Laxatives should be used with caution

Is it necessary to take medication immediately after constipation?

If constipation occurs, as a pharmacist does not recommend taking the drug for the first time, it is recommended that the patient first seek medical attention to find out the cause of constipation. Constipation is mainly divided into two types: organic and functional. The organic causes include intestinal tube, endocrine system, nervous system and other diseases. At this time, the primary disease should be treated first. Functional causes include poor bowel movements and eating habits, lack of exercise, and long-term use of laxatives. Such constipation patients can generally improve fundamentally by paying attention to improving bad habits and increasing exercise.

When do you need medication?

Under normal circumstances, you can avoid constipation by changing your eating habits and treating the primary disease. If it is long-term constipation, it must be taken seriously. In addition to insisting on adjusting diet and lifestyle, you can also ask your doctor to open an individualized medication plan for treatment.

Can laxatives be bought at will and used at will?

Nowadays, consumers are more convenient to buy medicines than before. For example, non-prescription drugs can be easily purchased through pharmacies, supermarkets and even the Internet. However, at the same time, there are more cases of random purchase and random drug use, which brings challenges to safe drug use. . For example, some pharmacies recommend phenolphthalein tablets when recommending laxatives. Phenolphthale tablets are irritant laxatives. These drugs are strong and rapid, affecting the absorption of water, electrolytes and vitamins, and can cause weakness of the large intestine, forming drug dependence and stool. Incontinence, therefore, does not advocate it as a common drug for the treatment of chronic constipation. The same type of drugs are bisacodyl, rhubarb, senna, etc. These are also the drugs of choice for many patients with constipation. In addition to adverse reactions such as abdominal cramps, long-term application may cause colonic melanosis. It is recommended that the course of taking such drugs should generally not exceed one week. In addition to irritating laxatives, osmotic laxatives, such as lactulose oral liquid, are generally available in pharmacies. These laxatives can cause flatulence and cause abdominal pain and diarrhea when the dose is large. Another example is the familiar lubricity laxatives, such as Kaisailu, some patients are used to long-term use, which is very unscientific. Kaisailu’s laxative effect is based on its stimulation and softening of feces. Long-term use can damage the intestinal mucosa, leading to intestinal ischemia and intestinal perforation. Therefore, Kaisailu is only suitable for temporary or short-term laxative use. The general use time should not exceed 1 week.

All in all, to cope with constipation, patients should first change bad habits, eat more fiber-rich vegetables and fruits, increase the amount of water, increase exercise properly, and develop good bowel habits. In severe cases, the laxative should be used reasonably according to different causes under the guidance of a doctor. Do not buy medicines at will and take medicine for a long time. Laxatives are a cure for constipation and a major cause of constipation. Be careful.

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