Musk publicly supports Chinese presidential candidates

“I support Yang.” On the 10th local time, Tesla CEO Elon Musk endorsed on the Twitter for Yang Anze, a Chinese candidate who has entered the third round of the 2020 US Democratic primary election debate. The US CNBC website said that many of Yang Anze’s donors are in the US tech world, such as Twitter CEO Dorsey.

According to a report by Bloomberg on the 11th, Musk said humorously on Twitter on the 10th: “If Yang is elected, he will be our first public “gothic president.” “Gothic president” refers to Yang Anze In an interview in April this year, he said that he was a member of the anti-traditional culture group, liked the Gothic-style band and wanted to be the first “gothic president” in the United States. “Thank you, Elon. (Your support) But it is a big event. Congratulations (we) build the future.” Yang Anze responded to Musk.

The US commercial insider news website said on the 10th that Musk expressed “support” to Yang Anze and responded to the latter’s previous statement on Twitter: “I don’t expect voters to agree with me on any issue. My main wish is that people believe. I am trying to solve the problem, and I am open to the solution to the problem.” According to reports, Musk supports Yang Anze’s policy including the United States should promote universal basic income. Yang said that if he is elected president, he hopes to launch a “free dividend” plan, that is, each adult American gets $1,000 a month. The program’s source of funding is taxes and fees paid by companies that are driven by innovation. In addition, Yang Anze’s pragmatic policies on technology and innovation also seem to be appreciated by Musk.

“Silicon Valley has found their presidential candidate.” The US CNBC website recently said that the US scientists said that they support Yang Anze because he understands the impact of technology on society. These supporters also like Yang Anze’s often used data to answer questions.

Yang Anze is a Chinese immigrant family from New York State. She graduated from Columbia University Law School and worked as a lawyer. She is now an entrepreneur. During the election cycle, he attacked the city from the unknown “political amateurs” and became one of the Democratic candidates. According to the US “New York Times” reported on the 9th, Yang Anze is the ninth person eligible to participate in the third round of debate in the September Democratic primary election. A new poll shows that his support rate is 2%. At present, former US Vice President Biden has the highest support rate among Democratic candidates, reaching 30%.

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