Patients with dry eye should be cautious

Dry weather is a high incidence of dry eye syndrome. Treat dry eye syndrome with caution when paying attention to hydration.

Wang Yanwu, chief physician of ophthalmology at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhengzhou University, said that dry eyes, fatigue, and foreign body sensation, more serious people will damage the cornea, causing burning sensation, eye swelling, eye pain, photophobia, red eyes and other symptoms, medically known as Dry eye syndrome. There are two reasons for dry eyes: one is due to insufficient secretion of tears, and the other is excessive evaporation of tears.

Modern people are mainly due to long-term reading, computer operation, watching TV, the number of blinks is reduced, and the screen radiation is added, resulting in insufficient ocular surface tears. Dust, air conditioning environment, long-term wear of contact lenses, mental stress, decreased resistance, lack of sleep can also cause dry eyes. When the weather is dry, the amount of tear evaporation increases, and more and more patients have dry eye syndrome.

When these symptoms appear, many people choose to drop some eye drops, which is not scientific. Wang Yanwu reminded that if this symptom occurs, you should first choose appropriate closed eyes to reduce eye time; consciously increase the number of blinks; avoid exposure to smoke, quit smoking or stay away from smoking; try to replace contact lenses with frame glasses; increase the humidity around the eyes, It can be properly applied to promote blood circulation in the eye. If these measures do not alleviate the symptoms of eye discomfort, you can choose artificial tear-type eye drops under the guidance of a doctor.

At present, there are many eye drops sold on the market. These drugs usually contain smoothing ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate, chondroitin sulfate, and allantoin, and some also contain vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients as well as traditional Chinese medicine ingredients. Such eye drops should not be used blindly, and artificial tears containing preservatives should not be used for a long time to avoid adverse effects on the corneal epithelium. Care should be taken, preferably with the guidance of a doctor or professional.

Experts specially reminded that in the process of using eye drops, eye redness, eye pain, etc. should be stopped immediately. The eye drops after opening are usually not used after one month. When using eye drops, do not touch the eyelids and eyelashes on the bottle mouth to avoid contaminating the drugs in the bottle. Open the lower eyelids and drip into the lower conjunctival sac, one or two drops at a time.