If you learn to embrace

If you want to open your arms to embrace a person, who would you choose?

Nowadays, the fast-paced urban life and the advancement of technology have made us accustomed to the knocking on mobile phones, and used to confide in our inner social depression on various social networking sites. I am used to sharing with friends on the Internet. Your own achievements and happiness. After returning home, we couldn’t say a few words with our family. We felt tired, but we didn’t forget to talk about what happened today on Weibo and WeChat before going to bed.

We have neglected to communicate with our family invisibly. The lack of face-to-face communication has made our loved and loved ones feel lonely and uneasy, and a sense of sorrow has spread around us.

Embrace the power that cannot be underestimated. If you learn to embrace, it will give you warmth and dispel your tiredness and uneasiness. A seemingly simple hug can give you the truest warmth.

If you learn to embrace, it will drive away loneliness and let you know that you are being loved. In this world, no one is an island, they are eager to be loved and affirmed, and embracing is the best way to express this feeling. A simple hug, no need for too many words, no complicated movements, as long as you open your arms, you can bring each other with a passionate companionship.

If you learn to embrace, it will tell people about your existence and bring you faith, enthusiasm and a sense of intimacy with others. Anyone who has awkward and helpless moments, no matter what kind of pain, is a process that must be experienced by oneself. No need to be with you all the time, if you give a simple hug if necessary, you can drive away the emptiness and haze.

Embrace others and of course you can embrace yourself. Although the two have different meanings, they have the same magical power. No one is born to be perfect, embracing yourself often means accepting his own “imperfection.” The British writer Maugham once said, “Perfect has a major flaw, it is often boring.” Think of “imperfection” as your own unique symbol. Your life will be full of fun. After embracing the imperfect self, you will find out what you need to change most, and stimulate “pursuit of perfection” while accepting. The power to make yourself better in the shortfall. The imperfection of the individual brings us ups and downs in the struggle of life. In fact, everyone is like a dish that exudes a unique aroma. This fragrance contains the power, dreams, appreciation and humanity. Only the appetite can taste its deliciousness.

Hug is a mutual movement that gives equal value to giving and receiving in a hug. The more close you are, the more you need love and mutual comfort. Embracing is a way of loving.

Don’t blame your own love, hug the loved ones for 20 seconds every day, let the warmth fill each other’s life; also “hide” to embrace yourself, no matter how the experience changes, the one who loves you the most is always yourself.

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