Facebook’s new feature: reminding Americans that there are “gunmen nearby”

Social media plays an important role in delivering information and can be an effective platform for the government to communicate emergency messages. From this Tuesday, the US social platform Facebook has joined the emergency alert tool in the United States. In the event of extreme weather, shooting incidents and other emergencies, users can receive Facebook alerts directly.

Over the past year, Facebook has tested this “alarm tool” in some cities. Today, the company is providing this tool to “first responders” of emergencies such as local governments, police and emergency responders, so that users in specific areas can understand the potential threats they face as early as possible. Facebook users can receive alerts by focusing on the local city government, the emergency response department, and the “first responder” page.

“When the government labeled some news as ‘local alarms, we drastically increased the scope of these messages so that people living in the incident knew the dangers in the first place,” Facebook said. At present, the police and relevant departments have used this alert function to inform the public of a variety of emergency messages, including floods, forced evacuations, missing persons, ongoing shootings, road closures, blizzards, extreme temperature warnings and bomb threats.

To test the effectiveness of the tool, Facebook surveyed 2,000 users who noticed local alerts, and 73% said they did not receive similar warnings in other channels before receiving these alerts. In addition, Facebook has enabled a feature that “reports peace” in natural disasters, mass shootings, or other emergencies, sending users a message asking if they are safe.

According to the report, some experts analyzed that national alarms should work. A key premise is that Facebook will not interrupt service in an emergency, but this social networking site has been apparent in March, April, July and August this year. Server failure. If Facebook wants to position itself as a communication tool that users can rely on in an emergency, it needs to do more to ensure that people don’t fail when they need it most.

In some European cities, tourists are accused of ruining urban hygiene. In Berlin, Germany, tourists began to clean up the garbage with the locals. According to the “European News Network” reported on the 27th, Berlin, Germany and a local tourism company jointly launched a plan to organize tourists to clean up the garbage in the park, in return, visitors will

Get free guided tours, souvenirs and picnics. More than 70 tourists recently wore colorful vests, put on gloves and hold garbage bags, and cleaned the rubbish in the Memorial Park at the famous site Berlin Wall Ruins. Before the start of the cleaning work, the free guided tour takes visitors to the ruins of the Berlin Wall. In an hour, the participants had a deeper understanding of the life of the former democratic Germans.

According to the report, some participants were surprised by the amount of garbage they found in Berlin. “Berlin is much more dirty than other European cities,” exclaimed a Brazilian woman who participated in the event. “I don’t understand why people throw litter everywhere. We will pick up the rubbish we saw on the beach and take it with us. This is a common practice.”