How is the woman made?

Recently, the Disney live-action version of the Mulan Movie Trailer was released online. In the trailer, Hua Mulan rides a horse on the grassland, martial arts in the dark, and the man dressed as a woman in the battlefield heroic battle… Once the trailer was announced, it triggered Netizens are hot. A large number of comments and controversies focused on whether the casting and story shooting were in line with historical facts. Few netizens discussed the image of the “tough girl” of Mulan’s disguised men’s clothing. Perhaps it is because Mulan is a story that we are very familiar with from small to large, or perhaps because netizens have long been accustomed to the image of a woman in many films.

In reality, however, the film industry is not an industry that is particularly friendly to women. Even in Hollywood, attitudes towards women are still very conservative, not only to treat the income of actors of different genders differently, but also to shape female characters. In this context, today’s audience can see such a “female man” role, what a long journey behind it? How does the female character role step by step onto the movie screen? First of all, what is the definition of a female character? She refers to women who are strong, independent, and able to defend themselves. At the same time, they master some masculine skills and traits, such as wrestling. These characters are opposite to the role of the “daughter girl” and can control their own destiny.

The most likely type of movie for a female character is an action movie. The same is true in recent years. More and more female men appear as the protagonists of action movies, such as the film “Amazing Captain”, “Alita: Battle Angel” released in 2019. But in fact, for many years, actresses have very few performance opportunities in such films. For a long time, there is a consensus in popular culture that traditional action films should be made by men and played by male actors, which is in line with the tastes of male audiences. If an actress appears in the mirror, it usually appears as a girl in a difficult situation. In the type of gender-discriminating type, who broke the routine and let the female character really go to the screen?

Female man’s screen show
Scott Meslow, a reporter for the Atlantic Monthly, said, “The action movie has always been the most sexist type in Hollywood.” A great example is the Wikipedia entry in the action movie. The collage of eight people – including Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, Steven Siegel, Duf Longger, Shangge Yundun, Wesley Snipes and Jackie Chan, all eight of them are male movie stars, and no actress has a place. Many people have noticed that many classic action films even take gender discrimination as a matter of course.

For a long time, women in the action film mostly bear the image of the victim and the weak who are waiting to be saved. When mentioning the image of the earliest female man, the fans’ minds will always be the first to think of Sigourney Weaver’s breakthrough interpretation in Aliens. She played the role of the tough heroine Ellen Ripley in the 1979 series of Aliens, and the refreshing performance was also named by the American Film Institute as the greatest eight protagonists in American cinema history. one. Even though many viewers think that the Alien series is more sci-fi thriller than action, at least the role of Lieutenant Alan Ripley paves the way for the image of a woman. Her excellent interpretation makes this role Not only has it become the benchmark for female starring action films, she has also become the benchmark for action-type films. The breakthrough of the role of the actress is not an unexpected event, but a long-term advancement of the feminist movement.

The early women’s liberation movement was designed to help women achieve equal political rights with men. By the second women’s liberation movement, women’s liberation has developed to the point where women get out of the family and gain real value in society. The second women’s liberation movement began in the United States from the 1960s to the 1970s. The iconic event was the founding of the National Women’s Movement, and Betty Friedan was one of the founders. She is also known as the “mother of the modern women’s liberation movement” in the United States. She once said, “Family is a comfortable concentration camp for women. Women should be like men, discovering themselves through self-fulfilling, understanding themselves and developing their own world, not just family, husband and children.”

When such a trend of thought came to the fore, Hollywood began to use more and more female directors, and more and more female characters gradually appeared on the screen. They provide women with a very different set of values ​​and possibilities, let them know that women are not waiting for the rescue of the princess, women can also be a heroic knight to protect themselves. Women can achieve the same status as men by their own efforts, regardless of physical fitness or social status. However, these roles are somewhat limited. Alien gives an important revelation to the next action film that wants to be successful: don’t ignore the characteristics of women and use them. The audience was impressed by Allen Ripley’s actions to protect her daughter. The retention of maternal traits is the regular touchstone for the success of this type of film. Whether it is the “Agents Wild Flower” in 1996 or the “Kill Bill” which is popular all over the world, the protagonist is a mother. As they succeed, more and more films are beginning to follow this paradigm.

“Three Billboards” stills.

a woman who is too narrow
The “Three Billboards” that won the Oscar for Best Actress in 2018 tells the story of a female student with a motherhood. The daughter of Mildred (Frances McDormand) was raped and raped when she went out, and Mildred’s life suffered a terrible blow. A few months have passed and the case has not been broken, and the police seem to have shifted their attention to the case. Mildred, who was stalked by despair and pain, rented three giant billboards on the side of the highway and pointed the finger at the police.

In the film, this protagonist is a mother who lost her child. She wore a denim overalls and a headscarf-like headscarf. It looked a bit like the female version of Rambo. She is embarrassed, resourceful, and angry, ready to teach a few unruly young people. She dared to confront the police and even acted as a arsonist police station. Most of these behaviors came from motherhood instinct.

The same commonality also appeared in the most popular American drama “The Game of Rights” this year. From the first season to the eighth season, this American drama eventually became a game of female growth epic blockbuster – feminist. In the last season, many female characters survived, and a playful word was popular among fans of rights. That is, mortals (men) have one death, but we are not men. (All men must die, but we are not men.). However, many female characters in the film still can’t escape the fixed play of the action film female lord. Many of the female characters in the film still appear as mothers, such as the dragon mother Danielis Tanglelian, who claims to be the mother of the dragon.

At the same time, not all female films are promising or thought-provoking. It is undeniable that there are still many sexy brainless female movies appearing in the theater from time to time. Similar movies such as the Resident Evil series and Tomb Raider are based on computer game adaptations. To a certain extent, it also reflects the fact that the source of the original female story is not rich.

In every summer, superheroes or spy movies can always be a popular blockbuster movie in a theater, and this type of movie is generally a male character. However, there are three female superhero movies that have appeared in recent years, “The Agent Sauter” starring Angelina Jolie, “Hanna” starring Silsa Ronan, and “Gina Carano” starring ” The winning one is based on some excellent original scripts featuring female characters. These films all have a modern, refreshing and progressive tone. In the trailer for “Winning a Strike,” the heroine questioned and asked: “Do you want me to be a eye-catching vase?” The suggestion that wearing evening gowns at night is the worst task she has ever taken.

“Kill Bill” stills.

Although these characters are hoping that others will ignore her beauty, the value of the female character is still a hot topic for the audience. Even if you have been promoted to a superhero, you have to stand the test of your face, whether it is the black widow Scarlett Johansson, the magical woman played by Gail Kato, or the blushing witch Elizabeth Olsen, without exception. The big beautiful women, their sense of harmony seems to make people mistakenly think that superheroes don’t have to think about value. However, when the surprise captain actor Berry Larson appeared, because the shape was not stunning enough, and suffered the ruthless mockery of netizens, the audience even thought that Marvel created the most “not beautiful” heroine. Today, compared with the free play of the tough guy character, the image of the female man still suffers a lot of restrictions.

These limitations are more obvious when compared to our tough guy characters. In addition to being muscular, the tough guys usually show their other personal charms. For example, being smart, speaking loyalty, loving family, or showing them a very humorous side. But what about the female character? When you see their strengths, you will also see the disadvantages of being magnified, such as arrogance, lack of caution, and poor interpersonal relationships. In addition, in order to show their powerful side, they usually have external male traits, but why do they have to show their courage and strength through the characteristics of external males? Like killing Bill’s protagonist, wearing a costume similar to Bruce Lee. In addition, they usually have no lovers, and even if they do, they will not end. Because when a woman shows a masculine side, it is often considered homosexual or unattractive, or both. But why do these female characters need to sacrifice their love to achieve their strength? At the same time, the female characters can be killed and killed in the movie, but once the ultimate opponent appears, they can only achieve the final victory with the help of men.

Female man grabbing from the doll
The role of the female character in the film slowly changes, and more and more changes are presented to children and young people. If ten years ago, you asked anyone, among those famous movie companies, who would be the engine to guide the change of female roles? Disney may be the answer to the bottom. Disney has been considered one of the most conservative big film studios in the past, and their series of fairy tale cartoons have important educational significance in the family concept, dressing and love concept of generations of girls. In the live-action film, this family-friendly model is also followed, as can be seen from Pirates of the Caribbean, Princess Diaries, and The Chronicles of Narnia.

However, the situation is somewhat different now. The editor of the Guardian, Andrew Purville, commented, “The impact of some movies is huge: Pixar’s 2012 animated film “The Brave”, the 2013 blockbuster “Frozen”, and the first “Alice” All these heroines are self-reliant and do not regard romantic love as the end point. In the story, male characters are ignored or basically marginalized.” In fact, the original role as a theme promotes existence. Boyfriends have been replaced by roles like mothers or sisters. “Alice in Wonderland” also follows this model, and even more obvious, the protagonist is only 19 years old but she tries to open up the trade market in the Far East.

Previously, Disney’s princess characters also involved toys, games, crafts, and a variety of fashion accessories. These industries have been the company’s cash cows, with an estimated revenue of more than $5.5 billion, but this momentum seems to run counter to Disney’s values. What Silverstein calls “the princess industry complex” is considered a recession in civilization. “These are the girls we have been teaching – wearing fan clothes, looking beautiful, makeup. I hope that this idea will not appear again, these things can not help our girls grow into self-reliant young women.”

In 2016, the research team led by Dr. Susan Coyne of Brigham Young University in the United States found that girls aged 5-6 playing Disney’s princess toys would be more likely to present typical girl qualities. In other words, those girls will be more likely to pay attention to their appearance, preferring to play dressing instead of playing games like toy castles. Rebecca Hains, a reporter for the Washington Post, wrote, “The traditional princess brand of Disney suggests that girls, their most important capital is their beauty, which encourages girls’ excessive attention to the outside world. This will make girls think they should be sweet, obedient and expect men to save them.”

Some people may protest that this is a big deal because they want girls to have a girllike appearance, but in the long run, “the child’s future path may be limited. She could have studied mathematics and other courses in the future. Brilliant, but now I want to pursue eternal beauty – this is impossible, and this path may lead to tragedy,” said Sarah Coyne, associate professor at Brigham Young University.

Writer and sportsman Melissa Silverstein may be the critics of the best influence in contemporary film sex topics. She said, “We should break this strange circle that has emerged very early. This is a power mechanism that a girl must be saved. We want girls to be the protagonists of the story, they don’t have to wait to be saved. The role of the girl should be with the male character. They are both flesh and blood, full. They can’t just work for a perfect love. They are also independent individuals in the world, because this is what girls want to see. Not only girls, we also need boys to see These girls’ roles are courageous, so they can understand that in real life, girls are equal to them. “The image of a female character in an animated cartoon has played a positive role in the education of the child.

Re-recognizing the woman
As more and more such female characters appear, many people have begun to question. Does a woman have to be self-reliant by showing masculine qualities in order to win respect? Yes, many action films, science fiction films and other types give women a lot of room to grow and play, so that they are no longer limited to playing the saved girl. However, these films also have many limitations. Women do not have to present their respectable aspects in superheroes and unrealistic plots. Of course, it is not only that they become powerful, but they can save themselves from the passive state. Female characters should not be defined by how they imitate men or how they tolerate men.

The meaning of the role of the female character may be to break through the traditional positioning of the female character, but this may be just a starting point for exploring female characters, not an end. Self-reliant female characters are not a rough imitation of male characters. On this journey, they do not need to be masculine. They do not need to have some excellent qualities of men, but how to allow them to present the true side of female characters, presenting a On the full personality side, learn to understand the sparkle of femininity. Kate Winslet once said, “It’s sometimes not the most interesting thing for a female character to become tough. I think it’s more interesting to be complicated, fragile, real, fearful, hopeful or regretful.

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