“Paris syndrome” breaks the Japanese dream

If you say which city is a favorite, Paris, France is positioned as one. Romantic, elegant, beautiful, gourmet and those who are well-dressed and elegant, the fragrance of perfume and coffee is floating in the air. This is the imagination of many people in Paris. But people who travel to Paris or have lived in Paris will tell you that Paris is not as good as you think. It will even make you suffer from “Paris syndrome”. Patients will feel dizzy and sweaty, and some people will feel persecuted. . Most people suffering from “Paris syndrome” are Japanese. The reason is that they have high expectations for Paris. Through books, film and media, the Japanese have a beautiful imagination of Paris, and the difference between real Paris and imagination is too great.

Many people’s impressions of Paris are limited to cafes, the Eiffel Tower and major luxury brands. In fact, Paris is a “dirty and messy” city. Walking on the streets of Paris, you will smell urine from time to time, especially in the foothills of some alleys. There will be confetti on the street, and the rails in the subway station are full of cigarette butts.

If you are unfortunate enough to stray into a bad area, you must always be robbed or stolen. Even in a seemingly safe tourist destination, you can’t escape the blacks who sell “lucky ropes”. They can’t help but put the rope on your wrist and start asking for money. In fact, it is a kind of strong buying and selling in disguise, which is very annoying.

These black people are generally recidivists, and many police officers have no way to take them. I have seen two French police officers riding a car to catch up with a black hawker. When passing a traffic light intersection, the police stopped to wait for the red light, and the black hawker who had already ran across the road stopped to provoke the police to provoke. The action, but the police are helpless.

In addition to this black hawker, there is also an Eastern European girl with a book on the street. Usually I ask you in the first sentence: “CanyouspeakEnglish?” (Do you speak English?) Then I put the book in your hand. Let you sign. As long as you sign up, she will tell you that this is a charitable donation roster, asking you to give money, if you don’t give it, you will always be entangled, and sometimes even take the opportunity to steal your things.

Many aspects of France and Japan are completely opposite. For example, the Japanese are cautious, the French are straightforward, the Japanese are extremely courteous, the French like to ridicule the cold humor, the Japanese are psychologically stable, but the French are emotionally changing, and the Japanese service Efficient, but the French service is slow and inefficient, Japan flaunts the group spirit, but the French are extremely individualistic. In short, it is a strong contrast between order and disorder.

In addition, the Japanese can speak a lot of French. In Paris, if you don’t speak French, Parisians simply ignore your existence. Parisians seem to have a strong sense of superiority. They are very self-conscious, love protest, love. Parade, love criticism, they don’t like foreigners, and they are not very friendly and polite, especially for those who don’t speak French. They sometimes say “Really, I don’t understand what you are saying”, but they don’t really understand it, but they don’t care what you are talking about. In the face of the indifference of the Parisians, the Japanese will be surprised that this is a black hole.

Traveling too tightly and not adapting to the time difference will also make some people psychologically unstable. Therefore, every year the Japanese Embassy in France receives calls from many Japanese travelers, hoping to confirm whether the city of Paris is really different from what it is supposed to be. Very few patients with “Paris Syndrome” will not be so good because they cannot accept the city of their dreams and need to fly back to Japan for treatment.

In fact, not only is Paris disappointing, but there is one or the other problem in any place in the world. We need a full guest to watch a city, one thing, one person. We can’t just see the good and the aura, we take it for granted. We should understand and accept those shortcomings and deficiencies. Only in this way can we truly fall in love with a city, one thing, one person.