Low cost happiness

A video will bring the vibrato back to the whirlpool of the public opinion. It is a dancing child, and the 850 million netizens in China’s social network have more than just music and dance, and there is no bathroom behind her. The door leads to a mother who is naked.

There are those who don’t care about the world, and the shackles of “brain-removing baby.”

The father of a two-year-old girl from Wuhan saw a video of a pair of father-son interactions in Shanghai on the video of the vibrato. It was very interesting and she tried to pull on her daughter. As a result, the child lost his hand when he flipped, and the child’s head landed on the ground. The child was paralyzed due to severe damage to the spinal cord.

The dance teacher screamed at the river and shook the news, and became a hot search through the Weibo client, and the dance of life, and then screamed.

Yes, all public topics are increasingly appearing in an entertaining way and become a cultural spirit. All cultural content is willing to become a vassal of entertainment, and silent.

There is a book called “Beautiful New World.” In this world, it is advocated that “everyone is free, and suppressing desire is sinful.” People here do not need to be bound by morality to suppress any desires of their own. There is only carnival here.

This new world sounds great.

Unfortunately, this beautiful new world is finally destroyed – because people are gradually sinking in the increasingly developed entertainment industry and losing their ability to think and discern. People no longer pay attention to politics and society, and they have no opinion on everything, just waiting for others to instill. People no longer think about their own conclusions, but follow public opinion. As the English poet Coleridge said: “There is water everywhere, but there is no drop to drink.”

At the moment, there is also the “freedom” described in “Beautiful New World” – whether it is TV or the Internet, it is like a beautiful angel with a smile on the face. Welcome everyone to devote themselves to the entertainment and entertainment brought by the power plug and the speed fiber. in. This pastime is like a melon seed, no need to think, no restraint, no stop, but also like a sucking teat to give comfort, anesthesia, low cost.

It is said that the frog will be in love with the terrible warmth in the slow boiling water. The vigilance of “entertainment to death” became a golden helmet that worried about over-consumption of network culture after 20 years of online carnival.

The worry of “entertainment to death” comes from “Entertainment to Death.” This is a monograph published by 1985, the American media culture researcher and critic Neil Bozeman, to study the process of TV audio images gradually replacing written language. This is one of his media criticism trilogy. In these thoughts, the interpretation of the “entertainment to death” hard core is “media is metaphor” – it refers to the media in a hidden but powerful way to define the real world and control the audience’s three views.

As early as the middle of the 20th century, when television emerged but did not become a hit, the keen thinkers had already exclaimed that in addition to legislation, administration and justice, there is already a “fourth authority”, namely the mass media. After more than half a century, this power has expanded into a savage beast – the ubiquitous variety, vibrato, highlighting the “koi”, under the seemingly calm water, swimming, sucking gold, eyeballs… Volkswagen was thrown Into the boiling water, no entertainment is not happy; click-through rate is king, marketing has long since degraded into “how to learn addiction.”

Yes, after brushing the software of vibrato, fast hand, and microblog, it will form an inertia – under the bombardment of full-screen long legs and small meat, the threshold of people’s excitement is getting higher and higher – people Lack of patience to read long articles or books, and no time to think about topics related to themselves, because it will be complicated and serious. People are always looking forward to the next novelty that ignites the eye, waiting for it to be straightforward in the video.

So, in the circle of friends, a lot of candles for a deceased writer have read the works of writers; star gossip has long dominated hot headlines, and news headlines are becoming more and more sensational; various forms of variety art have changed patterns to compete for traffic – So everyone seems to be very busy, busy tearing up the stars of their own powder, busy chasing the newly updated drama, busy voting, busy standing, busy with the posts, but no one feels that they are being invisible Controlled. The social software that rushed to the surface, carefully set traps, and used a pair of “guar seeds” and one “teat” to comfort one adult giant baby who was willing to be kidnapped by network culture.

Just criticism, not salvation. It is necessary to study the magic of the media, use effective contests, and attack the shield with its spear. Chengruyang’s fast-food culture has changed the traditional Chinese diet structure – from the initial exclusion to the surrender, and then let it go straight. Calmly analyze its development process, the establishment of KFC fast food culture, not only the “gut” and “nipple” strategy, but also the “spring rolls” and “panda” and other elements, intended to use multiple means to structure the consumption of adhesion. In the same way, the orientation of network culture should also be connotation, thought, and style, no matter how fun.

This is a strategic task faced by the national cultural management department, and it is also the bottom line of the survival of the national culture.

Twenty years ago, in response to the double-edged nature of the market economy, some economists suggested that the market economy cannot be unethically bound. In the same way, in the current cultural market, it is urgent to establish a “cultural market economy with classrooms” – constructing connotations and guiding them correctly, and then it is possible to enter a virtuous circle.

“People’s Daily” recently made a clear-cut tribute to “sound into the hearts of the people” and “sounding to the ground” – at this moment, under the guidance of the national culture, cultural consciousness is returning heavily: “Running male” has been torn from the madness of famous brands. For the experience of volunteers in public welfare; “Poetry Conference” “Quality Course” “See the word as face”, regain the awe of classical culture; “Ace vs. Trump” goes from the beginning of pure entertainment to the cultural history review, Zhuang Yu Harmony, with the reality show as a carrier, showcasing cultural classics, tears in laughter, and the sensation of water.

The unipolar thinking of cultural management is a singularity of death, and it is a mess, but it is clearly visible in the eyes. It is a grand narrative that is integrated into the mainstream. We have every reason to believe that our art is rich in self-healing power.

Entertainment is not dead, entertainment is alive, now, it is time to make entertainment to the best of beauty.