Constitution and national flag

The generally American scholars do not recognize the United States as imperialism. The late and respectable Harvard University professor, Dr. Fei Zhengqing, who is known as the “Chinese Learning Master”, was educated in orthodox. He does not even admit that the United Kingdom is “imperialism”. Of course, the United States is less likely to be imperialism.

Lectures, the United States once ruled the “colonial” of the Philippines for 48 years (1898 – 1946). Since you have a colony, you should be classified as imperialism. Some people in the Philippine colony boast that the Philippines will become the “49th state” of the United States, claiming that the Philippine is also an American.

I don’t know if there was a problem. Because the Philippines is rich in sugar, and American sweets are not leaving, it is the world’s largest market for sugar. Since the Philippine sugar was dumped in the United States, the federal government to protect the American sugar merchants and sugarcane farmers is heavily taxed on the Philippine sugar class. The Philippine businessmen, they think they are the “49th state” Americans, the federal government should not extract the “tariff” of Philippine sugar! The capitalists are not fuel-efficient lamps. The Philippine merchants are heavily hiring lawyers, accusing the federal government, breaking the constitution and bringing the lawsuit to the Supreme Court. The judge of the Supreme Court of the Supreme Court can be embarrassed: colonial products can be dumped in the home country, and tax exemption for entry? ! Of course not. But what about the law? As a result, they devote themselves to thinking about whether the “flag” and “constitution” should advance in parallel. Although the Philippines is linked to the American flag, the US Constitution cannot advance with the national flag. The colony has its own colonial law, and the colonial products are dumped into the home country, making it difficult to avoid tax!

In this way, it goes without saying that sugar cane farmers in the United States are celebrating their hands; the “Americans” within the “49th State” will inevitably frown: the colonial people of the “American Emperor” are not American citizens.