Good marriage, hidden in the details

The first time I took my girlfriend Wei Wei home, my parents would not be more happy. As soon as Wei Wei entered the door, her mother took Wei Wei’s hand and asked her how long she was. She was sitting next to her and smiling and listening. From time to time, Wei Wei was eating fruits and snacks. The first time Wei Wei saw her in-laws’ nervousness disappeared without a trace.

During the chat, Wei Wei’s clothes were accidentally soiled by the juice. I reached out and helped her with the wet wipes under the coffee table. But I touched most of the grapefruit in my hand. I took it to the coffee table and let Wei Wei eat it, then went again. I took a paper towel and actually touched more than half of the grapefruit. I also took it to the coffee table. Looking at two some dry grapefruits, I frowned and said: “Mom, grapefruit is best to eat one peeling one, both peeling open, can not finish, the water evaporation is not good.” Mother smiled Did not say anything. Instead, my father gave me a look. “Love and eat, there are so many things! Soy sauce is gone, I will go out and buy.” After the father went out.

Wei Wei and I both stunned. I obviously saw that Wei Wei’s relaxed look was tense, and I was also inexplicably confused. “I didn’t say anything, how did it get angry? Wei Wei is still there, a little face Don’t give it.” The mother saw Vivi’s nervousness and my dissatisfaction, and said with a smile: “Your dad is shy.” I and Wei Wei looked at her mother with a blank face.

The mother said with some pride: “I especially like to eat grapefruit, but the fruit of grapefruit is not easy to pick. I often buy sour and bitter. When your dad buys sweet pomelo, he will follow the fruit stall to learn grapefruit. Even if So, occasionally you will buy sour and bitter. Later, your dad buys two or three grapefruits every time, first peeling one, if it is sweet, give it to me, then eat and then peel another. If it is If you are bitter, he will peel the other, so that I can eat sweet pomelo almost every time. He gives me the sweet pomelo. He eats sour and bitter, and he goes to the fire in the name. You taste it, is it right? A sweet, a bitter one.”

I and Wei Wei tasted two peeled grapefruits with curiosity. It was indeed sweet and bitter. Wei Wei was envious of the surprise, and at the same time looked at me meaningfully. Ok! I admit that I am far from being so considerate and careful. At this moment, the father came back, but did not take the soy sauce bottle in his hand, he said slyly: “I remembered, there is soy sauce in the house!” Then I went into the kitchen. I and Wei Wei have a smirk of “You have already been exposed.”

My father was a chef, and soon the dishes that were full of flavor and flavor were put on a big table. Wei Wei’s adoration of his father and his envy of his mother were all passed on to me with his eyes, and Wei Wei was also passed over. The complaint, “How is the gap between the father and the son so big!” I quickly gave Wei Wei a dish to hide my guilty conscience.

The family had finished eating the meal. After dinner, Wei Wei and I rushed to brush the bowl, but were pushed out by the mother. Wei Wei and I sat in the living room watching TV and heard my father say, “You go out too, I will brush.” ​​The mother said: “So many bowls, brush it together!” Father said: “Not enough for you to add chaos!” Mother Said: “Hey, then I stand this and supervise you.”…

Wei Wei was too envious to speak. After brushing the bowl, we sat in the living room and chatted. After a while, my father was called by the neighbor’s uncle to play chess. As soon as the father left, Wei Wei said with excitement: “Auntie, tell me about your love story with your uncle.” The mother blushes and says, “Hey love is not love, live!” “In the end, it was not the soft and hard foam of Wei Wei, and the mother opened the voice.”

The father is a chef, the mother has no job, and the two introduce themselves through acquaintances. It is not long before the father knows how to get to the mother’s house. After half a year, the two get married. After the marriage, the father not only gave the mother a lot of salary, but also often helped the mother to do housework. My mother likes to eat braised pork, and her father often gives it to her.

After a half year, my father came home from work and got a car accident. His left leg was seriously injured. After treatment, although he did not have to be abducted, he could still walk and limping. The perpetrators only got 10,000 yuan in compensation, and the owner of the father’s restaurant gave him a month’s salary and sent him home.

The father went to several hotels to apply for it, but the restaurant owner refused when he saw the lame father. Without a source of income, the father had to retreat from the house rented in the town and return to his hometown with his mother. But the old family has only two acres of thin fields, the mother can only go out to work, the mother should hire a garment factory to be a female worker. The father planted the land at home and took all the housework. When the villagers saw it, they advised his father. “How dare you let your wife go out to work? You are like this, be careful that she ran with the people outside.” Father ignored it.

Although parents save money, the days are still stretched. Mother is tired of returning home at the factory every day and does not want to talk. It is said that the poor couples are mourning, and the embarrassing life makes the love between parents disappear a little. The mother’s tiredness and her mother’s persuasion, “I still have no children, divorce and then marry, even if I am married, I can make money.” The mother began to shake, this day when she could not hope, she was afraid. The father loves her, but she can’t eat it.

Two months later, the neighbor’s uncle’s son got married, and at his own wedding party, the uncle let his father be a chef. There is a custom in the village. After the wedding banquet, the owner (who is called the owner of the village) will thank the chef and promise to give a cigarette a thank-you. But this time the father didn’t want to smoke, but asked the owner for a big bowl of braised pork. He said that my wife is good. The villagers laughed at his fear of his wife, but he did not care.

But that night, the mother made up her mind to ask her father for a divorce. The mother specially bought vegetables and wine and bought a box of cigarettes for her father. When the mother just returned home, the father took the mother’s bag and hung it on the wall, helped the mother take off her shoes, prepared the mother to wash her face, and then happily told her that she had a good meal tonight. The mother sighed in her heart. “What can be delicious, but it is braised potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc.” Since the seldom bought meat, the father braised all the braised, to please the mother.

My mother’s thoughts at this moment are all about how to organize the language and the father’s divorce. At this time, the father came to a large bowl of steaming braised pork. The mother stunned and asked her father where the money came. The father smiled and said: “Today, the chef thanked the chef, I didn’t want smoke, smoking was bad for the body, and I was eating hot.” The mother looked at the honest father, and he broke into a military. He burst into tears and just organized the rhetoric. A bowl of braised pork is played in a mess.

The mother knows that his father especially loves to smoke. Since his leg was injured, his father repeatedly lowered the standard and quantity of cigarettes. Later, he basically did not buy cigarettes. Others gave a cigarette like a treasure. Every time he smoked, he didn’t burn it. Willing to throw it away. But this time, my father used a cigarette to exchange a large bowl of braised pork for her mother.

Looking at the tearful mother, my father was at a loss. “What’s wrong, what is wronged, you have to be wronged and you don’t go to work.”… That night, the mother and father talked for a long time. The father can feel the mother’s coldness to him during this time. He said to his mother: “If you want to get a divorce, take the 10,000 yuan compensation, so that your days will be better.”

Recalling the braised pork that the father exchanged with the smoke, listening to his father’s heartfelt words, the mother decided to turn around after a few months of divorce determination, there is such a good man, and the bitter days are sweet. Since then, the mother has dispelled the idea of ​​divorce.

My father has been thinking about doing something business during this time. Some people working in the village on the construction site suggested that he go to sell lunch. The father felt good and bought a tricycle and pots and pans and sold the lunch. My father’s lunch is cheap and delicious, and is very popular with workers. In order to reduce costs, the father planted vegetables in his home. The father got up early to cook, sold at noon, and returned to the house to fertilize in the afternoon. The father’s business is getting better and better, and the mother resigns and sells lunch with him.

Gradually, the people in the village are looking for a special banquet for the wedding, from the ingredients to the table and chair tableware are the responsibility of the contractor, the owner is only responsible for providing the venue, which is not only more convenient than the hotel’s benefits. The father felt that this was a business opportunity. He bought table and chair utensils with the savings of selling lunch boxes, hired several people, and started a wedding contractor.

Father contracted the wedding banquet, affordable, delicious, very popular. Through the word of mouth of neighbors, the people near the village also asked their father to hold a wedding reception. Usually, when there is no wedding banquet, parents will still go to sell lunch. After I was born, my mother took care of me at home full time, and my father worked hard to make money. A family of three, the days are booming.

A few years later, the father and mother went to the city to rent a store, opened a restaurant, and hired two waiters. The father is responsible for cooking, and his father is worried that his mother is tired and only asks her mother to collect cash. My father has a good business and a good business. After I graduated from college, my parents have bought two suites. The mother said: “When you are married, your father said to sell the hotel and take me out to travel and live our old age.”

Wei Wei and I have already moved my eyes. The father came back to see us still chatting, laughing and saying: “Today I will give you my specialty, braised pork.” I and Wei Wei, my mother laughed, but with tears in my smile.

That night, I was unable to sleep. I started to live in junior high school. I only knew that my parents rarely quarreled, but never noticed the details of so much love. Recently, the feeling of rituals is particularly popular. They all say that marriage should have a sense of ritual. But the mother never knows what it means to be a ceremonial feeling. She has confiscated the roses and diamond rings sent by her father for a lifetime, but the bowl of braised pork, sweet grapefruit, wind and rain The love of rain for decades is the best sense of ritual in their marriage, and these are enough to accompany her through the difficult years, accompanying her and her father to grow old.

It turns out that a good marriage is hidden in the details.