Inappropriate white-collar raised wolf girl

She was a female white-collar worker of a travel company. However, once and with two wandering wolves, she and the wolf had a close relationship. She actually took the initiative to ask for a wolf.

She is not afraid of the incomprehensibility of her relatives and friends. The challenging career and high value, now she has 3 million fans, becoming the most eye-catching net red. Even netizens praised: “Like her as a person who loves to do things, the heart must always be hot.”

Prairie babes, improper white-collar workers to raise wolves
In the fast-hand video, the “Wolf of the Wolf Girl”, whose real name is Yang Wenjing, was born in 1993 in the town of Biligutai, Abaqi Banner, Inner Mongolia.

After leaving school, Yang Wenjing originally worked at a local travel company. Here is the model grassland of Eurasia and the Xilin Gol prairie, one of the four major grasslands in China. The wildflowers are flourishing, the cattle and sheep are in groups, the river bends like a silver belt, and the yurt stars are scattered in the blue sky…

The quiet life is romantic and cozy.

In May 2017, Yang Wenjing first came into contact with the wolf at close range. She met two wandering wolves on the grassland. They were less than two months old and looked thin and ugly. Wen Jing knows that if they don’t help, they are hard to survive. They can’t help but move their minds and decide to “adopt” them.

Coincidentally, the travel company that Yang Wenjing worked for at that time had to cooperate with a wolf garden. Yang Wenjing is a girl who loves freedom, so she volunteered to raise a wolf.

Unexpectedly, my parents did not agree with it. They said that it was too dangerous for a girl to do a decent job and wait for a ferocious wolf. Wen Jing patiently explained that without the checks and balances of the carnivore of the wolf, animals such as prairie rats and hares are bound to multiply in large numbers, which will seriously affect the growth of grassland vegetation. Besides, I have liked canines since I was a child, and I feel that doing this job is more fun than sitting in the office.

Unable to withstand her soft and hard foam, parents had to compromise, but still inevitably worried about the daughter like a flower. Mother also said to her half-jokingly: “If you have a slap in your face, how can you marry in the future?” Wen Jing listened but did not agree.

Later, Wen Jing, through the help of herders, “adopted” some wandering wolves. Yang Wenjing said that when a little wolf was raised, there was a wolf who did not eat anything, and stuffed the food into his mouth would be spit out. Later, she stood at the door of the cage and talked to the wolf every day. When she spoke, she looked at the wolf’s eyes with her own eyes. Yang Wenjing felt that her eyes were the window of the soul. She wanted to make the wolf slowly familiar with herself through eye contact. . After a period of eye contact, the little wolf relaxed his vigilance and felt that Yang Wenjing did not harm himself. He gradually trusted her and slowly began to eat.

In order to get close to the wolf, the Mongolian girl has exhausted her mind. She kept herself in the cage with the wolf, bending her head down all day, and suffering from severe cervical spondylosis, often unable to lift her head.

After being qualified for this job, Wen Jing felt that she and the wolf got along more and more harmoniously. In order to get closer to the wolf, she simply resigned from the travel company and specialized in raising wolves.

Because they are worried that the captive wolves have lost their original wildness, Wen Jing will take them to the field to practice hunting. Others are walking dogs, but she is a wolf. Although the wolf also likes to be close to her, they are a ferocious animal after all. Yang Wenjing dances with the wolf every day, and it is difficult to avoid being accidentally injured and bitten.

On one occasion, Yang Wenjing went out to the wolf and trained him. Because of the construction in the vicinity, she was afraid that the wolf would be injured and wanted to stop the wolf from entering the area. Ming knows that it is very dangerous to catch the wolf from behind, but because of her anxiety, she grabbed the wolf from behind, and the wolf was frightened. She turned back and bite on the back of Yang Wenjing’s right hand. Her hand was swollen and bleeding. Fortunately, the wolf recognized her and did not cause more serious injuries.

When it comes to “red women wolf master”, step by step startling
Usually, in order not to worry parents, Yang Wenjing always reported that he did not report his worries, and often told his family about the interesting things between her and the wolf. But one thing that happened in November 2017 was still known to parents.

On that day, Wen Jing was fed into the wolf’s nest as usual. On the same day, she wore a new Mongolian gown. The robes were stained with sheep in the herdsmen’s house, and Yang Wenjing did not pay attention. After entering the wolf’s nest, a wolf smelled the smell of sheep and then turned around her. She suddenly bit the hem of the Mongolian robes and went straight back. She took her out a few meters away, and finally flew forward, biting her thigh. on.

The people around him were shocked and stunned, and no one dared to go up. At that moment, Wen Jing painful tears in the eyelids, she turned back and knelt the wolf nose, the wolf was pinched and then let go of the mouth. Without looking at the wound, Wen Jing put the wolf on the ground and reprimanded like a child. “You have a white-eyed wolf. You can bite me!” After a while, the wound hurts so badly. Open the wolf. However, Wen Jing did not go to the hospital. When I got home, I saw a long bite on the thigh. There was no bleeding. The strength of the wolf was offset by two layers of trousers and a layer of Mongolian robes, leaving a black and black bruise of more than ten centimeters. It took more than 40 days to fully recover.

In the meantime, Yang Wenjing has encountered many difficulties. She just started to raise wolves without income, and these guys are carnivores, so many wolves, they will eat a few hundred pounds of meat a day. In winter, the temperature is low, the water is easy to freeze, and the wolf garden has no running water. She goes to the wells a few kilometers away every day to pump the wolves.

In addition, living in the sparsely populated grassland is inconvenient to shop, Yang Wenjing needs to drive to the Kashke Teng Banner, which is 120 kilometers away, to buy meat every week. Yang Wenjing has only one car, and can reload up to three or five hundred pounds of meat at a time. You can’t buy more in the summer, you can only buy back the amount of the day. Winter is relatively easy to save, buy more to rest outside, do not worry about meat spoilage.

Putting the meat back into the wolf garden, Yang Wenjing still needs to put the frozen meat pieces on the small cart, push them to the storage place, then take the meat pieces off the car and pick them up. The meat sinks and freezes, and Yang Wenjing often freezes his hands after the move. But this level of pain is not enough for her. She set up a charcoal stove in the yurt of the wolf garden, and sitting for one hour next to the fire, it will slow down.

Once, a wolf was lost from home, and Yang Wenjing and her friend found it in the snow-covered field for more than two hours. The wolf has paid so much, and it is dangerous and tired. Yang Wenjing has thought about giving up many times, and he is afraid that the wolf will hurt himself. But whenever he sees the wolf running far and rushing to her, she is affectionate to her. Wen Jing is I feel that the moment is too warm, in fact, they are also very gentle and lovely!

Although the outsider thinks that the wolf is very gentle in front of Yang Wenjing, his wildness is annihilated. Sometimes he turns his face and turns his face. As long as some actions cause the wolf’s dissatisfaction, the wolf will bite her.

The most serious one, because of misunderstanding, Yang Wenjing was even bitten by blood vessels.

To deal with the biting wolf, Yang Wenjing is usually used to hold the wolf’s mouth with his bare hands, reprimanding it indiscriminately, but sometimes he will deliberately bite them. Wen Jing is very tactical, generally choose the wolf’s nose or ear to the mouth – other places are too thick, in addition to letting yourself bite a hair, can not make the wolf feel pain. “Let it make it clear that it hurts. The wolf feels pain and will make a painful cry like a puppy.”

Yang Wenjing said that in fact, the feelings of the wolf are very delicate. Sometimes, if you accidentally scratch or bite her, it will be like a mischievous child who is wrong, showing embarrassing or very embarrassing body movements or expressions. I can’t help but laugh.

Because Yang Wenjing loves to wear a rose dress or a red Mongolian gown, and these wolves are like her pet dog. Therefore, the locals gave this big-eyed, slender girl an nickname – “Red Woman Wolf Lord”!

Harvested 3 million fans and became a “quick hand” net red
In the wolves composed of 36 wolves, the wolf has the right to enjoy the food first, and the other wolves will take the initiative to retreat. Yang Wenjing, the “beauty wolf master” often plays the wolf’s mouth to eat, for example, when feeding, some wolves grab more meat, she will grab some from the wolf mouth, and give it to other wolves.

Two years ago, some tourists sent a small video of Yang Wenjing’s wolf to the Internet. I didn’t expect the click rate to be astonishingly high. Later, with the encouragement of friends, she began to send her “dance with wolves” life to the “quick hand”, the purpose is nothing more than to let people understand the wolf more comprehensively.

Since then, every day at 1 pm, Yang Wenjing will open the “quick hand” to start the live broadcast of the wolf. The soil is covered with thin ice, the outdoor temperature is below minus 20 degrees, the text is cold and cold, and the nose is red, and the deep color of the beauty filter can’t be covered.

Usually she often brings wolves up the mountain to familiarize the wolf with the surrounding natural environment. The wolves in the wolves also teach the little wolves some hunting skills, such as capturing prairie destructive animals such as hares and prairie rats.

Yang Wenjing said that this will not only improve the wilderness of the wolf, but also if the wolves stay in a small space for a long time, the attack on each other will be more powerful, so that they can avoid fighting.

In Yang Wenjing’s video, she dared to open the wolf’s mouth with her bare hands, and sometimes she went to the grassland with the wolf. What is even more funny is that when you are in a wolf, you must stand upright and stand up when you are beaten. What is ridiculous is that the wolf is finished playing ass, and will sit directly next to her and spoiled. Sometimes the wolf will gently put her claws on her shoulders and use her chin against her head.

With the companionship of love, the wolves have become warmer, and it has become a very happy “two ha” in front of her.

Many people were shocked when they saw such a close interaction with the wolf, worried that Yang Wenjing had an accident. She said that it is inevitable that there will be sacrifices for raising a wolf. For example, because the wolf likes to climb on her, Wen Jing cuts off her favorite and long hair. “However, building a sincere and trusting relationship with the wolves is all about growing up with patience.”

When I took a video, Yang Wenjing deliberately swindled the wolf when he was feeding the meat. “You bite my hand!” I didn’t expect that if I heard this, the wolf would not eat even meat. Everyone was quite surprised. Yang Wenjing said: “Every day I am with them is happy!” The netizen praised: “Like her as a person who loves to do, the heart must always be hot. “”

The challenging career and high value, by the Spring Festival of 2019, Yang Wenjing has 3 million fans, becoming the most eye-catching net red.

In the movie “Wolf Totem”, the warmth between man and wolf, and the story of Little Wolf Green returning to the wolves, left a deep impression on Yang Wenjing. Inspired by this, Wen Jing’s current Wolf Garden has also joined the Inner Mongolia Wildlife Conservation Association. She said that when the conditions are ripe, the “Wolf Valley” will be established in Yesanpo to let the wolves return to nature to survive.