How did Germany, the broken land, rise to become the first part of the European power?

In fact, I have learned about Germany. Especially after I learned about Germany from the economic, political, and financial dimensions, many things will naturally be understood.

Since Germany is to be said, the first question is where did the Germans come from?

We take it for granted that the current territory of Germany has lived in Germany since the ancient times, that is, the Germans, the so-called Germanic people, in fact, before the Germans occupied the land, that place has been changed several times.

The earliest group was the Latins, and later the Greeks and Romans. These people just got a firm foothold and were kicked out by another nomadic tribe called the Scythian. The Scythians are not happy. How long has it been quickly extinct by the new Celtics , and now there is a team called the “Celtic” to commemorate the history of the king, the Celtics once occupied more than half of Europe.

However, the Celtics did not last long, the Germans came , and the Celtics were cut and killed. The Celtics had to flee to the edge of Europe. Now the Celtics It is already rare, mainly in places in Scotland and Wales. There are many places in the area, and they hide in and escape.

Everyone knows the King Arthur, he is the Celtic. Legend has it that he led the Celtics on the British island to hack with the invasion of the Germans, and finally saved the last bit of the site. However, there is not much evidence to prove that this buddy has existed. It should be that the natives of the British Isles were oppressed by the Anglo-Saxons (also a part of the Germans).

The British island left some Celts, but the European continent, especially the Nordic, was killed clean. In the Spring and Autumn Period in China, the Germans completely occupied the current German land and maintained it until just now.

Of course, it is not a purebred Germanic person. There are a lot of marriages with other races, such as a large number of Jewish descent and other nomadic tribes. The most recent mixed-race, after the Soviet Red Army captured Berlin, is said to have raped many German women. This is described in the “Death of the Giants” that exploded last year, so the Germans now have a lot of Russian descent, and it is really a good time to report.

Moreover, this group of people was very late in the Caesar era , that is, China has already been in the Han Dynasty. Now the people in Germany are still primitive clan tribes , divided into thousands of small tribes, and have no affiliation with each other. When Caesar was young, I often take the team to repair these people.

Caesar said in his diary that the Germans are almost the same, the five big three are thick and the big golden hair, all the men are warriors , the military leaders are not planning behind, but with everyone charging, so the military leaders often die very early. The rest of the no-man commander quickly collapsed.

This has always affected a world war. During the ” World War I” period, these countries were also co-organized by the people of each town in each village, such as the “Second Mission of the Scottish Highlands” or “the ninth company of Bavaria” . The troops are all fellows, and the leader is the little aristocrats in their village.

Er, a bit like the later Xiang Army, the Xiang Army is an intellectual officer who returned to his village to recruit soldiers.

This group of people is good at war, and the style is tough. For example, the famous Teutonic is a Germanic branch. In 103 BC, when the Chinese Han Dynasty, suddenly attacked Rome , the Romans were shorter than the Germans. Many, so they all wear a high hat, appear to be higher, and the Romans can not compete with the Germans .

But Rome is a civic soldier. If the property is below a certain level, you will not be allowed to be a cannon fodder, because everyone who has no money feels that he cannot rely on it.

Citizens have a special feature, they all have their own family, and they all have a little culture. They are very organized and can’t run , unless you don’t want to go back to Rome to hold your children. Usually, they are carried by a “hundred centurion”. The centurion is the core of the Roman legion. His hat is more exaggerated. It can be seen far away. Everyone is formed into a formation and moves forward together. Although the single-handedness is not a Germanic opponent, there is no one in the group. The barbarian team can match the Roman legion.

Unsurprisingly, the Teutonic people mentioned earlier were old and miserable. They were defeated in the confrontation with the Romans. Most of the men were killed on the spot. The women and the young women who were watching in the rear also committed suicide. This made Rome. People are very shocked. I feel that this group of people has problems in their minds . In the future confrontation, the Romans will suffer sooner or later.

The Teutonics are just one of the thousands of tribes in the Germanic region, and their death has no effect on the overall situation.

Rome once occupied the Germanic region, forcing the people of that place to pay tribute to Rome. After all, the tribes were neither united nor organized. Everyone rushed up to confront the turtle shell Roman army and couldn’t beat it. .

The daily life of Rome is to go to the people in the circle below us, because Rome is an empire, the core of the empire is to go out to rob, where to robbery? Of course, going to the border, Gaul and Germany, including the Persian territory, belong to the border:

However, technology will spread, and organizational capabilities are themselves a kind of technology. The Germans slowly learned the form of Rome.

In the 9th year of AD, when I was King Han, the 15,000 Roman legions of the three main German troops stationed in the Germanic region entered a place called Teutonic Forest, where they were ambushed by Germanic tribal warriors. .

In the forest, the terrain was too bad. The Roman legion was not formed in a formation. It was caught in a scuffle with the Germanic samurai. The scene was terrible. The Roman soldiers were not killed, they were either sacrificed, and the rest were pulled to be slaves. It is.

Since then, Rome and the Germanic region have been separated by the Rhine River , which is the shape of our picture below. The curved line is the Rhine River, and the European situation is basically formed in the future. The east of the Rhine is the Germanic region, and the west is the French. In the Gaul region, France now claims to be “Gaul Rooster”.

As is known to all, the Roman Empire later believed in teaching, and the religious slogan and the five slags soon collapsed. This is not what I compiled. The big book of The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire is such a core idea. The author Gibbon believes that the Romans have believed in it. Teaching began to do nothing, not pragmatic or development, everyone is proud of being a god stick, corroding the foundation of the empire , adding to the empire’s serious financial oligarchy (that is, the rich no longer engage in production, start Loan sharks, all the empire later had this problem, including the British Empire and the current United States), the more mixed, and then simply killed by the barbarian tribe.

Some of the barbarians who destroyed Rome came from the Germanic region, and the Latin language spoken by the Romans is now also a dead language.

After the Roman Empire was finished , the famous French kingdom was formed on the French and German sites. The people living on the land were the original primitive clan of the joyful day, and the next day became the princes of the kingdom. If you are separated from the world.

Therefore, the European continent at that time retained some of the characteristics of the original primitive tribe. For example , all the people in this place only recognized their clan leader. Those who are loyal to these leaders will follow the loyalty to them. As for the king and the emperor, for the bottom layer, No feeling .

And these leaders, on the formation of the later European aristocracy , such as tribal chiefs became Earl , there is a tribal chief to bring everyone to go to war Well, the chief became duke , princes within their own fiefdom is independent The kingdom, their brothers and sisters, the uncle, became the bureaucrats at all levels.

This is a true feudal society. Since the Qin Dynasty, China has ceased to be feudal, and it belongs to the “centralization of power under the civil service system.”

In this way, Europe directly transitioned from the primitive tribe to the feudal princes . The heads of the clan tribes directly became the aristocratic bureaucrats . Because these nobles usually do not work, the skin is tender and tender, and the white blood vessels are obviously obvious. Therefore, I call myself “blue blood nobility.”

Later, the king of the Frankish kingdom was crowned by the pope and suddenly upgraded to the “Roman emperor.” Since then, almost all European countries have had a new dream, that is, the “Roman Empire.”

For example, Russia later did not marry a Byzantine princess, and then brag about himself is also Rome, “Tsar” is the Russian pronunciation of “Caesar”, generally referred to as “Second Rome”, this is the reason. Later, the Ottoman Sultan of Ottoman Turkey also believed that he was Rome. The Sultan himself also had the title of Caesar, belonging to the killing of Matt Rome. Bismarck made an empire, also called Rome, and even more, Hitler’s third empire was the third Roman Empire. The most fierce is the current United States, the people of the rivers and lakes called the fourth Roman Empire, we will talk about the United States when talking about Rome, you can find that the United States and Rome are too much like.

The Frankish kingdom just a bit like the Warring States from the very beginning, the emperor occasionally a little power, most of the time is a decoration, below the princes who are also each had their own, domestic jurisdiction of each language are not the same, Europe is a table sound text, which is all the alphabet, so the text is not the same, there is no sense of identity among the various regions, and inheritance system was also problematic father died evenly divided the empire to his three sons, and thus, Niubi The frankly Frankish kingdom is divided into three, and the East Frankish kingdom is the prototype of the later German.

Moreover, the land in Germany knows that the terrain is really not the same. The north is the three Nordic countries that are rich in bandits and vikings. The Swedish and Danish goods now look like humans and animals are harmless, and they have gone backwards for hundreds of thousands of years. No one is irritating. To the west is the brave and the second Gauls, to the south is the Romans, to the east is the worst, waves of nomadic tribes have invaded, in addition to the Slavs, and later Muslims, are invading, saying that the Germans Naturally fighting the nation, this fight has long since died.

In the course of the battle, the nomadic tribes gradually integrated into their German. Germany is far from being purebred, and it is very mixed. In fact, none of the countries in the world are purebred, all mixed, and integrated. German nomadic tribes include not only Mazhars, Celts, Slavs, etc.

Of course, we are the same. In the northwestern part of the mountain where I am, from the Han Dynasty, the southern Xiongnu surrendered. The state had to arrange for them to work, and they were arranged in our home. Later, the Xianbei people also entered the Central Plains from us. The Xianbei people’s five big three big words don’t know the basket, they even believe in the Buddha, everyone stringed a string, and also opened the Yungang Grottoes in Datong. In the Tang Dynasty, we were full of Turks everywhere. After the Song Dynasty, the place was occupied by Qidan and Jurchen people . Therefore, the Chinese nation is also a cultural community, not a community of blood.

Moreover, the emphasis on blood is to dig the pits of Japanese historians, because there is no way to explain Xinjiang and Mongolia.

Continuing to say that Germany, Germany was still called the East Frankish kingdom, and later their kings rushed to Italy and convened the Italians for the coronation , and shamelessly named the “Roman Empire” , look, and come out again a Rome This “Rome” is what we often call the “Sacred Roman Empire . ”

Generally speaking, it is often emphasized that there is no shortage of defects . For example, the earth is lacking in the five elements. The money is the lack of money in the five elements. This holy Roman Empire is neither sacred nor Roman, nor is it an empire. It is not a four. Like the East Zhou Dynasty of our country, it was okay at first, and after a few years of evolution, the emperor began to have no power, and the country was not united. The loose group was basically a wonderful thing.

The year when the Pope crowned the German Emperor, it happened to be the founding of the Song Dynasty in China. However, this empire with no cockroaches has a long life and is outrageous. It is a bit like the Japanese emperor. It has no practical meaning and effect, so no one has to overthrow it . There is still a few years in the middle. The emperor has no accidents. It was eight or nine hundred years, and by 1806 Napoleon was destroyed.

This less sacred second-rate Roman emperor, the jurisdiction is probably the area where Germany and Austria are now. Yes, Austria and Germany are basically the same kind of homologues. They are all Germanic genres, so Hitler is an Austrian corporal. When I went to Germany as prime minister, the Germans did not have much emotion inside. One reason was that the Germans did not feel that the Austrians were outsiders.

For most of the time, this territory was basically broken, and the princes were no longer in trouble. The emperor and the pope also called and called. What happened?

The Pope crowned the emperor. This behavior is not the same thing for them. The Pope thinks that I am so arrogant, on behalf of God, to crown you, that I am more powerful than you, you have to listen to me.

But the emperor felt that this matter was very difficult. Did the emperors think that your pope was not an intermediary? Have you seen an intermediary selling a house more powerful than a head of household and a customer? The power is transferred between God and the emperor.

Therefore, the two sides could not avoid the troubles. When the pope took the upper hand, the emperor gave a “breaking order” and expelled the teachings. The emperors rebelled and forced the emperor to run to the pope’s castle to plead guilty.

But when the emperor regrouped and killed, he forced the pope to flee and eventually died on the road.

This also corresponds to the little story in “Song of Ice and Fire”. The eunuch, Varis, told the little devil a paragraph, saying that there are three people , the pope, the king, the knight, standing in a circle, to die alone, who has the most power?

The king controls the secular power, the pope controls the faith, but they both command the knight, who will the knight listen to ?

In fact, this problem also reveals the core of power. The power lies in the human heart. If the knight does not believe in God, then the pope is finished. If the knight believes in God, he prefers the title promised to him by the king, and the pope is finished. But if the knight is pious to the point of mental illness, the king is finished.

Therefore, the question of who has power between the emperor and the pope is essentially the question of who is more able to open the bid code, and the question of the price below is not important .

At the beginning, the imperial power was able to make a few strokes with the Pope. Later, the Pope made several large-scale ideological reinforcement exercises, burning all the shakers, and the German emperor was very powerful in the process of fighting with the supporters of the church. Miserable, this imperial power has no alliance, and it has gradually declined. The German region has become more scattered. In the end, it has basically entered anarchy and has become more than 300 vassal territories, free city states and so on .

The merchants even organized an “armed-commercial” organization called the “Hansa League”. The power and capital were enriched than the emperor. The imperial power was not in front of them. It can be seen that the decline of the imperial power became what it was.

The entire German region became the pope’s dairy farm, and it was milked at any time. The church actually collected taxes in the German region, and no one dared to control it anyway.

But at the same time, when the German region is giving the pope a cow, other European countries are not very peaceful, Russia is dying with the Mongols, Britain and France have been playing for more than 100 years, and Spain has been playing with Muslims for seven hundred years. The war looked hard, but during the war, the nobles had to unite around the king and had to fight together, which led to the formation of centralization in these countries. These countries were first removed from the church, and the pope was here. The country has basically no right to speak.

Especially in the United Kingdom and Russia, the Pope’s words are not as good as a fart. France was unified by the British. Everyone knows the Joan of Arc. She is French, but she was caught by the French aristocracy and sent to the British to burn, because the Joan of Arc was still torn apart. The princes fought each other, but after the war was over, France became the power of the European Union because it was united.

In Spain, too, in order to deal with Muslims, we must give up prejudice and fight against the enemy. Spain can have the power to make a big voyage. It is because the Spaniards are not very good, but they are early, so they start early. They first toss overseas. Adventure, there is a first mover advantage .

Many students feel that “centralization” is a derogatory term. In fact, it is not a word. It is a neutral word. It can even be broken. For all modern powers, the first thing must be to centralize the centralization and concentrate the resources. Therefore, after a European country enters centralized power, other countries can easily be eaten if they do not quickly enter the centralized state. Therefore, they have been centralized, and the scale of each mobilization has become larger and larger until the First World War. Small Europe, even invested in tens of thousands of heavy groups to attack each other .

At the same time of upgrading the scale, it is necessary to upgrade the efficiency of synchronization, and in order to improve efficiency, countries have begun to compete with technology trees such as ignition drugs to improve the individual combat capability. Modern science is slowly on the track, and European craftsmen are thinking every day. How to make the guns shoot farther, the firing rate is faster, and the transportation efficiency is higher. This constant entanglement and competition and competition make European technology advance rapidly after the start of the big voyage.

Modern science began in astronomy (mainly researching navigational positioning), rising in military industry, and erupting in coal mine water pumping machines (the steam engine was originally used to pump coal mines, and some key components of steam engines used military technology). Up to now, the three major breakthroughs of human beings, the Internet, atomic energy, and computers, have all been the national defense industrial technologies that have been fixed by the state, and then spread to the civilian sector.

Back to Germany, has been bullied for the Germans? It is because they have scattered a bunch, and anyone who can come to repair them.

The goods we just mentioned have formed a centralized power in the constant foreign war, and everyone in the warfare process feels that we are French, and we are beating the British with the enemy, and slowly the nation is awakened.

Those who feel that they belong to a certain country are finally together, and there are France, Britain, Spain, the Netherlands, and so on.

It is a very, very late thing for people in the German region to realize that they are German. It was the latest in the powers, so his rise was also the latest. They were independent after the second Opium War in Daqing.

Having said that, everyone will understand that the Hanseatic League, which some people are blowing, is finally finished.

Because the Hanseatic League has been forced into the years, it is exactly the years that Europe has been torn apart, and the nation-states have gradually formed. The loose alliance of the Hanseatic League is not the same as that of the modern nation-state.

During the peak period of the Hanseatic League, 160 cities joined, and at the same time France and Britain were all divided. The alliance can repair these countries at will, but these countries have completed centralization and can mobilize more than 100,000 troops and hundreds of thousands of ships. The business alliance of the Hanseatic League is in the face of the five slags in front of others. Those countries are raising tariffs and engaging in mercantilism. The Hanseatic League can’t beat it, want to talk about no one bird, and everyone They are willing to mix with the strong, the younger brothers in the league have ran with the nation-state, and the alliance has naturally disappeared quickly.

The Hanseatic League has collapsed, Germany has become more scattered, and people are inconsistent. The church is cutting the leeks every day, and the countries such as France and Britain are busy with big voyages. Russia is constantly sending adventurers to conquer Siberia. The only thing the German region can do is Providing mercenaries to everyone, everyone knows that Washington’s most glorious crossing across the Delaware River was to sneak into a German mercenary camp. The mercenary was selling life to the British and was swept by Washington. Well, the United States must be independent, and the Germans are still giving people as cannon fodder.

When the countries around you are all awakened by national consciousness and united and powerful, Germany will know what to do and know that it will not be treated.

At this point, an awakened Germany began to rise.