Don’t be fooled by false “physical examinations”

Some people have an analogy. Regular physical examination is the first line of defense to protect their own health. It is a qualitative leap in ideology that completely abandons the shackles and avoids the old concept. However, the new concept encounters the old tricks – the lawless people who have lost the moral bottom line, have not stopped the embarrassment of the public medical examination, the falsification means to upgrade, the pattern renovation, many people unfortunately ignorant of being cheated, but do not know. What is even more worrying is that the deception of private medical examination centers has a tendency to erode to the first, second and third hospitals. Physical examination and counterfeiting has become an urgent and serious social problem related to the health of the whole people.

Physical examination, a common and plain medical term, but it brings people’s regrets and thoughts is quite heavy. The following set of cold numbers is enough to make our minds tremble and ponder.

Every year, we find 1.6 million cancer patients and 1.3 million deaths. Nearly 80% of patients are discovered in the middle and late stages, and they have lost valuable treatment time. If breast cancer, rectal cancer, etc. are found early, and treated correctly, there are cases that have survived for 30 years.

Chen Haoquan, a researcher at the Shanghai Cancer Institute and deputy secretary-general of the China Anti-Cancer Association, told the author that cancer is no longer a terminal illness, nor is it equal to death. Statistics worldwide confirm that one-third of cancers are caused by known and avoidable causes; one-third of patients can be cured if they can be detected early and treated in time; One-third of patients who cannot be cured can relieve pain and prolong life under reasonable treatment. In fact, as long as cancers such as lung cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer can be detected early and treated promptly and reasonably, more than 65% of patients can receive very significant therapeutic effects, and some can even be cured. For example, in Shanghai, after reasonable comprehensive treatment, the number of cancer patients who can still live healthy for a long time has reached 50,000.

However, when people can clearly and clearly carry out physical examinations, they should be careful to guard against the bad medical examination institutions that have the possibility of fraud, and do not contribute valuable blood and banknotes. The rewards obtained are falsely fabricated medical examination data, which are kept in the dark. I don’t know it at all.

Below, a brief introduction to several common deception methods in informal medical examination centers, hope that consumers who need medical examinations are cautious and cautious, and strive to identify, so as not to suffer losses.

The first is the qualification of doctors engaged in medical examinations. The medical examination center maximizes the benefits. They are not willing to hire highly qualified medical workers with high salaries. The Ministry of Health expressly stipulates that non-medical workers are not allowed to participate in specific medical examinations. In order to circumvent the inspections, they are used to “to cover the truth” and “to take the falsehood.” The former is “mixed with sand” in a ratio of 5:3 or 6:3 – with three qualified personnel and five or six unqualified personnel on duty at the same time, when signing and response checks are required, by qualified personnel Responsible; the latter obtains the right to use the name of a qualified person at a low price and signs the real name on a false medical report.

The second case is more common, that is, the medical examination data is false and false, and even filled in according to the needs of the medical examination center. For example, a private hospital finds a door to “help”, and hopes that the medical center can recommend osteoporosis patients and promises to give cash check-ups to the medical center according to the recommended number of patients. It happened that the medical examination center received a batch of business led by the aging committee for the medical examination of the elderly aged 70-80 years old. The head of the medical examination center will naturally not give up the opportunity to make money from the door. They will secretly instruct those who are responsible for bone density testing to properly modify the test numbers, especially those who are obviously aware of the inconvenience of the legs and feet, most of which indicate osteoporosis, and then recommend them to private hospitals for treatment…

What’s more, individual black heart medical centers have colluded with the bosses of illegal private enterprises to provide medical examination reports for their malicious violations.

Smaller medical institutions are reluctant to purchase advanced but expensive testing equipment, and have to send some testing items to public hospitals for centralized testing, which undoubtedly become a relatively large expenditure for medical institutions. So some organizations simply make up some data, because there are real data set off, it will not attract the attention of the medical examiner. A slightly cautious medical examiner will require the medical examiner’s fictional data not to be too outrageous, and it is best to “fill in reasonably” based on age, size, and performance symptoms. For example, an elderly person with high blood pressure and obesity says that his blood viscosity and blood lipids are excessively high. It is entirely reasonable; an old man who has been abducted, his bone density is not up to standard, and who is questioning…

Exaggerated propaganda, there are some deception tricks that are commonly used by medical examination organizations. For example, there are medical examination institutions in the Abdominal Color Doppler Project. For men over 50 years old, there is another one called “pre-color”, that is, color Doppler examination of prostate cancer, and claimed that the examination has the value of screening for prostate cancer. This is simply nonsense. Talk. Clinical practice has proved that even if there is a problem in the male prostate, there is no way to identify whether it is benign hyperplasia or prostate cancer, because the two are very close in the detection of the color Doppler area. More specifically, the patient’s nodule is Inflammation or hyperplastic nodules are difficult to distinguish from color ultrasound or B-ultrasound. The first choice for the diagnosis of prostate cancer is nuclear magnetic resonance, as well as the prostate specific antigen project, which is the “PSA test.”

Blood calcium testing is not only unreliable, but also prohibited by the National Health and Health Commission. However, some medical examination agencies have turned a deaf ear to this, but they are still in the picture, and they are still selling blood calcium tests in their own medical examination packages, and they will “smash out the nets” for the elderly and children.

The so-called blood calcium test is to check and judge whether there is calcium deficiency and other trace elements by drawing blood. At present, the elderly and children are afraid of calcium deficiency, especially children. Many parents are particularly worried that their children will develop due to calcium deficiency and lose at the starting line.

Doctors with conscience know that trace elements should not be used as a routine physical examination or a project that needs to be examined. Its accuracy is absolutely not as high as that from venous blood. Advise the elderly and their parents who have been diagnosed by the physical examination body to be deficient in calcium. They don’t have to be panicked by their testimonials. If you get a medical report, someone will sell you calcium supplements right away. You must be careful. If you want to find out if your body is deficient in calcium and other trace elements, you must go to the top three hospitals and ask a professional doctor to check.

There are also irresponsible medical examination agencies claiming that they can detect early gastric cancer through red blood cell deposition and hemoglobin detection, which is extremely ridiculous. Laboratory tests of red blood cell convolution, hemoglobin, but also need to combine fecal occult blood, gastric juice and other items, at best, only for the initial screening of stomach diseases, it is impossible to identify gastric cancer. The preferred method for identifying gastric cancer is gastroscopy.

As for how to curb the chaos in the medical examination consumer market, both legal education and legal management must be hard. In the legal environment of strictness, strictness, and severe punishment, the bad guys are afraid to mourn and plot. Although the national medical and health management departments have promulgated some provisions regulating the physical examination institutions, they are not detailed enough to give the criminals an opportunity to take advantage of.

Therefore, some people worry that consumer medical knowledge is scarce, law enforcement agencies are negligent in management, and fraudulent practices of unhealthy medical institutions have the potential to further develop.

Since so many medical examination institutions are not reliable, and they urgently need to undergo a physical examination, they will go to a hospital with good reputation and qualifications for a single examination. If it is uncomfortable, it will be specifically checked.