From time to time

From the squid to the life of the people, the most valuable life is the life that keeps the creativity and the life that does not follow the trend.

Japanese friends took me to visit the aquarium in Hokkaido, the most detailed of which is the squid.

Listening to friends said that Hokkaido is rich in squid, and the Japanese are also addicted to squid, and they are fascinated by the squid. In order to eat squid all year round, the Japanese have developed many methods of collecting squid: thin salt, thick salt, smoked…

Because squid is cheap and good, it can be said to be the most common fish used in sushi and sashimi.

The friend said: “Salmon is generally cheap, but it is also divided into many grades. The highest level of squid is even more than the black cockroach with the name ‘black gold’. It is called ‘red gold. The squid’s grade is divided into several grades. The second best squid is the fish caught in the open sea at the beginning of the returning season. At this time, the squid is dripping and not worn. The third best squid is the fish caught in the estuary. These squid have been damaged. Some of the vitality, the meat began to age; the fourth best squid is fish caught in the river, not yet fertilized, their strength has been spent more than half; the worst carp is the fish that have already produced eggs, waiting for death. ”

The friend sold the Guan and said: “The best squid is called ‘from time to time, that is, the fish that does not go home according to the season. I heard that this kind of fish, which is free in the heart and does not move with the fish, is the most delicious.”

“From time to time!” What a beautiful name! The squid, which does not have a pendulum and free will, as time goes by, is Einstein, Feynman, Shakespeare, Mozart in the squid… Of course, its value is more than the same.

We then went to see the magnificent river where the squid returned to the countryside, and the river was dyed bright red, reminding me of Vancouver in Canada many years ago, I have seen similar scenes, and the two overlaps remind me of some strange thinking:

Why is the bloody maple tree always growing along the river where the squid returns?

Why is there a big bear in the place where the squid returns home to stop the return of the squid?

Why no matter how the environment changes, how does the river change, and the squid must return home on time? Entering a killing on time?

If the squid can change some time, change some space, and change some methods of returning home, can it be saved?

There must be some squid sensitive to thinking, not willing to obey the fate, so they become “from time to time” and become the prodigal son of the squid.

Children who are embarrassed from time to time will also become embarrassed from time to time. Over time, they should be able to change the fate of certain squid! It’s like Edison, Henry Ford, Wright Brothers, and Franklin, changing human life.

From the squid to the life of the people, the most valuable life is the life that keeps the creativity and the life that does not follow the trend.