New Zealand speaker is feeding milk

The New Zealand House Speaker, Trevor Marad, who presided over the debate while feeding another member of the 1 month old son, recently became popular. Malad’s feeding movement is skillful, the little baby does not recognize life, lying quietly in the arms of Marad. Netizens lamented: It’s so much love!

According to a report by CNN on the 22nd, on the 21st, Malad took photos on social media and issued a document saying that “the chair of the general speaker is only used by officials who preside over the meeting, and today a VIP is sharing with me. This chair.” Malad gently shakes the child while listening to the debate, not forgetting to remind the members who have spoken overtime to finish as soon as possible. Netizens have received rave reviews for this. “We need more work environments that can accommodate families like this.” “New Zealand is small, but it has set an example for the world.”

Last year, New Zealand Prime Minister Adeen created a history and became the first national leader to have children during his tenure in the past 30 years. In addition, she and her partner brought the children to the United Nations for a sensation. At present, the office with the baby into the government building is still banned in many countries.

According to the US “Commercial Insider” News Network reported on the 21st, in order to cope with the insatiable school shooting incident, some schools in Colorado in the United States began to have “cat litter barrels” in the classroom, in case of emergency, students trapped indoors can Solve the problem of going to the toilet.

The initiative was first promoted in the school district of Denver, Colorado. There have been many school shootings in the school district. The 1999 Columbine campus shooting incident was considered one of the bloodiest school shootings in American history. In May this year, shootings occurred, local residents and divisions. There is a lingering fear in the heart of life. The move to add cat litter barrels in the classroom is based on past experience. When there are emergencies such as school gunmen, teachers and students are required to evade in the classroom. The police can’t come out before they are completely cleared. This often takes several hours. If they can’t help but need to urinate, these litter buckets can act as Temporary toilets, and in the previous case, students could only use garbage bags and trash cans.

Such emergency measures have attracted a lot of criticism. “This is disgusting,” said Josh Sugman, head of the Center for Violent Control. “Our country lacks control over gun violence, which leads us to actually treat our children as animals.” Diana Wilson, a spokesperson for the local public school, said that most teachers support this decision. At present, cat litter barrels have been added to the teacher ration list in the Denver area, as well as pop-up tents and first aid kits. At the same time, train teachers to use the hemostatic bandage to give first aid to the injured.

The US “Time” magazine said on the 22nd that the United States has had several shootings in succession this year (according to CNN statistics, there have been 22 school shootings). There are supporters who encourage states to train teachers, learn how to use guns, and propose laws that allow teachers to use guns on campus. In this regard, some teachers said that “the pressure is too great”, “This is not normal. The cat litter barrel shows how bad the United States is now.”

“European supermarkets are not open in the era of plastics!” According to the German “Focus” weekly reported on the 22nd, after the EU passed the “ban on plastics” last year, European supermarkets began to “off” the plastic packaging of products, set off “naked sales” The craze to curb the pollution of the ecological environment caused by increasingly serious plastic waste.

The Oxford branch of the famous British supermarket chain Waitrose has just joined the “naked” army. There are 160 kinds of vegetables, fruits, grains, wheat flour, lentils and other products sold in supermarkets without plastic packaging. If the trial is successful, the supermarket may set up a “naked food” zone in more than 300 branches across the country. Other UK supermarket chains are also planning to set up plastic-free zones.

Ekoplaza, a Dutch supermarket chain group that did not have plastic packaging last year, has launched a plastic-free zone in dozens of stores. In addition to the “naked” of fruits and vegetables, many products use plastic paper instead of plastic packaging. More and more “naked purchase” supermarkets have appeared in Germany, Denmark, France and other countries. Many Europeans now go shopping with bags and lunch boxes.

According to a report by the German “Western Daily” on the 22nd, in some parts of the Friesland province in the north of the Netherlands, crayfish have recently become a disaster. These little guys bred in the water and waved pliers onto the street. Local residents can’t even go out for a walk.

“I was completely frightened. On the street, I saw crayfish!” A local resident told Dutch TV that pet dogs were also afraid of crayfish because they would use pliers to attack. Many residents do not dare to wear the unique slippers of the Netherlands to go out, and try to circumvent these “invaders” when driving, and sometimes even have to go around. They are also worried that crayfish will destroy river banks and dams. According to Dutch law, crayfish are arbitrarily hunted. The Dutch are not interested in eating crayfish. Therefore, the residents “alarmed” the local government and looked forward to the corresponding measures.

In response, local official Brock said that the government is closely watching the situation. But he also said that this is only a “natural phenomenon”, crayfish is not a pest, it will not bring plague and it is not dangerous. It is reported that some institutions in the Netherlands are conducting research and hope to find a way to effectively control the breeding of crayfish.

In order to prevent students from distracting from class, American secondary schools used a special mobile phone seal bag to “lock” the students’ mobile phones during the new semester.

According to the US “New York Post” reported on the 21st, from the beginning of this semester, students from hundreds of high schools in New York City need to put their mobile phones into a bag locked with special magnets after school. They can unlock them when they are in school. Go back to the phone. Last year, St. Matt High School in California conducted a “mobile phone seal” experiment on 20 students. The students felt very painful at first, but for a long time, they would use the mobile phone lunch time for social activities, and they will be more focused during class. Satisfied the school. Therefore, St. Matt High School decided this year to promote the “sealing bag” to the whole school. Each classroom has an unlocking disk, and the entire school’s 1,700 students can unlock it in a matter of minutes.

The report also said that some stage playwright performers and musicians in the United States have promoted mobile phone seal bags in the theater in order to immerse the audience in watching performances.