Health is better combined with your own body

With the improvement of people’s health awareness, more and more people like to put the word “health” on their lips. In particular, many middle-aged and elderly people are particularly fond of health products and supplements launched by advertisements or dealers. In fact, people and the human body are different, ignoring individual differences, the health effect will be greatly reduced, and even counterproductive.

Modern Chinese medicine divides the individual’s physique into nine types. The health methods applied by people of different physique types are also different. The following is a brief introduction, hoping to help the old people. If you are not able to identify your physique type, you can ask the Chinese medicine practitioner for help.

Peaceful physique – ideal constitution

Signs and expressions Lips are ruddy, hair is dense and shiny, skin is moist, eyes are bright, nose is bright, smell is sensitive, taste is normal, energetic, not easy to fatigue, can withstand cold and heat, sleep well, good appetite Second, it is normal. The character is easy-going and cheerful, not easy to get sick, and has strong adaptability to the natural environment and social environment.

Health should avoid the law of life, all kinds of desires and hobbies should be moderate, not partial eclipse, not picky eaters, eat more grains and fruits and vegetables.

Qi deficiency physique – panting when one moves

Signs and performances are short, lazy, low-sounding, lack of energy, limbs are prone to fatigue, weakness, sweating, dizziness, forgetfulness, pale complexion or pale white, gaze, lip color, pale mouth, red tongue, Fat and tender, can have scallops. Intolerance to wind, cold, heat, dampness, susceptible to colds, visceral droops and other diseases, prone to prolonged illness, slow recovery.

It is advisable to use health-friendly foods such as rice, millet, pumpkin, carrot, yam, jujube, shiitake mushroom, lotus seed, white lentils, soybeans, tofu, chicken, eggs, and eggs. , beef, etc. Try to eat less or not eat foods such as betel nuts and raw radishes. It is not advisable to eat cold, bitter, hot and spicy food.

Qi sturdy physique – sullen and unhappy

Signs and manifestations of insomnia, dreams, forgetfulness, horror, often have a melancholy appearance, look more boring, sensitive, suspicious, chest fullness, two flank pain, or breast pain, or good health, or heating hiccups, Or swallow a foreign body sensation, the stool is dry. The ability to adapt to mental stimuli is poor and does not adapt to rainy weather. Susceptible to stagnation syndrome, neurosis, etc., most of the body weight loss. Lin Daiyu in “Dream of Red Mansions” can be regarded as a typical patient.

Health should avoid drinking tea, coffee and other refreshing drinks before going to bed. Usually eat more grains. On this basis, eat more onions, garlic, kelp, seaweed, radish, kumquat, hawthorn, buckwheat, citrus peel (Chen’s peel), plum, rose and other foods that have the function of qi stagnation and digestion. Should also pay more attention to physical exercise, do more aerobic exercise, increase the body’s righteousness.

Yang physique – summer air blows

Signs and performances are cold, hands and feet are not warm, lips are light, hair is easy to take off, lack of energy, easy to sweat, easy to sleep, tired, hot diet, thin stools, long urine. Summer resistance is not resistant to winter, and it is easy to feel wind, cold and dampness. The character is more than happy, not intriguing, introverted, not happy.

Health should avoid eating more foods such as pork belly, walnuts, chestnuts, etc. Fruits include peaches, grapes, durians, pineapples, longan, lychees, etc. Vegetables include fennel, leeks, etc. Meat includes warm meat such as lamb, beef, and chicken. When cooking, you can add seasonings and warm seasonings such as onions, ginger, pepper, curry, and chili.

Yin deficiency constitution – dry skin always wants to drink water

Signs and expressions of hands and feet heart heat, dry nose and throat, dry mouth Shaojin, like to drink cold drinks, flushing and flushing, dry eyes, dry eyes, blurred vision, slightly dry lips, easy to crack, dizziness, tinnitus, easy insomnia The skin is dry, the urine is short, and the stool is dry. Winter resistant is not resistant to summer, and does not tolerate heat, heat and dryness. It is prone to signs of lack of fluid, such as dry syndrome, constipation and so on.

Health should be appropriate for moderate-intensity physical exercise, such as running, swimming, climbing, etc.; eat more nourishing kidney yin and cool and moist food, such as glutinous rice, eggs, tofu, glutinous rice, etc., eat or eat less fried, spicy Or warm and dry food; don’t stay up late, try your best to quit smoking and drinking.

痰 体 膘 膘 膘 膘 膘 膘 膘 体 体 体 体

Signs and performance facial skin is prone to oil, sweat and sticky, chest tightness, phlegm, yellow complexion and phlegm, eye edema, fatigue, lazy movement, drowsiness, sleepiness, body weight, uncomfortable, sticky or sweet mouth, eat Fat, urinary urination, soft and sticky stool, joint pain, numbness of the skin, women are prone to excessive vaginal discharge. It has poor adaptability to the rainy season and wet weight environment, and is prone to diabetes (diabetes), stroke, and chest.

Health should avoid diet should be light, eat less fat and sweet, sticky, greasy food; less alcohol, it is best not to drink. Eat more vegetables, fruits, such as onions, garlic, seaweed, kelp, melon, radish, kumquat, mustard and other foods.

Bloody physique – rough skin under the skin

Signs and expressions are stagnation, black hair, two eyes are easy to see chloasma or pigmentation, lip color, black around the eyes, wrong skin, can have head, chest, threat, less abdomen or limbs Stinging pain. The skin is dry and rough, easy to get irritated, forgetful, and so on. Tongzi purpura may have sputum, ecchymosis, sublingual varicose veins.

Health should avoid intolerance of cold evil, prone to pain syndrome, blood syndrome and so on. You can eat more brown sugar, yellow wine, peach kernel, hawthorn, safflower and other foods, eat less cold food.

Wet and hot constitution – face acne and mouth

Signs and performance scales shine, easy to produce acne acne, mouth bitter, dry mouth, bad breath, drowsiness, tiredness, slack, red eyes, short red urine, loose stools or skunk and sticky, scrotum wet or under the belt The amount is more than yellow. It is difficult to adapt to the wet weight or high temperature environment, especially the hot and humid steaming climate in late summer and early autumn. Easy to get upset, irritable, susceptible to hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids, carbuncles, jaundice and hot showers.

Health and diet should be light, eat more cold, Ganping food, such as mung beans, spinach, leeks, celery, cucumber, melon, medlar, watermelon and so on. Do not eat spicy and vigorous food, such as hot pepper, ginger, onion, garlic, etc., as well as the big supplement of beef and mutton, dog meat, chicken, venison and other warm and yang food. Avoid eating warm fruits such as lychee, longan, etc., avoid alcohol and take tonic.

Special physique – always have allergies

Physical signs and manifestations are congenital disorders, with physiological defects, allergic reactions, etc. as the main features. Allergic people are common with asthma, wheal, itchy throat, stuffy nose, sneezing, etc.

Health should avoid diet should be light, balanced, appropriate mix of thickness, reasonable compatibility. Avoid eating cold, spicy, fatty greasy and various hair products, such as chicken wings, duck wings, lamb, seafood and so on.


It is common to go to the Internet or newspaper media to introduce acupuncture points that help to maintain health. Indeed, the human body has many acupuncture points, and where the body is uncomfortable, it can be properly beaten and massaged in the uncomfortable area to help relieve discomfort. However, we must remind everyone that each person’s physique is very different. If you want to maintain your health more specifically, you need to formulate a plan according to your personal physique and choose acupuncture points.

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