How to improve the blood supply to the brain

Insufficient blood supply to the brain is a common disease in the elderly, but now more and more young people are also suffering from insufficient blood supply to the brain, mostly caused by excessive work pressure, staying up late, and eating irregularities. Insufficient blood supply to the brain can affect our normal work, study and life. What are the obvious symptoms?

Frequent numbness, lip and numbness

The brain is the most advanced component of the nervous system. If the brain’s blood is not adequately supplied, it can cause the nervous system to be affected, especially the sensory nerves. After the sensory nerve is affected, there will be numbness on the face, and sometimes the limb will be numb; others may be blurred or even blind because the visual nerve is affected; others may have symptoms such as dizziness and tinnitus. It is because the blood supply to the brain causes the nervous system to be affected.

Suddenly screaming, drooling

In addition to the sensory nerves being affected, the motor nerves are also disturbed. The most common are some behavioral movements, such as sudden mouth sputum, hooliganism, difficulty in speaking, unclear words, aphasia or insufficiency, difficulty in swallowing, weakness or activity in one side, falling of the object, unstable walking or sudden Falling, some patients may have limb paralysis or beating.

Abnormal mental consciousness

If the patient always wants to sleep, it is groggy all day, which is not caused by excessive fatigue, but a harbinger of insufficient blood supply to the brain. Some people show insomnia, some people change their personality, such as being lonely, silent or indifferent, some are multilingual and irritable; some can have a short loss of consciousness or even lose normal judgment. The brain is not well fed with blood.

How to improve brain blood supply

(1) Eat more foods that are resistant to arteriosclerosis and lower blood pressure. Many brains lack blood supply because of problems with blood vessels, and vascular arteriosclerosis is a common cause. You can eat more bananas in your diet. Bananas are rich in potassium. Eating 3 bananas a day helps to fight cerebral arteriosclerosis. Garlic has blood lipid lowering, lowering blood pressure, brain function, and eating garlic, which can promote the conversion of glucose into more energy supply to the brain, and alleviate the symptoms of insufficient blood supply to the brain.

(2) Young people sit as little as possible. In particular, car owners and long-term office workers have to take some time to exercise every day, and can do some stretching exercises to prevent brain blood supply. If you do not exercise for a long time, it is easy to have insufficient blood supply to the brain or cerebral infarction.

(3) Adjust bad habits, such as not lying on the phone for a long time, watching TV. The height of the pillow is also very important when sleeping. Too high or too low is not good. Adults should use a pillow 10 cm high, which helps prevent brain blood supply.

(4) Massage points: Fengchi points can improve brain blood supply, reduce dizziness and insomnia. Keep your body upright, put your hands on the wind pool points on both sides, tilt your head back, and turn your thumb to the acupoint for 1 minute. You can feel the obvious feeling of soreness here and repeat 5 times. You can also use the index finger and the middle finger together to press the Zusanli point, 200 to 300 times each time, alternating clockwise and counterclockwise. Regardless of time, you can press if you have time. Use your fingertips to rhythmically press the inner point, and massage to produce the feeling of acid, hemp, and swelling. Do 2 times a day, do 2 minutes each time, massage Zusanli, Neiguan points can improve blood circulation in the brain.

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