How to get a big customer?

In the field of sales, there is a well-known “two-eighth rule”, that is, 80% of a company’s sales volume is completed by 20% of large customers, which is the lifeline of the company, they even decide The life and death of a company, therefore, as a salesperson, how to expand and maintain large customers has always been a top priority. So how do you get a big customer?

“Maslow’s Demand Hierarchy” in Sales

Some people say that sales are very simple, you only need to use two kinds of “water” on the line, one is wine, one is bath water. In other words, you only need to pour the customer on the wine table, or take the customer to wash the sauna, you can basically get the customer. Is it really?

I don’t deny that some small lists, or in the past, can indeed be done in this way, but what if it is a big list of millions, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions? If the person in charge of the other party is not a person, but a team of more than a dozen people? If the project leader of the other party is a president who has entered the million in a year? Do you think he will move for this little profit?

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is an important theory in Western management. He divides people’s needs into five levels: physiological needs, security needs, social needs, respectful needs, and self-fulfilling needs. So, how do we analyze them when facing customers?

You have to figure out your customer, at what stage is his demand? If his physiological needs, such as eating, drinking, and playing, have already been met, then you can ask him to eat and bathe. These can not only touch him, but also invite him to resent, especially now, some units even stipulate: Dinner with customers can not exceed 300 yuan per meal, can not accept gifts with brand-name logo. But can’t you do it without giving gifts to users?

Give everyone an example. I am a classmate who is doing software development. He usually likes to play badminton. Once, he is an old teammate who is paired with him. The teammate thinks that he played well. After the game, he chats with him and learns through the conversation. It is the president of a famous university in their city. He is 59 years old and will retire next year. Now he wants to make a contribution to the school before he retirees.

He felt that this was an opportunity for him. He told the principal that his company was doing software development and hoped to do a “smart campus” system for their university. The principal was very interested in listening and wanted them to try. Doing it, in the process of doing it, they have always maintained a good interaction. He found that the principal did not mean to ask for bribes, but always stressed how to do this project well, how to help the university improve the informationization process through this project. How to bring tangible benefits to students on campus.

These requirements of the principal indicate that he values ​​reputation and contribution to the school. From the level of Maslow’s needs, he is at the high level of the pyramid. After I found out the other person’s psychology, my classmates tried to rely on this aspect in the chat process. After meeting the principal’s “self-realization needs”, the principal felt very satisfied. Finally, they signed it smoothly. This order.

This tells us that not all Party A are the lowest level of physiological needs. Many of the high-level parties have higher-level needs. This is a self-realization requirement. You must learn to understand and distinguish this demand. Then Satisfy it. If you don’t realize this, you will mistakenly meet the low-level needs of Party A. Not only will you not get this order, but you will also leave a very bad impression on the other party. It is likely that there will be no chance of cooperation in the future.

What mistakes will the new salesperson make?

1. Expose yourself. New salesmen often want to be close to the customer, or show that they have a relationship in the customer’s business. In the customer company, I often say who I am introducing, I am familiar with a leader, in fact, in your Unsure of your customer’s premise in Party A, it is best not to expose yourself easily, don’t talk about your relationship everywhere, in case someone meets his competitors, or has a holiday with him, no It’s good to mention it. It’s no fun to mention this project.

2. Irritable. After the first encounter with the customer, many new salesmen listened to the customer and said a few words, they started to return to the company to do the program, do PPT, and after you prepared, you found that the customer’s needs suddenly changed, the previous work All done in white. The correct approach is: You should study why it has this demand in addition to the surface requirements of the customer, why is this demand raised at this time, and hope to solve this problem. Only by looking at the essence through the phenomenon will we not make our direction go wrong.

At this time, you will find that the more you know, the better your deal. Experienced old salesmen regard the business as a process of chatting. In the early stage, they talked about each other. When they talked about it, he also understood and trusted you, and the transaction became a matter of course. .

Customer information source

If you want to go to a company to run a business, mastering the customer’s information is the first step to be done, then how to master the customer’s information? Some salespersons will say, “We will set some questions and let customers answer when we visit customers.” Some salesmen will say, “Before visiting customers, I will look at their company’s website.” The practices are all wrong. The information obtained from these channels is an official document written to outsiders. The information you get from this aspect is also very superficial, or you have no critical and valuable information, so valuable. Where does the information come from?

1. The last sale. The channel you should know the most is the sales management of this company in your company. You should ask him: How has this customer worked with our company before? What is his appreciation for our company? What are the dissatisfaction? What personal preferences does this customer have, so it is easier to find common topics when you first visit.

2. Circles. You need to enter the circle of contacts in some industries. In a small circle, many people will tell you about the company, or some information about the customer. For example, if you are selling medical equipment, you can enter some local medical circles. If you run into a person who sells medicines in a circle, it is very likely that your PR customer is the same person. In this case, you only need to ask him humbly, and you may find out the key information of the customer from him. The relationship is good, he will even be willing to introduce you to the customer, this is that you met the noble in the circle.

3. Small inside line. When you start to contact a project, you must not see the big leader or direct person in charge of the other company. At this time, you need to start with the small employee of the other company. He may be a small salesman or internal company. A small clerk, you will come out to have a meal together, slowly mix with him, and develop him into your small inside, you can understand him the intricate interests of the project, such as: this project Who is making a decision? What are the specific requirements of the senior leadership for this project? Who will set up obstacles for us in this project? What can we do to make fewer detours on this project?

“Encroaching” strategy

I am a high school classmate and a salesperson of a Fortune 500 company. Their company is doing medical equipment. He went to a county-level hospital to run a business one year. He found that 90% of the testing equipment in this county-level hospital is their competitor company. Obviously, competitors have already ploughed in this market. For many years, if they want to enter this market, it is quite difficult. But the market can’t give up because of difficulties. They decided to give it a try and see if they could find a breakthrough. They used the encroachment strategy.

After investigation, they found that the main relationship of competitors is in the radiology department of the hospital, and other departments such as gynecology are the places where the competitors are weak. At this time, the hospital’s gynecology just prepared to purchase a color ultrasound machine, this project is not big, my classmates through key research, and finally made this small list. Since the hospital bought the color ultrasound machine, it found that their company’s equipment is not only cheap, but also has a very low failure rate. The equipment rarely needs to be repaired. Since then, many large orders have been continuously given to their company.

However, in this process, everyone has to find two breakthrough points:

1. Break through from a human perspective. You should pay attention to observe and see if anyone inside Party A is dissatisfied with your competitors? Why is he not satisfied? Will he help us because of this dissatisfaction? How do we expand this dissatisfaction on this basis so that he can increase his support for us?

2. Engage in the breakthrough of the angle. You have to stand in the perspective of Party A. Is there a better solution than the competitors to meet the needs of customers? And the benefits of this solution are hard for customers to resist?

The “Encroaching Strategy” tells us that in a market where competitors are in an advantage, you don’t want to rob them of resources on big projects. You can play pigs and eat tigers, starting with a small project that is not very noticeable, and gradually infiltrating. Slowly build your relationship with the customer, you will serve the small project well, and Party A will naturally look at you and slowly give you more orders and opportunities.

“anti-encroaching” strategy

To do sales, we often encounter competitors to eat into our customers. In this case, you must know how to look at your own base camp, and don’t give competitors a chance.

for example. Once, my classmate went to a county hospital to return to the old customer. The president of this hospital is his old customer. After he passed, the dean said to him: I am afraid that this order will not be given to your company. I hope that you can understand my difficulties. Because some people always ask me why I bought your company’s equipment for more than ten years.

How to do? The old customers who have cooperated very well will have to go to the competitors in the blink of an eye. Moreover, after that, they will lose a big customer and will really give up?

My classmate did this: he led the leadership of the hospital to an academic visit to the top three hospitals in another big city. This hospital is also the equipment provided by their company. At the same time, he used the relationship in his hands to bring the two hospitals. Some departments have formed a business mutual aid association department. Each year, two hospitals will be organized to conduct academic exchanges together, and the expense company will reimburse them.

This gave the dean of the county hospital a full reason and evidence: You see, the top three hospitals in the big cities are sourcing this equipment, and if our hospital also purchases this equipment, we can keep it on the hardware. First-class level, this is for the hospital’s business development considerations.

This tells us: You have to put yourself in the position of the responsible person of Party A. When you encounter competitors’ public relations and want to eat into our business, we must first hold our breath. After all, we have been working with customers for many years. Building trust, we have a first-mover advantage. On this basis, we only need to provide Party A with a reason to continue to choose us.

Establish standards

Nowadays, in many industries, the homogenization competition is more serious. The prices of many products are already transparent. In this case, in order to obtain more profits and make some differentiation with competitors, you have to establish a set of standards. Building your own strengths, when building standards, you need to pay attention to the following three points:

1. Must be an old customer. You want to help customers establish standards, then the premise is that he must be your old customer, and in the previous cooperation, they have established trust with each other, if he has not cooperated with you before, then even if you want The customer uses your standards, he can’t trust you, or he will let you adapt to their previous standards, and it is unlikely to modify the standard for you.

2. To proceed from the needs of customers. Don’t think that you have something, you have to let the customer accept what, it is easy for the customer to have a resentment, from the customer’s point of view, it is best to change all the models and parameters to the customer’s needs, so that Customers feel that your company values ​​each other and can also block your competitors.

3. Meet your own advantages. Everyone needs to understand what the purpose of establishing standards is. In order to establish a threshold and establish their own advantages, they can have many exclusivity conditions when purchasing customers. Therefore, the standards we establish must be in line with our own advantages. And for the weakness of competitors, not let competitors easily reach these standards, to keep themselves in a leading position; and after reaching a consensus with customers, you must ask customers to put these standards into the tender, in order to bid in the future In the middle, let yourself be invincible.