Indian liar

On an early morning in Varanasi, I got up early with the lean meat and was going to see the people in the morning bath of the Ganges. There are many chartering services along the banks of the Ganges River that can take you to the river to see the beautiful scenery of Varanasi by boat. The market price is almost 100 rupees per hour. After we negotiated with the boatman at this price, we got on the boat.

Along the way, I and the lean meat were completely immersed in the light of this holy city. Three hours later, we handed in a chartering fee of Rs 300, and the boatman asked us for 400 rupees. We asked why the boatman said innocently: “This is our tradition. In India, it takes only 45 minutes an hour and 36 hours a day.” We actually believed in that moment, and felt that we should respect the locals and respect the locals. Culture, coupled with the poor mathematics of lean meat, paid the money to the boatman.

On the shore, there is a temple in front, just hanging a clock, we found that the clock is 12 hours a circle, waiting for the reaction to find the Indian boatman, he has disappeared. Although it is nothing to pay 100 rupees, I am ashamed of my belief in this ridiculous joke. Lean meat comforted me: “I have to admit that his acting is really good.”

The performance of a liar is not good, as long as the liar is enough to believe what he said.

We met a driver in the golden city of Gazamir, who was acting with the life of the whole family. This is to blame the lean meat. When he paid the money, he did not count the number of zeros on the Indian banknotes, and paid 1000 as 100 to the driver. The driver quickly put 1000 rupees into the jacket pocket. My eyes pointed out that the lean meat was given to 1000 rupees, and he immediately paid him back. The coachman said, “I can return it to you, but you will eventually find that you have married me.” Then he told us pitifully that the 1000 rupees were hard earned for several days, and it was hard to survive this morning. He just changed the whole money at the small shop at the gate of the city. If we don’t believe it, I can ask him to ask the owner of the store.

Of course we will not go with him. He said that we are not moving, and said: “My wife is sick in bed and needs me to earn money to support her family. My daughter had a cold yesterday. This money, I am going to take it home to my daughter. I am sick! I swear by the life of our family and swear in the name of Shiva, this is my hard-earned money!”

Listening to him, we can’t help but start to doubt ourselves. 1000 rupees is not a huge sum for us. If this money is really important to him, why should we insist?

Lean meat lowered his head, checked his wallet and found that it was indeed 1000 rupees. This time he was on fire, and he was very dissatisfied with the driver’s reason for cheating money. He directly poked the driver’s nose and said, “You are a person with faith, even say this lie! Give me the money!” The driver’s heart is reluctant The land was handed over to the lean meat, and the mouth was broken and said: “I can give you money, but if you find yourself wrong, you will return the money to me at the gate of the city where you stop the tuk-tuk.” He drove the car away.

As a result, the driver told the tuk-tuk driver at the gate of the city, of course, his own version. Whenever we walked to the gate of the city, the driver will shout to us: “Hey! The one who lied to my friend’s money, do you want to take a ride?”

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