Optimism is the foundation of health

Mr. Wu Jieping, a medical leader, is called “a generation of Chinese medicine practitioners.” He has a bumpy life, but he enjoys a 94-year-old high life. His way of health is worth learning and learning.

Wu Jieping was the head of the medical team of Premier Zhou Enlai, presiding over and participating in the medical consultations of many Chinese leaders. He is an expert in China’s “medical diplomacy” and was sent to Indonesia, the Philippines, North Korea, Vietnam and other countries for his country. The treatment of the head of state… Regardless of the identity of the patient, Wu Jieping treated it equally. He attaches great importance to seeking medical letters from patients who are not familiar with each other at home and abroad, and never stays overnight when the day is over.

When he was young, Wu Jieping was not in good health. He had undergone six major operations and had 12 hospitalizations. The scalpels on his body were two feet long. Because of this, he deeply understands the suffering of patients and the mood of their families. He has said many times that health is precious, there is no healthy body, and national construction and personal life will be affected. Therefore, the promotion of popularizing health knowledge is very important. He also advocated that health knowledge should work hard on “application.” Obviously, Wu Jieping is physically active in this respect, which should be the main reason for his longevity.

Wu Jieping believes that an important issue in health care is optimism. Don’t put sad things in your heart for a long time. Optimism is the root of health. People must learn to adapt to the environment, and even in adversity, they must be good at grasping themselves. No matter what the circumstances, you must be able to eat and sleep. He often said: “In the work, sometimes there are many things, and it is inevitable that the work will pile up, but it will not solve the problem. It is better to be optimistic.” “Optimism is not to go to the hospital. Optimists should strategically despise the disease. In tactics, we must pay attention to the disease. The medicine has to take medicine, and the surgery has to be done.”

For the retired elderly, Wu Jieping once warned: “Do not completely idle, continue to contact the outside world, contact the society, but also properly train the brain and think about the problem.” Busy, Wu Jieping regarded it as a very normal phenomenon, some people please When he talked about the way of health, he always praised this “busy” word. He believes that life lies in sports. It is very important to move, the body is moving, the brain is moving, especially the latter. When people are old, their brains can’t stop, and busy can help people strengthen their brains. Therefore, in his later years, as long as his physical conditions permit, he must write a diary every day to exercise his brain.

Wu Jieping has a wide range of interests. When he was young, he used to play tennis, table tennis, and badminton. He played a bridge and was a good player. He loved Peking Opera. Many Beijing operas are his friends. Later, when the work was too busy, he could only helplessly smile: “What hobbies do I have, and now I have no time.” When things were getting higher and he couldn’t play tennis or badminton, he watched sports every night. The program, what the ball game loves to watch, even the handball that I can’t understand, although I don’t understand Go, I am very concerned about the result of the game. He often said: “Frequently watching sports programs is also an effective way to exercise.”

Although the work is busy, Wu Jieping’s life is very regular. He advocates that coarse grains and amaranth vegetables should be used together. Long-term surplus of refined grains, high fat, high salt and high sugar can cause some cardiovascular diseases. He believes that smoking and drinking are bad habits, which are very unfavorable to the body. If you have such hobbies, you must make up your mind to quit. He usually gets up at 5:30 every day, never sleeps in bed, takes a break in the afternoon, and goes to bed at ten o’clock in the evening. Life is regular and can keep the circadian clock running.

Many people questioned Wu Jieping’s way of health. He replied in the article “Heavenly and Evenly Sunny”: “My activity ability and mental state are still good, which is related to my emphasis on self-care.” He believes that self-care is a conscious development of good habits for health. , determined to quit the habits that are not conducive to health. He said: “Health is not everything, but there is nothing to lose health.” So he often appeals to people to pay attention to self-care.