IQ business intelligence is out of date, sleep business players cat dealers to understand?

If you want to live a good life, you don’t have to rely on IQ and emotional intelligence with such a high degree of difficulty. Rodin said in Rodin’s Art Theory that “there is no lack of beauty in life, but lack of eyes to discover beauty.” There are some small and beautiful “Business” is the beauty that is easily missed by us. By cultivating them, it can bring great beauty to your life.

“Father of Emotional Intelligence” Daniel Gorman’s “Emotional Intelligence” book printed a sentence on the cover: Emotional intelligence is more important than IQ. I think, if Newton is scornful in the world, he will say “the IQ is high to a certain extent, and the emotional intelligence is not used at all.”

As an ordinary person with a flat IQ, I used to think that IQ is not enough. Experts say that EQ is something that can be cultivated. But then I found out that I wanted more. Emotional intelligence is not that you will speak beautiful words and will play on the spot. Gorman summarizes Emotional Intelligence into five aspects: the ability to recognize one’s own emotions, the ability to manage emotions properly, the ability to self-motivate, the ability to recognize other people’s emotions, and the ability to manage interpersonal relationships. In these five items, even if there is something that can do the color, it will not be a mediocrity. If it can collect the five items, it is not a summoning dragon, it can be a dragon mother.

Therefore, IQ is crushed, emotional intelligence and nowhere to place is the true portrayal of most people like me.

In fact, if you want to live a good life, you don’t have to rely on IQ and emotional intelligence with such a high degree of difficulty. I have summed up seven small and beautiful and easy-to-operate “businessmen”. I can do two or three of them, and a happy life is around me. .

Today, when working overtime and addiction, who can sleep more quickly and better, who is the person who has a high sleep business.

Nick Littlehels is the premier sports sleep coach, former president of the British Sleep Association, and has been involved in sleep science research for more than 30 years. His famous sports stars such as David Beckham were his clients. In his work Sleep Revolution, he proposed two misunderstandings about the quality of sleep. If you want to have a high sleeper, you must first break these misunderstandings.

The “eight-hour sleep theory” is a mistake.

People’s sleep needs are flexible. Many people sleep for six hours a day, and they still live well. And some people sleep nine or ten hours a day, and they don’t see better. The length of sleep depends on the time, the place (the different habits of sleep in different countries), the industry, and the personal habits.

“Getting up early and getting up early” is not really suitable for everyone.

So, how fast should you feel better?

First of all, pay attention to the 90 minutes before and after waking, these two time periods will effectively affect the quality of sleep and their second day of the state; secondly, the quality of sleep should be counted as “week”, not because of a day’s sleep Quality is too early to judge; one day of sleep and its hours, the more scientific approach is to use 90 minutes as a cycle, to see you sleep a few cycles a day (R90 sleep program)

Of course, the premise of any effective technology is to change attitudes and ideas: unless sleep is no longer important to you, you can’t have it.

The correct mindset for sleep should be: we can trust our body and automatically choose to sleep before the crash. You don’t need to worry about sleeping at all, because when you sleep, the body will naturally tell you that it can’t hold it.

A real foodie, you must know the beauty of the hoof hoof, the poultry palm, the fish moon tooth, and the turtle skirt.

For ordinary people who still have to eat and stop to solve the problem of food and clothing, they can’t do like Wang Zengqi, eating a duck egg can eat terroir, historical materials, literature, anecdotes, crafts; or can not reach the famous cultural relics collection Like Wang Shizhen, a green onion and a “leek” can become the most popular dish on the dinner table. At least you can eat ordinary food a little more beautiful and happy.

For example, to eat watermelon, you have to know that the middle of the mouth is the most spleen; tearing open the yogurt, the one on the paper cover is still squatting – the next is perfect; eat roasted sweet potatoes, do not peel directly, but After gently peeling the skin, the outermost layer is the strongest sweetness; also, the last soup of the instant noodles, the fingers of the potato chips can not be let go. The peak experience of appetite is all here.

For the average person, the eater knows how to get rid of the low-level food and get it in the ordinary food.

Game player
In the first two days, I flipped through the book and read Yu Qian’s “Playing”. I sighed. Uncle is really the first player recognized by the comics industry, and 36 boring play masters. Smoking, drinking, hot head, cross talk, movie guest, bird and beast, flower and bird fish, gourd, bracelets… no he does not play.

Think again about what most of us are playing every day, vibrating, games, and friends. It really disappoints this interesting world of flowers and flowers. Play is the fundamental of learning between heaven and earth. Life is hard, and people who don’t know how to play are really boring. And playing a business, you know how to play, not boring; how to play three or five people, have fun; group building / class, how to play a group of people, can enjoy.

After all, there is no chance to play, only love does not love to play! I’m going to make a few dishes with a few friends who have come to talk, find a street that I haven’t walked, and pick up a little dog’s tail to make a little thing… as long as there is a heart that loves to play, there is fun everywhere. .

How to shorten the gap between the seller show and the buyer show? How can I not be planted by KOL? How can I play various coupons during the shopping festival? This is a question of Amoy business research.

How to use mathematics to stand out in the complex rules of the shopping festival is a technical job. Because the principles behind the promotion, flash purchase, and full reduction of e-commerce play are in line with the concept of “price discrimination” in economics. The best solution is not to pick up the hand, if you can’t help it, then you are willing to recognize it.

But narrowing the gap between the seller’s show and the buyer’s show, and not being able to grow grass by KOL is still hopeful. The most important thing is to improve your own aesthetic power. Liang Wendao once said in the “Round Table” that if you improve your aesthetics a little, you know that what suits you is not easy to be influenced by others.

Money merchant
Money dealers don’t teach you how to make money, but how to find a balance between making money, spending money and saving money. The basic bottom line of money merchants is. Don’t always become an overdraft, debt group. In this regard, the four advices of “Puppy Money” are very reliable:

1. The debtor should destroy all credit cards because credit card consumption is usually much more than cash.

2. Repay the installment loan as little as possible

3. Save half of the money left after deducting living expenses, and the remaining half is used to pay for consumer loans.

4. Ask yourself before each consumption: “Is this really necessary?”.

In short, if you don’t have much money to make money, then you should pay less.

Film dealer
Filmmakers are you can know where a movie looks good. One of the modern entertainment life in the cinema, whether it is to talk with friends, or to read the meaning of an article, enhance the film business has become a social need.

My filmmakers are very low. The previous time, the re-linking of the screen and the recent “dry and dry search”, are not where the good-looking points are. At the most, the level of his own viewing will remain at the level of “Cihua Nianhua” that feels cheongsam and the “Titanic” is conquered by Xiao Lizi.

One of my friends especially liked the movie “Lost in Tokyo”. After watching it for ten times, he said that he saw “the loneliness of different shapes under the prosperous crowds.” I tried to read it three times before and after, “Lonely in different shapes” did not see, only saw the subtitles after waking up.

Therefore, it is not enough to improve the movie dealers. It is not enough to make a good impression of watching movies. It is enough to experience something after reading. Even just for paintings and props.

Cat dealer
How to serve the cat master is a problem for cat dealers. Physical care, cat slaves can do a good job, the key is that you do not understand the mind of the master.

For example, the cat’s snoring sound is not only a happy performance, but also may tell you that “Don’t leave here,” the palace is uncomfortable. When you go home, you find that the cat is squatting around your feet and wraps your tail around your calf. This is what the master is rewarding you: “Come back! I miss you very much!”

Even the meaning of each cat’s “Miaomiao” is different. Each cat will develop a unique set of “skull” according to its “slave”, and only “slave” can understand the voice of the master. “I am bored to play with me”, “I want to eat”, and other cats are completely different in their expression of these things. Therefore, don’t believe in the cat language translator that is sold in the market. As a caring “slave”, you have to feel hard and study hard to be a business.

These are not my talks, but were discovered by Professor Sharon Crowell Davis, an animal behavior expert at the University of Georgia.

Rodin said in Rodin’s Art Theory that “there is no lack of beauty in life, but the lack of eyes to discover beauty.” This small and beautiful seven merchants are the beauty that we are easily missed, cultivate them, and give you Life brings great beauty.