Fasting is a kind of surgery that realizes life

What is the record of fasting the rule of law?

The earliest clinical case of fasting therapy in the historical literature records can be said to be the Arab medical scientist Evansina (980-1037), his “medical paradigm”, how to let patients fast for a month, during which they encourage walking, gymnastics, sun exposure And massage, so all kinds of ills, difficult and complicated diseases are not cured.

Modern German medical scientist Felix Hoffman (1660-1742) asked patients to fasting and healed stroke, stomach ulcers, gout, scurvy, rheumatism, various skin diseases, etc. He insisted that “fasting is the most A great treatment.”

To a modern, mainstream Western medicine generally ignored the relationship between diet and health, ignorance of fasting, is fortunate to have individual medical experts against all the odds, such as the mid-19th century there was John · are Yi Boshi scientifically study the efficacy of fasting, so that the Western medical community Pay attention to the importance of fasting.

The famous American writer , Upton Sinkeria, had suffered two serious illnesses for the first time, 11 days for the first time, 8 days for the first time, and he returned to a healthy life. Then he published the book “Dieting Therapy” in 1911. note.

Another doctor, F. Giggsell, also published The Fasting Therapy in 1914, reporting successful examples of clinical treatment.

In the United States , Dr. Harvard Coleton founded the fasting therapy hospital in Texas in 1920. He used fasting as the main treatment method and healed 50,000 patients with various symptoms.

In the Middle East and India, it is common to use fasting to cure diseases.

The Japanese have also been used to fasting since ancient times. The famous novelist Murai Zhaizhai made a one-week long-term fasting in 1919 and 30 days in 1920, which cured the ill-health and published “Breakfast Therapy” as a testimony. During the period of 1919-1921, Dr. Imai Kasuke of the law had made several fastings, healed the bronchial asthma that had been ill for a long time, and sensationalized the country, making the Japanese more confident to use fasting to cure the disease.

In Hong Kong, green people and groups advocated fasting in the 1990s. The Hong Kong Vegetarian Society held its first fasting camp in 1995, which helped many people to get a good harvest in all aspects of their bodies and minds. It has been held more than 40 times so far.


What is fasting?

Fasting means voluntarily not eating solid food for a certain period of time.

Some fasting methods do not drink even other drinks, only drink water. Some fasting methods do not drink even water.

Is fasting a “fasting” or “fasting”?


“Fasting food” means to be happy and proactive, and stop eating, especially solid food, in order to let the body and mind recuperate.

“Hunger hunger” means passive protest and expression, and is a means of confrontation.

“Fasting” is mainly for spiritual and religious reasons (including “fasting fast” according to the canon). “Fasting” is a plan to selectively eat certain foods and be more active.

What is the fasting?

Fasting is an act that actively and strategically uses natural methods to achieve certain physical and mental goals.

The environment of food shortage and famine is not fasting. It is forced to stop eating without choice. There is no subjective choice. The protest “hunger strike” is not to improve the state of mind and body, but it is often a negative expression, so it is not a fasting.

How many types of fasting?

According to the method of implementation, fasting can be divided into:

Half -fast – During the period, only half of the food on weekdays is eaten, mainly for simplicity.

Water decisively food (Fruit the FAST) – During eating certain fruits, do not eat solid food.

Fresh off vegetable juice (Juice the FAST) – not eating solid foods during, drink vegetable juice.

Soup fast (soup fast) – do not eat solid food during the period, only drink soup and tea.

Fresh off the water (Water the FAST) – a period not eating solid foods, drink water.

Absolute fast – no water during the period.

According to the length of the period, fasting can be divided into:

Short-term fasting —- 1-3 days

Mid-term fasting —- 4-10 days

Long-term fasting — more than 10 days.

How to choose the fasting method?

* Don’t be greedy, you must step forward. Only one or two days can be done for the first time. With experience and confidence, do more. Start with a simple (for example, fruit or fruit juice fasting).

* It is best to do it regularly, for example on the first day of the month or every other weekend.

* Consider factors such as your situation, lifestyle, physical health, and environmental weather.

* Pay attention to the body’s message and trust intuition.

What are the physiological benefits of fasting?

Every disease is getting better and better – the stomach is fully rested, the body enters a very operational state, the mechanism of self-healing is fully activated, and the functions of automatic organ repair and automatic recovery of the body (blood pressure, body weight, blood sugar, body heat, etc.) are exerted. To accelerate the recovery of patients of all sizes, especially stones, hemorrhoids, tumors, gastrointestinal diseases, skin diseases, sensitivities, liver diseases, diabetes, lupus erythematosus, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, colds, fever, etc.

Rejuvenation, prolonged life – the process of cell aging in the body can be slowed down, so that the organs and organs operate normally, naturally, energetically angry, and some of the aging functions return to the state of puberty; for example, visual hearing improvement. Every time you break fast, you will increase your life.

The appearance is white and bright – the intestines are cleaned, the fat extracted from the body also releases the stored stolen goods. The skin looks cleaner, rosy and radiant after fasting, and various ecchymoses, acne and acne are gradually eliminated. And other sores are getting better and better, and the attraction is greatly increased.

Slimming and losing weight – 1 lb of fat is burned daily in clear water. Half-fasting, broth and tea breaks also consume the equivalent fat in the body, which is often very effective for losing weight. More importantly, fasting on the one hand changes the function of the digestive system, so that the sputum in the stomach is well removed, and then operates in a healthier and more normal way, such as the volume of the stomach that has been abnormally expanded to recover the proper volume, during absorption and digestion. On the other hand, after the experience of fasting and changes in physical function, psychologically reduce the desire for gluttony. From then on, the eating habits are unconsciously changed, the weight is reduced, and the harmful diet is no longer indulged. advantageous.

Improve immune function – stronger body resistance, reduced risk for large and small patients, increased confidence in healthy living.

Reducing obsessive-compulsive addiction – during the fasting period, the physical function of the body becomes natural, the physical and mental pressure is reduced, and various demons (especially tobacco and alcohol) are reduced, taking the opportunity to quit bad habits.

What are the emotional and emotional benefits of fasting?

Sleep improvement – sleep well first sleep, although there will be intermittent emotional fluctuations during fasting, the body will produce a calming effect, making the mood more peaceful. Plus the detoxification effect feels lazy, so sleepiness increases, and the whole person gets a full rest. Another reason for no longer losing sleep is that we often eat too much, too late, food is too difficult to digest, too much MSG, too much caffeine, so sleep well. During the fasting period, due to the recovery of the body’s function, the stolen goods are cleared. After the feeding period, the blood circulation is smooth, the garbage in the blood is reduced, the brain gets more oxygen, the function of thinking is greatly improved, and the analysis of things is particularly good.

Inspirational and creative explosions – the function of the right brain during the fasting period is often played, and it is often imaginative. Every time there is the creativity of the pen, writing, artistic creation, solving problems, etc., there are occasional achievements.

Unleash the inner negative archives – during the fasting period, as the waste of the body’s material washes off and washes away, the sediments of our long-term storage are suppressed, and the ideas, messages, and memories that have historically been unwilling to face and cannot be deleted are gradually released. Often include terror experience, hatred, guilt, anger, etc.

What are the spiritual benefits of fasting?

The benefits of spiritual repairs have increased greatly . During the fasting period, the body gradually purifies, and it is easy to relax. The thoughts are simultaneously purified and relaxed. So, the spirit of “labor” qigong, yoga, meditation, prayer, self-hypnosis, etc., is more acute than usual. The energy emitted is more powerful and the effect of doing gas therapy is often better.

Get through the heavens and the earth to make the world come together – especially feel that you are close to the origin of the universe (God, Creator, etc.), blending and combining with the creation of things, and experience the only sublimation and transcendence of things, but only by nature. Do not urge to force.

Why does fasting not only benefit yourself?

On the surface, one person fasts “one person to do things as one person” and “honor and disgrace to stop his body”. The fact is that we are born into the world. Every thought is inevitably producing a butterfly effect, affecting heaven, underground, and beings. The re-shock and chain reaction effect of thousands of years. When we get the progress of the body and mind (as described above), our thoughts and deeds will only be more positive and compassionate. All the behaviors in life have unwittingly benefited all beings.

At the metaphysical level, our “quietness”, that is, the collective consciousness of entering the universe, is like opening up the accounts of the banking accounts registered by millions of people all over the world, on the one hand, freely extracting everyone’s merits (this can Understand why during the fasting period, especially the enlightenment and the so-called “extraordinary function” power, on the one hand, it is not difficult to account for their good business (this can explain why you feel the meditation).

The realm of life is renewed. Since we have gained the above experience, we have gained enlightenment, confidence, determination, and courage through the action of fasting, and we are no longer confused, we can understand the truth and know what to do.

Why is fasting a life consciousness?

Fasting is not only an act, but a re-understanding of life and a new understanding of the arrangement of creation.

When you are fasting, you are challenging the mainstream cultural beliefs of the current big mistakes, you are re-ordering the value of life (and then oriented for the goal of life, positioning the role of life). Every time you break fast, you will strengthen your enlightenment.

The reason is simple: when you are fasting, the people around you always say that you are stupid, ignorant, meaningless, and dangerous; even professionals who should understand the truth (health care workers) are the same, they are more consistent and high-profile opposition.

The following are the facts that we have experienced the food that we have personally experienced:

There is no such thing as a creature on earth that is full and eats every day.

On the contrary, from the largest lion tiger to the smallest spider, shrimp and crab, sometimes they are full and sometimes eat half full (some days and months) without eating (or even drinking).

Moreover, when they are injured, sick, or have a bad environment, they must stop eating automatically.

This is the program installed in the early days of God’s creation design. They are born to know that although in order to survive, it is possible to eat as much as possible when eating, but in order to survive, it is necessary to stop eating sometimes.

Only human beings who are self-proclaimed as the spirit of all things have developed a gray civilization (a collective living culture that violates the natural way). One mistake is wrong: the meal is full, and it is full every day; do not want to eat, do not need to eat, should not eat Time, eat and eat too much, eat too much, eat wrong; eat as an important part of life (to live for food, not to eat for living).

What should you pay attention to when you are fasting?

Do not eat too much three days before fasting.

Do not drink too sweet, too salty, any foods containing oil, protein, and starch during fasting.

Do not eat and drink when you are fasting. You should only eat a small amount of solid food, and the stomach will slowly cater to new eating habits and new food intake.

During the fasting period, there are unusual feelings in the physiological, emotional and spiritual aspects. It is a normal phenomenon of detoxification and repair process, and it is also indifferent.

Feeling hungry during the fasting period is often a psychological effect, and it is easy to accept when used to it.

18 effects of the valley

1, detoxification, clearing the intestines, human diseases, many are caused by harmful substances in the human body environment; sometimes the human body stays as much as ten kilograms, staying on the wall of the large intestine for a long time, both Chinese and Western medicine treat constipation as a disease The root of it. To cure a disease, you must first clear your stool. However, it is not possible to enema and take laxatives to remove them. Only by using fasting therapy, it is effective to do a “cleaning” of the whole body and thoroughly clear the “warehouse”. After a week of fasting, the sputum will be completely discharged.

2. After sweeping, it not only enhances the absorption of the stomach, but also improves the efficiency of the digestive system, and the nutrient absorption is also vigorous. The disease naturally heals and the body naturally strengthens. Feces are the most filthy things, such as a large accumulation, the evil gas coming out of the lungs is asthma, excretion from the skin is eczema. Long-term self-poisoning, nervousness, mental fatigue, and easy to have headaches, back pain, fatigue, insomnia and allergies. Professor Kawakami experimented and found that the right intestine was occluded, causing right cerebral hemorrhage. The left intestine is occluded, causing a left cerebral hemorrhage. The occlusion of the transverse colon will cause the corpus callosum of the left and right brain to swell and form a mental abnormality.

3. The valley is a magic weapon for slimming, and it has a magical effect on weight loss. Normal people store rich fat, and after the grain is turned, fat can be converted into energy. Calculated by 1,500 kilocalories per person per day, it can usually be enough for three months, and obese people can reach about one year. Five days before the trough, the weight loss was the most obvious, with an average of 1-2 kg per day; after 5 days, the average daily reduction was 0.5-1 kg; after 10 days, 0.3-0.5 kg. When the weight is reduced to 40% of the original weight, about 40 days, it is not dangerous. The gluten therapy is generally 6-20 days and relatively safe. After losing weight, it will never become a lost peach, a face, and wrinkles. On the contrary, the muscles are strong, the skin is smooth, the white is red, and the face is bright. Why can you lose weight? This is mainly after the human body enters the stagnation of the valley (especially the whole dignitary), and the special congenital suffocation method (equivalent to the bonfire of the Tantric practice)

4. Stimulate the body’s pure yang, first melt the polysaccharide fat, and then melt the weakened or diseased proteins , such as tumors, polyps, cancerous cells, etc.; and then melt the systemic secretion pipeline, especially the blood and blood attached to the blood vessels. Clots and dirt. The use and burning of these viruses, wastes, and fats is medically known as “self-melting.” This is the scientific basis for the ability to lose weight and prevent disease and cure. And it will be able to force the body’s cold, wet, phlegm, stagnation and other toxic gases and various diseases to eliminate the hidden diseases of the lesions and diseases.

5. The way of beauty: Why does the grain loss not become a “wrinkled skin mandarin”, but instead become a bodybuilder, radiant? This is because the blood vessels of the human body are unblocked. Last year, the World Health Organization announced that one in four deaths in 2001 was due to vascular disease. The blood vessels of the human body are connected by large and small, and have a quarter of the length of the earth to the moon. The “self-melting” of the valley, melts the fat and cholesterol and proliferating substances attached to the inner wall of the blood vessel, and condenses the blood in the blood, diluting the blood, softening the atherosclerotic blood vessels, and making the blood vessels unobstructed. The blood of the human body has become more purified and more refined. The face is wrinkled due to ischemia, the blood flow is not smooth, and the blood stagnates and produces spots. Therefore, the blood is strong, the blood is wrinkled, the blood is spotted, the blood is slippery, and the blood is white and red. This is also the scientific basis for the beauty of the valley.

6. Self-melting, purifying blood, softening blood vessels: During the valley, it will consume and utilize weakened and diseased tissues, such as tumors and attachments. The combustion process of this waste utilization is medically called “self-melting.” After the valley is turned, the catabolism of the substance is relatively accelerated, and the thrombus in the blood vessel wall is easily dissolved to make the blood flow smoothly. The lipids deposited in the intima of the arteries are also resolved. The blood vessels are soft, pure, healthy, and smooth. The high-quality arterial blood brought by the red blood is transported to all organs and cells of the body, and the organs are maintained. Make each organ healthy and sublimate. The blood vessels pass through the veins, taking away the viruses of various organs and cells of the whole body, reducing the storage time of the virus in the body, purifying the organs, reducing the disease and enhancing the vitality. Detoxification and blood nourishment are obtained in all organs of the body, and the arterial wall is softened, which is beneficial to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

7. Increase immunity, anti-cancer: Modern medical research has confirmed that there are mobile phagocytic cells and fixed phagocytic cells in both humans and animals. The important function of these two kinds of cells is to extinguish the pathogenic bacteria invading the human body. The implementation of the gluten therapy can enhance the vitality of the phagocytic cells and exert a function of more than 1.5 times the usual capacity. At this time, many invading germs can be eliminated in time to avoid human diseases. After 3-5 days in the valley, the excitability of the nervous system is obviously enhanced, and the metabolic mode of the systemic cells is also developing in a direction favorable to survival. Once you enter the feeding period, you will suddenly have a rebuttal and renew your life. Cancer cells are afraid of being hungry, afraid of heat, and anaerobic. Therefore, they like to absorb nutrients in an oxygen-deficient environment to grow themselves. And the valley helps to consume excess body fat, cut off the nutrient channels on which cancer cells depend, and meet the energy needs of normal cells. Therefore, after a period of time, the blood circulation will become better, and blood and yang can be transported to various tissues to inhibit the growth of cancer cells. From the physiology of frogs, snakes, bears and other hibernating animals – these hibernating animals do not ingest any food at all for hibernation and fasting in the winter, they not only do not die, but invisibly enhance their resistance, which It is the instinct of their health and longevity.

8. Rehabilitation of chronic diseases: the valley can stimulate the potential energy of the human body and strengthen the vitality of the phagocytic cells. After the blood purification, the organs are raised and the immunity is improved. Therefore, the gluten therapy has a good effect on more than one hundred kinds of chronic diseases. Eastern natural therapy solves problems: breathing, guiding, troughing, sitting, swallowing.

9. Chinese medicine, meditation and practice can regulate the following symptoms: detoxification, weight loss, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, general mild heart disease: diabetes, lung disease, asthma, ulcers, diarrhea and constipation, acute kidney inflammation, Colitis, osteophytes, peritonitis, syphilis, gonorrhea, gynecological diseases, vaginal discharge, yellow belt, epilepsy, smoking cessation, detoxification, abstinence from alcohol and alcoholism, gynecological fallopian tube cancer, ovarian inflammation, uterine fibroids, infertility, arteries Sclerosis, kidney disease, suppurative paranasal sinusitis, gastroptosis, nervousness, hyperacidity, Barthel’s disease, rheumatism, neuropathy, neurasthenia, white internal organs, glaucoma, acne, age spots, liver cancer, dark spots, laryngitis , vocal cord itching, bowel cancer, stomach cancer, multi-year heart disease, emphysema, type B virus, undifferentiated carcinoma of the parotid gland, hepatitis, lung cancer, severe adhesion caused by large-area radiotherapy (appearing chemotherapy due to lung cancer), treatment of cancer Chemotoxic side effects, primary metaphase cancer, breast lumps, senile chronic bronchitis, asthma, jaundice hepatitis, chyluria, nocturnal emission, senile impotence, prostate disease Bladder disease, nephritis edema, tooth bleeding, gallstones, coronary heart disease, arthritis, menopausal syndrome, cardiovascular disease, hyperlipidemia, leukemia, hunger (granulation), white blood cells, thrombocytopenia, Parkinson’s disease , low back pain, frozen shoulder, diarrhea, progressive muscular dystrophy, spasticity, sciatica, bone hyperplasia, spinal injury, leg weakness, purpura, rubella, eczema, urticaria, cold, night sweats , sweating, lumps, promoting wound healing, treating wounds, malignant skin diseases, edema, hemorrhoids, cough, lung dust, chills, blood clots, colon polyps, multiple aphthous ulcers, colds, convulsions, hyperactivity, Irritable, depressed, autistic, auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, illusions, deep thoughts of stagnation, confusion of thoughts, etc.

10. Visceral rest and rest: ordinary people three meals plus snacks, excessive diet greatly increase the burden of digestion and absorption of the stomach; at the same time to support the gastrointestinal blood supply, the heart accelerates the beat; for the oxygen supply heart, the lungs accelerate breathing; for the decomposition of sugar, the pancreas should be supplied A large amount of insulin; in order to break down fat, the liver should supply a large amount of bile, detoxification; the kidney should filter urea, uric acid, heavy metals and other wastes; similarly, the transmission burden of Liuqi is also aggravated, and after the valley is turned, the internal organs are well rehabilitated and rehabilitated. The period has greatly improved the function of the dirty operation.

11. Longevity: Comprehensive effects such as blood purification, bowel cleansing, increased immunity, increased viscera function, etc. Dr. Ma Kai, an American nutritionist, found that mice fasted for two days a week, were not susceptible to cancer, and their lifespan was doubled. Observing the animal kingdom is not difficult to find, the great beasts such as tigers, lions, overeating, eating too much, their life is not long, and like snakes, turtles, etc., life does not consume much food, but its life is It is quite impressive and can survive for hundreds of years.

12. nourish the mind, develop wisdom: the spleen and stomach need no supply of blood during the valley, which will make them more acute, so the brain can receive extra purified blood and nutrients, providing peripheral nerves such as sight, smell and taste. The toxic waste that blocks the brain is also cleared, so the mind is clear, the mind is sensitive, the senses are sharper, and the memory and energy are doubled. Many celebrities who need to make public speeches often have a habit: before the important speech, after the important speech, Eat again.

13. Effective prevention of global germs: There are endless viruses in the world today, such as SARS, mad cow disease, bird flu, swine flu, influenza, etc. If people can master the technology of raising the valley, the immunity of the human body can be prevented. And starve all kinds of germs. It can be seen that the valley has deep meaning in human diseases, health and health care.

14. Dealing with disasters: In the case of disasters, if an earthquake occurs, houses or mines collapse, and people buried in the rubble and in the ruins will win valuable time for rescue if they master the law of the valley. In terms of food shortages (for whatever reason), if people master the methods of cultivating the valley, they can help overcome the difficulties and escape the famine. (such as the disasters of the past three years, the disasters that have occurred around the world today).

15. Spiritual strength: It can enhance memory, deepen understanding, enhance willpower, cultivate endurance, full of courage, desire of will, enhance self-confidence, distinguish between light and heavy, informal, open-minded and open-minded.

16. High-level cultivation: the valley is the only way to the higher level of cultivation; the role of the transformation, the adjustment of interest, and the adjustment of the heart, if it can persist, will keep the inner clean and empty in the awkward society, Helping to absorb the energy of the universe, after a certain time, it will also help to develop the potential of life, make people mentally detached, sublimate the soul, develop the hidden special functions of the human body, and comprehend the high-level realm of life.

17. Earth’s environmental protection: Assume that the world’s 6 billion people, one-tenth of the people have mastered the technology of cultivating cereals, one day a week, the meat, vegetables, and fruits add up to one person (one day for food) It will save more than tens of billions of pounds. How much natural gas, gas, and electricity are used each year. Thereby reducing the damage of the atmosphere and climate, and reducing the waste (plastic bags, sewage, etc.) generated during the production of food, saving resources and improving the environment. Especially at present, the natural environment is getting worse and worse, and the significance is so great.

18. Misfortunes and transformations : natural disasters and man-made disasters are inevitable, accumulating yin and eliminating karma: during the valley, the heart turns to the heart, and the troubles turn to Bodhicitta. According to Buddhism, the karma will not disappear, but the power of karma will be alleviated. Not so fast to breed results! During the period of the valley, the killing industry was reduced, the food was saved, and the yin was accumulated, so the karma could be eliminated.