Germany will revoke the “residence vacation” refugee qualification

Germany says “no” to Syrian refugees returning to their homes! According to the German “Stuttgart News” reported on the 19th, German Interior Minister Zehoofer said on the 18th that Germany will revoke the eligibility of refugees who frequently return to Syria for private reasons such as vacation.

According to data from the German Federal Immigration and Refugee Board, Germany has received approximately 1.8 million refugees since the outbreak of the refugee crisis in the summer of 2015. Among them, Syria is the largest source of German refugee groups. In recent years, nearly 780,000 Syrians have taken refuge in Germany.

In accordance with the relevant European laws and regulations, in general, refugees are not allowed to leave countries where they have taken refuge, and even mobile areas have provisions. However, a survey conducted by the Syrian-born journalist Muhammad Rabbi, the most widely published newspaper in Germany, found that Syrian refugees in Europe are now returning to their home country in groups to visit acquaintances, friends or relatives. . Vacation time is generally more than 30 days. This situation is most prominent in Germany, Switzerland and Norway.

Germany even has a one-stop service for Syrian refugees to return home. This service is provided by German Arab travel companies such as Nakha and Al-Outom. The total price is about 800 Euro (about 6,250 RMB), including airfare to Lebanon, Iran or Turkey, bribery across the border. The money required by the border guards, as well as the cost of the documents and the tolls for taking the bus.

Gina (a pseudonym), 38, currently lives in Bavaria, Germany. She came to Germany in 2015 and since then she has returned to Syria twice. “I stayed for two months and went on vacation,” she said. “Looking at my three children.” Some young refugees are still posting photos of their vacation in Syria on Twitter, Facebook and other accounts.

In this regard, the reporter Muhammad Rabbi said that many so-called refugees returning to China have never been subjected to political persecution. He even speculated that many of these people are supporters of the Syrian Bashar government. German media said that after qualifying for asylum in Germany, these refugees immediately enjoyed the equivalent of the unemployed in Germany, including living expenses, free furniture and basic clothing, and renting houses for free and enjoying free medical care.

German Interior Minister Zehoofer stressed in an interview with the German “Pictorial” on Sunday that once the Federal Immigration and Refugee Board learned that a refugee had traveled to his country of origin, a review would be initiated immediately to determine whether it should be revoked. Refugee status in Germany.

German Interior Ministry spokesman Bamf said that in the first half of this year, the authorities have passed the review process to revoke the refugee status of 62,000 people, including nearly 40,000 Syrians. The reasons for the withdrawal of refugee status in the above cases vary. It is reported that the Federal Immigration and Refugee Board has conducted an investigation into refugees returning home to verify whether they are still facing threats in the country of origin and thus confirm whether they still need to be granted asylum in Germany.