Birds are more timid than rats. When the mouse saw me, I was not in a hurry to slap and ran. I always looked forward to it a few times; when the bird saw the movement, it was fanned away. The bird has a consensus that it will be extinct without humanity.

The most timid bird will fly even when a mosquito crosses it. Hears loud and even scared to death. I have met. There was a sparrow who stumbled into the balcony. I didn’t expect that I was there, panicked and ran into the window. Picking up, the palm of the hand clearly felt that the smallest heart in the world was striking, only a few seconds, sudden stop, like people, closed his eyes. What are you afraid of? So easy to fly!

When the flower and bird market of Jiangyin Road was still there, I saw a bird-like bird–“Bottom!” The sparrow flew from the hands of the bird to the ground. “Come!” The bird leaped again and landed on the owner’s shoulder. In these two actions, passers-by are amazing.

Talking to the friend of the bird, Jianping, telling that only the eggs hatched can train until now. Breaking the shell and intimate contact with humans, big, bathe it every day, let it pull people, help it dry, blow dry, and trust you deeply. It turned out to be the case.

Birds pass through the human nature. In other words, as long as people don’t mess with the birds, the courage of the birds will gradually grow bigger. This is the same mentality as the weak one in humanity.

I have seen the most human birds.

There is a seagull’s densest pier in the Bohai Sea in Dali, swimming in the water, flying in the air, hundreds of thousands. The dock can’t afford a boat, and the light gives visitors a close interaction with the gulls. People are competing to feed, dancing the eyes of the seagulls, which tourists have food on their palms, they are vacant, the mouth will not touch your palm, very polite. The gull passed the humanity.

Not long ago, the Dazhi River in front of my house built a sightseeing river, and several egrets that were being grounded were filled with egrets, no one was around, and the new soil was foraging. Ask the master: “How can the bird not be afraid of you?” A: “Every day, come into a friend!”

The heron also passed humanity.

The gulls are good, the herons are also good. They were all birds that were scared and shot by arrows. The idiom “Stunning Bird” is a “Warring States Policy”. It is said that the geese that were injured by the arrow heard the sound of the bowstring and scared the wound and ruptured. It is estimated that the little sparrow I met was also scared to death. The geese thought it was shooting again; the sparrow was not yet familiar with human nature.