’s first waterproof watch, the Rolex Oyster, the brand established the Rolex Awards for Enterprise in 1976. The awards are designed to foster the spirit of creation, expand human knowledge, promote human well-being, protect cultural traditions and protect the environment.

Rolex has long supported the protection of the planet, and recently launched the “Perpetual Planet” program to support important people and organizations to solve environmental problems.

National Geographic is a partner in the “Protect the Planet, Constantly Moving” program, and has been working closely with Rolex since the early 1950s. Ten 2019 Rolex Talent Awards finalists presented their participation in the National Geographic Explorers Festival. The Rolex Awards jury, composed of independent experts, met for the first time in February and selected ten finalists from a list of 957 applicants from 111 countries. For the first time in 43 years since the grand prize was established, the public was invited to vote through social media to vote for the favorite project. The jury selected the results of the public vote and selected the final grand prize winner at the second meeting of the Explorers.

Arnaud Boetsch, Director of Rolex’s Communication and Image, said: “Now, more than ever, we need to create a spirit, persevere, and leaders to solve the problems we face. We congratulate you on this award. Winners, their award-winning projects are expected to have a major impact globally.”

As long as you are free, there is also life and adventure between cities.
Walking in a busy city, you have to take a style, and every street you walk through becomes a home. On July 18th, 2019, The North Face unveiled a new Heritage collection that combines classic vintage elements with modern outdoor technology to create urban outdoor gear that combines windproof water resistance with design aesthetics to bring a new free experience to urban wanderers.