Congo doctor suspected of killing WHO medical scientist

Reuters reported on the 8th that a local prosecutor in Congo (Kinshasa) said on the 7th that three Congolese doctors were suspected of planning a attack on a hospital, which led to the death of WHO epidemiologist Muzocco. catch. On April 19 this year, Dr. Muzocco of Cameroon suffered an unfortunate death in the Ebola outbreak in the Congo (Golden) hospital in Butembo.

Congo (Kinshasa) military prosecutor Kumbu said on the 7th that the militants who attacked the Ebola treatment center were arrested and said in an interrogation that four doctors planned the attack, including the Butembo hospital. He revealed that three doctors have been arrested and the other is at large. Kumbu did not disclose further information, such as where they were arrested and what the motives for planning the attack were. However, the Congo (National Physician Association) Butembo branch said in a statement that they were angry at the arrest of doctors, which would lead to paralysis of key medical services in the region. The statement also said that the relevant doctors should be released on parole. Otherwise, local medical staff will go on strike within 48 hours.

According to the WHO, the Ebola epidemic in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is spreading. Since August 2018, 1008 of the 1,450 confirmed cases have confirmed deaths, with a surge of 126 cases per week. Unfortunately, the turbulent security situation in the country and the serious mistrust of the people to the government make it difficult to carry out epidemic prevention work. Ryan, executive director of the WHO Public Health Emergency Plan Department, said that the number of vaccines is sufficient, but the medical team will encounter many obstacles, even attacks, when they enter the epidemic. He said that the unstable security situation has become the main obstacle to controlling the outbreak and spread of Ebola. Congo (Golden) Ministry of Health spokesperson Illonga also said that security is the biggest cause of the surge in Ebola cases. Because of the attack, the necessary countermeasures such as tracking contacts, vaccination, and safe burial must be suspended indefinitely, which gives the virus time and space to spread.

The New York Times said on the 8th that since January this year, at least 119 attacks against the Ebola treatment center have occurred in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, of which 85 medical personnel were injured or killed. There are dozens of armed groups in the eastern part of the country, and the people are tempted by local political forces to be hostile to medical personnel. All kinds of political, economic and social distrust and dissatisfaction all broke out on the “foreign” medical team.