Measuring time

I remember when I was very young, I always found my own shadow in the sun. The sun is bright, the shadow is like a magical puppy, chasing you running. For a while, I especially wanted to use a ruler to measure how long the shadow of the morning is, and how short the shadow of noon. The shadow changes every day over time, telling me how time went from the early morning to the sun.

When I was in elementary school, the oldest tree in the village was cut down. Men, women and children all come to watch, everyone is talking about it, many people are in the ring. The circle of the ring is not very regular, wide and narrow, very casual; rough lines, with mottled marks. The fine annual rings, like huge and mysterious symbols, are waiting for people to crack the mysteries. It has been said that the thinning of the annual rings represents more rains in those years, and the annual ring intensive represents the drought in those years. I think this is amazing. Is it time to be recorded in this way? The wind and rain are all left in the annual ring, and even the stories in the gaps of time are hidden in every fine line of the old tree. The annual rings are faithful and devout, highlighting the sincerity and awe of time, and helping people measure their time.

Have you observed an antique carefully? The ancient artifacts that have survived the millennium and are still well preserved are really a history of speaking. They can record the traces of time in every detail. The unique colors and warm luster of antiques tell the story of what happened to them, and also tell the past in the passing of time; they measure the distance that people need to reach in the distant years, and measure the long and long time. . An antique, silent in the corner, flowing in the time, giving people the feeling of vicissitudes of grief and grief that “there is no old man before, but not seen later” – how many people and things have been annihilated, only the artifacts in the millennium There is no trace of immortality. Streaming in the blink of an eye, the ability to stay to measure the time, but also a limited number of traces. “Life knows everywhere, just like Feihong stepping on the snow mud.” Time is speechless, time is silent, traces of a scale and half claws, it is the footprint of time.

People have an instinctive will to measure time. We always want to leave something in the time, so do everything possible to measure the length of time, in order to write your own narrative poems in a long and short time. The ancients invented the hourglass to measure time, and the inventor must be a delicate and profound person who can truly express the feeling of passing away. When you look at the fine sand that has been slowly leaked, it is clearly the state of passing away and irreparable. Later, a clock appeared, which allowed for a clearer and more accurate measurement of time. How long a day is, so clear and unmistakable, every second of the “tick” sound is the sound that slips away when you zoom in.

Measuring time, let us examine life more calmly and rationally. In different stages of life, our feelings about time are different. When we were young, we always looked forward to growing up. At that time, I felt that time was so slow. When I grew up, I felt that the time of the year was just a blink of an eye. The time of my life was just passing by. “I don’t see you, Gaotang Mingjing is sad and white, and it is like a blue silk.” It is really like this, for a lifetime, but it is a glimpse. Our adults are afraid of getting old, so it’s always too late. The children always have too much time because they have a lot of time in their hands. Shi Tiesheng wrote in the text: “Children look up because life is full of sharpness; the old man bends over and sees that he has already seen the bottom.” We have the most real experience of the passing of time.

A lot of things are helping us measure the time. “The deceased is like a husband, don’t stay up late.” “The streamer is easy to throw people, red cherry, green banana.” “There is nothing to do with the flowers, it seems that Yan has come back.” Remember when we were very young, we will back this Sentence: One inch of time is one inch of gold, and it is difficult to buy inch of inch. This is measuring time! I didn’t fully understand the meaning of it at that time. After many years of recollection, I found out that the simplest sentence is the best interpretation of time.

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