Peruvian pirates frequently, guarding against the singularity of the brain

From January to June of 19, the rate of stolen homes in Peru was as high as 9.7% per day, and even the headlights were robbed. The local stealing news on TV every day accounts for a large proportion. In order to burglary, Peruvians invented many methods and facilities.

The reporter has repeatedly stolen

It is very common to be robbed and stolen in Peru, but the way you steal and steal each time is different. When the reporter first arrived in Peru, he went to Chinatown to buy food. Because of the crowds, the wrist watch was suddenly pulled away in the crowd. My wife took the child to Chinatown. A small thief on the road grabbed the gold necklace on her neck. Because the thief was short, she just broke the necklace.

When the reporter sent a friend to the airport, waiting for the red light, a small thief suddenly ran over, smashing the window with a hand in his hand, reaching out to grab a friend’s schoolbag. The friend’s instinctive reaction was to sit in the driver’s seat. I struggled together and the bag was cut off. Fortunately, the bag was not taken away, and the passport and cash were in the bag.

A reporter took a taxi through a fruit wholesale market in Lima and waited for a red light. Suddenly, a person came from the side and slammed the headlights of the car with a fist. With the lightning speed, the headlights were unplugged and ran into the sea. The driver and our passengers were shocked. : Originally, even the lights are grabbed. The thief’s disassembly speed is fully accessible to the Guinness Book of World Records. Another time, the reporter was at a friend’s house. The friend’s car was parked outside the door. When he went out, he found that two tires had been stolen. The two bricks were flushed underneath, making people laugh and cry.

More than a dozen locks on the shop door

If you are new to the airport, you must ask the locals how to burglary, they will tell you: try to stay away from unsafe areas, where the thieves often appear in the area where the thieves often appear, the red spot on the map, that is, high-risk areas. Develop a “good habit” of anti-theft and anti-grab. For example, first get on the car and shake the window, press the safety lock. When you look at your mobile phone on the street, you must pay attention to the surrounding environment. When taking a taxi in Peru, the driver will remind you to put the bag under your feet and never show it outside. Some local women go out shopping and even put money and mobile phones in the bra. When you walk down the street, you will find people to grab the backpack and put the backpack on your chest.

Traveling to Peru, it is recommended not to wear expensive jewelry, carrying valuable bags. There is no need to carry a passport with you, just take a copy. The tourist attractions are relatively safe. The urban centers of South American countries are quite different from the urban centers of China. The former are mostly old towns, and the public security is not very good. A Chinese friend came to Peru to travel and asked me if I booked a hotel near the presidential palace. Is it safe? I told him that even if you live next to the presidential palace, it is best not to go out at night. Instead, some high-standard residential areas and tourist areas in Lima are relatively safe.

Due to the burglary, the locals invented many special “locks” and special locks. The opening of the Chinatown store every morning will open your eyes. In a shop next door to the newspaper, a door actually had more than a dozen locks, and these locks were hidden behind the door. The door opener opened the door and it took ten minutes to open the door every day.

In recent years, there have been more and more new cars in the Peruvian auto market, and prices have been much cheaper than in the past. The car’s headlights and rear-view mirrors are also relatively concealed and aesthetically pleasing. Today’s car tires also have insurance screws to prevent theft. In the past, Lima’s car anti-theft device was very ugly. The car headlights were welded with thick iron bars. The mirrors were also fastened with an iron frame and chained with iron chains.

In a restaurant in Peru, the reporter had seen that the lid of the water tank of the toilet was locked by an iron hoop, and the lid of the tank was forcibly stolen. Other restaurants require workers to open their carry-on bags for the employer to check to prevent food from being stolen.

There are many reasons for stealing

There are many reasons for robbery in Peru. For example, a chain of thieves has been formed. A Chinese company’s Mercedes-Benz car mirror was stolen. Someone told the owner that they could go to a street that specializes in car mirrors. The owner went to the scene and encountered someone selling a mirror. It was the reflection of the stolen car. The mirror can only be bought and bought back.

In addition, the Peruvian police did not dare to compliment the case, and the thief was too lightly guilty. Some suspects even let go after being held for a few hours, and they could not be shocked. A big feature of Peru is that every community, even every apartment, is a resident who hires security. Some residents of high-incidence areas of theft and robbery spontaneously organized, and some used lynchings for the thieves who seized them. Some of them used to pull up banners on the streets of the community, and printed criminal images of criminals to shock criminals.

In Peru, the poor are the majority, mainly living in several densely populated areas of the capital Lima, where the security environment is poor, criminals have not received any education, lack of life skills, and drug abuse, stealing has become a means of their living.

In the past year or two, more than 800,000 Venezuelans have entered Peru to make a living, and there are many mixed gun robberies. Venezuelans have been involved in many recent gun robberies. The robbery of criminals has now spread to some areas that were relatively safe in the past.