MacArthur was forced to borrow food

At the end of the Second World War, Japan was shrouded in fear of hunger. At this critical moment, Yoshida Mae, who was a diplomat, was appointed as the Japanese prime minister.

In the face of the national food crisis, Yoshida knows that relying solely on the strength of Japan cannot solve the problem at all, and must rely on the help of the United States to tide over the difficulties. Yoshida has repeatedly called on MacArthur for assistance, and he was blocked by MacArthur for various reasons.

Seeing that the Americans watched the fire across the bank, Yoshida was annoyed and hated. After thinking about it, Yoshida decided to delay the establishment of the cabinet, leaving Japan in a chaotic anarchy. Yoshida said to his close confidants: “If you wait for General MacArthur to supply food, he will form a cabinet. If the national red flag is shaken, the United States will bring food if it takes a month.”

Sure enough, the anarchy quickly made Japan’s “Tai Shang Huang” MacArthur unable to eat. Although the United States alone occupied Japan and became the actual ruler, the daily affairs in Japan still depend on the Japanese government. The Japanese government has been shut down, and all matters are in disorder. Some people have only been able to find government workers to protest from the headquarters. MacArthur, who was overwhelmed, promised to Yoshida to promise: “I was guaranteed to not starve a Japanese during the time of the Allied Commander.” After receiving the personal guarantee from MacArthur, Yoshida Mao formally formed the cabinet.

Although MacArthur promised to provide food aid to Japan, some people in the United States did not agree. The “Pearl Harbor Incident” has always made them feel guilty and ready to listen to it, let the island nation fend for itself. Seeing that there was no response in the country, MacArthur took a telegram to US President Truman and said, “If the government does not give me food, please give me bullets.” Finally, the US government weighed the pros and cons and agreed to support Japanese food.

Yoshida told McArthur that it needed to provide 4.5 million tons of food to solve the food crisis. As a result, the United States only provided 700,000 tons of food to solve the crisis. When Yoshida visited MacArthur, MacArthur gloomyly yelled at Yoshida Ma: “You Japanese are too embarrassed, and the statistics are scamming us Americans.” Yoshida replied dexterously: “General General, before the war, If Japan’s statistics are complete, perhaps it will not launch such a rash war, and even if it is launched, it may defeat the United States.”