Killer on the board

The chessboard killer Alexander Pichuskin. The police found a chessboard in his home, and each grid was tagged with a counter. As he said, on the 64-square board, 63 were filled.

In 2008, the British writer Tom Rob Smith’s long suspense crime novel “Child No. 44” was published. This book was based on the famous “Russian Ogre” Andrei Chicatillo, and won the year 17 Nominated for an international literature award, he won the Steel Dagger Award from the Association of English Reasoning Writers. Although the Russian people who have experienced many toss have finally ushered in a stable life, unfortunately, ten years after the murderer Andre was shot, the new devil was born. He recorded the law of killing and blatantly challenged the law and The bottom line of morality, even with his own series of terrorist acts, has built a bloody chess game.

First, the nightmare of the Bitzkiski Forest Park
Moscow in the 2000s has shown a peaceful atmosphere. People gradually got rid of the harsh memories of the Cold War and finally tried to enjoy life. At the same time as the lights in the big cities began to linger, the Butzweiski Forest in the south gradually evolved into a perfect place to “sneak a half-day leisure”. Every Russian has fallen in love with it. This vast jungle of 22 square kilometers is a paradise created by nature. Lovers are dating there, the tramp is booing there, and the retired old man is playing there. In addition, it is the best choice for short trips for office workers.

No one could have imagined that this paradise became a hell on a certain day in October 2005.

It was a Saturday afternoon, the body of the 31-year-old man Nikolai Wrobov was found deep in the forest, and the state of the deceased at that time was a standard “brain hole wide open” – the skull was crushed An empty vodka bottle was deeply inserted into the mouth, and the brain was splashed everywhere. In the face of this tragedy discovery, the police did not pay attention to it at first, only treated it as an ordinary murder case. Besides, the forest is too big, and there are “birds”. The breadth of the park area seriously affects the progress of the investigation. Can only come slowly.

However, the murderer seems to be unable to wait.

Only one month after the body was discovered, an old man appeared in the same horrible form of the corpse park; in the next three weeks, two more bodies were found. The common feature of the deceased is that the rear “brain hole” is inserted into a vodka bottle or a thick stick. This is like a business card that the murderer has, with the most arrogant “signature” on it.

Since then, vodka bottles and sticks have continued to appear until the Christmas of the year, seven murders have been announced in the Bitzkiski Forest Park, the police began to panic, and even more panic is the ordinary people of Moscow.

According to the normal reaction of people, there are serial killings, so everyone can bypass the park. However, things are not as simple as they are supposed to be. To know that it is a large site, and anyone can walk in and may never come out. Even when Moscow sent two hundred criminal police officers, staying there day and night, did not stop the devil’s “entertainment” activities. The murderer seems to be addicted, and every two weeks, there will be new “surprise” in the park.

In the process, the police only concluded that the murderer’s crime device should be a gimmick through the conclusion given by the forensic section; it happened that there was a mental hospital near the park, and it was suspected that one of the patients often slipped out to do evil, but the entire hospital was Overturned, and failed to lock important suspects.

One day, two criminal police officers found a suspicious woman in the park, wearing a windbreaker, shoulder-length blonde hair, carrying a bag that looked very heavy, and some sneaked into the depths of the woods. The criminal police immediately ordered him to stop. Who knows that the other party has speeded up the pace, and the criminal police chased him up, and once he was subdued, the wig of the person fell off. It turned out to be a man with a transvestite. Also found a hoe from his bag.

The incident was quickly reported by the media, and many newspapers eagerly shot the title of “The Devil of the Bitzwski Forest Park was caught.” However, unfortunately, the police only took a day to discover that this was a misunderstanding. The transvestite man not only had the absence of the murder case, but also the detailed report on the park killer before it was produced. The “wonderful idea” of Shantou’s self-defense.

A week after the misunderstanding, a 25-year-old supermarket employee was killed in the same cruel way, which meant that the investigation was a long way to go.

By April 2006, the number of victims in the park had increased to fourteen, and the unscrupulous rhythm of the crime seemed to be laughing at the incompetence of the police. At the same time, it also broke the inference that the police “think that the murderer only picks the male hand”, because such a report, the murdered object is very strangely turned to women.

Ironically, it is the female deceased who really opened the door to the police.

Second, the gentle boyfriend “Sha Xia” chess game
The 14th dead in the forest park was the 36-year-old single mother, Marina Moskal Jova, whose head was smashed and the scene was seriously damaged by animals. Fortunately, the police found a subway ticket in her jacket pocket. With this ticket, the police could easily begin to thoroughly monitor the monitors in the Moscow subway station. The huge daily traffic of the Moscow subway station made the surveillance of the video of the monitor extremely slow. At this time, the real “savior” appeared. This person is the only son of Marina.

The prosecutor’s representative in the court accused Pichuskin.

Marina’s son gave the police a note with the phone number of her boyfriend, Sha Xia, whom she had just met, which is said to be the relationship she had only recently started. Before she was killed, Marina was about to rush to a date with Shasha. Because she found that her mobile phone was broken, she wrote down the boyfriend’s contact information and placed it on the table so that her son could find her at any time.

The police quickly found the owner of the phone, the 32-year-old supermarket clerk Alexander Pichuskin, “Sha Xia” is the nickname of Marina.

At the same time, the surveillance scene also found the final scene of Marina’s life. She really entered the subway with the “Sha Xia” and disappeared from the world.

The process of bringing Pichuskin back to the police station was unusually “rude”, which was carried out at 10:30 in the middle of the night on June 16 and raided his old apartment in Hessangei Street, successfully arresting him, in order to prevent him from committing suicide. Even the downstairs have arranged for the aid police to wait.

In the process of interrogation, Pischkin was extremely calm from beginning to end. Like all the criminals, he always denied it at first. However, the police had already identified it. In the words of the old criminal police who were mainly responsible for the case at the time: “The denial is useless. We always have a way to let him speak.”

A few hours later, the seemingly friendly, gentle-cut Pichuskin finally sighed, and he calmly confessed to the whole process of killing Marina. On the day of the incident, Pichuskin took her to the forest park for a picnic on the grounds of dating. He looked at the new girlfriend and put the food on the paved placemat, but he was thinking about killing her. In the end, he was convinced that if he didn’t do it, he wouldn’t be better in the future, so he took out the hoe in the bag and pointed it at the back of her head.

Then, Pischuskin also “wrapped” the 13 murders before Marina. Yes, this series of indiscriminate crimes is his “masterpiece.”

However, the next is the “climax” that made all police officers pay attention. After confessing the fourteen evils, Pichuskin said a shocking saying: “In the past 14 years, I have been doing whatever I want, and I have killed 63. Personal.”

He also said: “Yes, I am almost God.”

In the words of the witness at the time, Pischuskin’s expression was like a predator who had nowhere to go.

The most horrible thing about the “gentle boyfriend” Sha Xia’s confession is that if he is telling the truth, it means that there are still 49 souls who have been sealed somewhere in the dark, waiting helplessly to ask for justice. one day.

The police found a chessboard in the home of Pichuskin. Each grid was labeled with a counter. As he said, 63 of the 64 grids were filled. In other words, according to his crazy plan, he has to kill another talent to complete the game.

From that moment on, the bloody history of the “park murderer” began slowly, and its contents all taught people to cool behind.

So where are the bodies of the 49 dead? How was it completely undetected for 14 years?

According to Pichuskin, most of them stayed in the big forest.

Pichuskin, born in Moscow on April 9, 1974, has lived with his mother and sister. Not far from Hessangay Street is the Bitzwski Forest. Like most people who have survived in the Soviet era, the Pichuskin family is in a tight life, but this does not prevent him from appearing to be a polite child. He even has a high emotional intelligence, as if he was born to know how to make strangers see. He can accept him in his first second. At the same time, no one knows the evil nature of this boy, except his classmate Mi Kai Odychuk.

One day in 1992, Pichuskin tried to convince the 18-year-old Mikai Oduccik to form an alliance with them. The two could form a “murder partner.” After being rejected, Pichuskin decided to go it alone. The object that was used to practice the hand was the poor classmate.

Referring to the mood that was committed at the beginning of the year, he said: “The first time you kill someone is like a first love, and the more close you are, the more I feel happy.”

After the taste of the marrow, Pichuskin completely opened the “devil mode”. He first put on a “human skin” and found a stable job in the supermarket; then he also made several girlfriends, although the relationship Often there is no end to the disease, but it also has a good relationship with people, and even the one-of-a-kind sect is not vigilant.

Pischuskin’s way of killing is simple and self-willed. He always catches strangers who seem to be as lonely as him on the street, introduces them into the underground wellhead of the forest, then slams the victim’s back and pushes it into the well. . The most casual one was on the balcony of the abandoned house. He pushed the 40-year-old tramp, Snava, to the ground, carrying his belt and trousers, grabbed him into the balcony sidebar, and then lifted his legs. Let the head fall down and die, so everyone is convinced that this homeless person is killed by suicide.

In order to give the forty dead, Shen Baoxue, the police took Pichuskin back to his “park” as many as 27 times, shooting 40 hours of video collection. Everyone was surprised to find that Pischuskin’s real “checkerboard” is the beautiful scenery of the Bitzkiski Forest. The body is like a “chess piece” and is placed in the sewer wells everywhere. It has no trace. In the process of “recurrence of the case”, the dummy who acted as the deceased was thrown into the well and was dismembered by the rapid flow of water. It is conceivable that the deceased should be killed quickly when entering the well, and there is almost no chance of survival.

What makes the police even more worried is that in fact the devil had a chance to be captured four years ago.

According to the record of the report that was later found, in February 2002, a pregnant woman named Maria Willichev, standing in the subway station, wept alone because of the pain of falling out of love. At this time, the man who was quite gentleman showed his concern and bought her a drink. The two talked very much, and Maria even believed that this was the beginning of another romance, and all the love literature.

During the flirting process, the man said that he had a group of antique cameras hidden in a groundwater well in the forest of the Bitzwski Forest. If Maria is interested, he can take her to take it. Maria nodded without thinking, and the two went to a well in the forest. When her head was just approaching the well, the man gave her a fatal blow and then pushed her into the well.

Many years ago, the chess player was tried in court.

Fortunately, the pregnant woman’s vitality is particularly tenacious. She is desperate and fearful, and has a big belly. She spent 20 hours climbing out from the sewer, then rushed to the hospital for emergency treatment, and finally the mother and child were safe. The person in the hospital reported the police to Maria, but the police did not hesitate because the reporter was “lightly hurt”. As for the man who was easily let go, it was Pichuskin.

In this way, the opportunity to catch the murder of the chessboard was wasted, making Pichuskin another four years of killing time. He once proudly said to the police: “I feel that I am the father of them (the deceased) and opened the door to the new world for them.”

Because the number of murders is too large, most of the bodies can’t be found. Only the scattered teeth and broken bones in the forest prove that Pischuskin did not lie. The police had to find the identity of the deceased in the missing people during his crime. The object, meanwhile, found that Pischuskin’s goals were locked in the “lonewalker”, including sixty-year-olds and nine-year-old children.

The corpse discarded in the sewer is hard to find. This is both the luck of Pischuskin, but it is also his heart disease. Because he wants to be famous too much, and he has made such a “great achievement” but no one knows it. As the “devil head” with the largest number of murders in Russian criminal history, it is obviously not a sense of accomplishment.

So, he switched modes, no longer pushed people into the well, but exposed the body in broad daylight, so as to quickly “famous”. This statement is not an irresponsible inference, but Pischkin’s series of performances after his arrest revealed his true state of mind.

In the public trial on September 13, 2007, Pichuskin asked as many people as possible to attend, and in the court, each case was detailed. He also stated that before killing Marina, he knew that the other party had written his phone number to his family, but he decided to do so.

When asked by the judge whether he had a remorse, he replied: “Yes, something has always made me feel very sorry, that is, I was caught too early, I was going to kill two more in two days. Women’s.” It seems to be “taken for granted” and he did not ask for forgiveness from the families of all the victims.

Piscuskin’s series of “performances” in court seems to be the culmination of his game. The criminals of this “performance personality” are historically comparable to the American serial killer Ted Bondi. It is the famous “Hannibal” prototype. Ted has committed more than 30 crimes of murder and corpse, but the court has acted like a fascinating “geek”. He is eloquent, intelligent, and even has a group of female fans with handsome looks.

It has been suggested that Pichuskin was hit by a swing on his head when he was four years old, and he was suspected of suffering from mental illness. However, the result of the expert appraisal is that the person is mentally normal and fully capable of taking legal responsibility.

In this way, on October 29 of the same year, Pichuskin was finally “shouldered” and severely punished for life imprisonment.

Although Alexander Pichuskin was brought to justice, this does not mean that Moscow can be returned to Israel with absolute tranquility. What is terrible is that his “killing spirit” actually has “inheritors”. Like the filming, from the end of August to October 6, 2013, Pischuskin’s “checkerboard” – in the Bitzwski Forest Park, found two female bodies that were brutally killed. The deceased was subjected to ill-treatment, slashing, cutting ears and other ill-treatment. His murderous tactics were quite confusing by Pichuskin; therefore, a new round of panic spread throughout the city.

It can be seen that the serial killer who lost the empathy has always been hidden in the city. The “chess” of Bitzowski can be revived again. The reality is really more “exciting” than the drama.