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Child, your enthusiasm is to have scale

Sometimes I have to feel the power of genetics. For example, my daughter is as young as her father, and she is enthusiastic and generous, and she does not know how to control her. Even worse, she once had a fish-like memory, which made her enthusiasm, more blue than blue. In order to keep her enthusiasm and not blind, I started a series of genetic modification programs.

Before the daughter enters school, there is a child in her neighbor’s age who is similar to her age. When the neighbors occasionally work overtime on weekends, they will entrust the child to me. “Kiki is just doing a good job for Lele.” She said this, I also said Bad rejection.

The hospitable daughter sees the children coming, immediately takes out all the toys and snacks, and shares them with them. They eat and play while they eat, except for occasionally eating and eating less and arguing a few words, the rest of the time is also harmonious. After several custody, the neighbors thought that I was good at speaking, and the number of overtime work became more frequent, and the more I entrusted the child, the more I took it for granted.

I was overwhelmed. After several disputes, my daughter still had no long-term memory. Every time Kiki came, she was still delicious and entertaining. Even her favorite Ferrero, she also handed over to Kiki. Let it be. At the end of the scene, Kiki was eaten. When the daughter looked at it and looked at it, the daughter whispered: “Mom said that chocolate can’t eat more, eat more long teeth.” Eat it as usual. Kiki walked away, leaving her daughter uncomfortable looking at the empty box in a daze.

Looking at such a daughter, I really don’t know what to say. Her appearance is simply a replica of her husband. After all, her husband is an adult. Afterwards, she knows how to adjust and cope. The daughter who has not been in the world is often dumb to eat coptis. Hard to say.

Later, I forgot to prepare snacks. When Kiki came and didn’t eat delicious food, she asked her daughter, “How come there is no chocolate and the cherry blossom jelly today?” The daughter came to me, I was talking to the girlfriend. I will deal with her casually. “This will be empty, wait until you buy.”

After playing for less than 5 minutes, Kiki was impatient and pushed her daughter unceremoniously. “Your family is not fun at all, not even delicious. I will never play with you again next time. “”

The phone porridge has not finished, Kiki was picked up by her. After Kiki left, her daughter was very unhappy. “She only cares about her own food. She doesn’t know to leave one for me. I don’t like to play with her.” Seeing her, I really can’t laugh, I feel so sad, I finally got myself. Distressed.

She is distressed, I just want to say a few words to deepen her impression. “You entertain Kiki with snacks to make her happy, but we are not only happy for others, but also happy, if she does not know how to share And courtesy, why do you keep giving it? You can keep it for yourself, and use the rest of the snacks to entertain her, so that she ate, you still have everyone happy.”

As soon as the daughter heard it, she nodded hard. “I have to give myself a Ferrero. Ferrero is so delicious. I want her to do it. She won’t give it to me.”

After that, my daughter finally understood that for those who don’t know how to be grateful and do not know each other, they should be reserved. I am a mother, and I was inspired by the guidance of the children. Since then, I have refused the request of the neighbors to re-host. Seeing a child is a matter for parents. She should not shirk her responsibility to others, nor should she deprive others of the right to enjoy the holiday.

When her daughter was in the second grade, a classmate in the class suffered from acute leukemia. She had to undergo bone marrow transplant surgery and still had a cost of ten thousand yuan. The school called for donations from all grades.

When her daughter came home, she took out her own piggy bank and slammed it out. She sorted it by face value and said to herself, she said: “Do you donate 10 yuan to Liu Liang for surgery, 5 yuan for He bought a birthday cake, leaving the one yuan left, leaving me to buy something delicious, okay.”

Seeing that my daughter wants to implement the “dichotomy” on this matter, I immediately enlightened her: “Lele, my mother used to teach you to have reservations in front of people who don’t know how to be grateful, but Liu Liang’s things are different. He is Waiting for money to save lives, you can’t buy a lot of snacks for the remaining 1 yuan. These snacks can’t be eaten for a while, but it doesn’t affect anything, but now every dollar is very important for Liu Liang, if you give up help for a piece of Fabbed. Bright, how much more can you be happy even if you eat Fabbard every day?”

My daughter squinted her eyes. “Mom, I know that the money can save Liu Liang’s life. I thought about donating money to him on the way. I just reluctant to see the money. After all, this money is my usual time. I brushed the floor and worked hard, but when I thought I would make more money in the future, I decided to donate the money.”

Looking at the sensible daughter, I was so pleased that I was counting money with her on the desk. “Good niece, earning more than 500 yuan for half a year of working at home, you help classmates, mother can not stand by and give you Make up a thousand and donate to Liu Liang tomorrow.”

“Ouye, my mother is long live.” The daughter happily held my face and licked it.

The next day, my daughter came back from school but looked unhappy. “I donated a thousand dollars. The teachers and classmates praised me hard. Yang Li said that I was because Liu Liang’s father was a small leader of the unit. He also said that his family was too poor to open the pot, and no one helped him.”

Yang Li’s situation was slightly known by several parent meetings. The child’s father was gambling and lost his family’s home. Yang Li’s mother divorced. I know that in the face of such a father who does not seek progress, if the child does not change himself, all help will be futile.

“Lele, as the saying goes, the emergency does not save the poor, why not save the poor, because some people’s poverty is caused by their own efforts, Yang Li’s father is gambling, if the bad habits do not change, we help him to throw money into it. Bottomless pits. People can’t be poor, they must have the idea of ​​changing the status quo and their determination to persist in order to get rid of the predicament.”

“Then I will send Yang Li a few books, Gorky’s “Childhood”, “In the Human World” and “My University”, I think he will be inspired.”

I was very pleased to see my daughter. It is much more important to open a window for someone else in the darkroom than to give him a piece of bread temporarily.

After the third grade of her daughter, she went to school and took a subway and bus. She was short in winter and one day was near dark. I saw her at the bus stop. Seeing her sprinting all the way, I still couldn’t help but blame her. “Why came back so late, I called the teacher and said that I had been out for an hour.”

“Mom, my classmate Liu Li saw a begging girl at the subway station. It was about the same age as us. I gave her five cents. Liu Li also said that she would send her home.”

Listening to my daughter saying that I want to send strangers home, I immediately became nervous, and my voice could not help but improve the octave. “How did you do it, how many times have I told you, don’t talk to strangers, don’t…”

When my words were not finished, my daughter added with a smile, “Don’t talk to strangers, don’t eat strangers, don’t walk with strangers, you say these eight hundred times, can I not remember?” It was Liu Li who wanted to send her. Finally, I said that her family would come to pick her up, and Liu Li would go with me.”

Although it was a false alarm, I was still afraid of the girls’ undefended feelings. The news that the kind and enthusiastic girls on the Internet were deceived was in my mind. These news once made me a passionate daughter.

“Lele, enthusiasm is a good thing, but enthusiasm is a scale, not every enthusiasm will have a good result, to be vigilant, enthusiasm must be based on the preservation of their own.”

My daughter listened to me and was jealous. I had to patiently comfort me: “Mom, I know that I have to tell the truth about doing things. When I went to the market to buy food, I saw that I have to sell tiger bones. I have to buy it. I said that the tiger is Protecting animals, I can’t hunt so many tiger bones. She doesn’t believe it. The result is that she didn’t have any effect when she bought it. I said she was cheated. She also said that the guy who sold the drug had been stunned for a long time. Poor, just help him.”

The daughter paused and said, “I feel that this is not the right thing to do. It is obviously cheated. I have to cover up my ignorance. She does this by indulging others to deceive.” When the daughter said this, I realized that she did I grew up and know how to use the knowledge I have learned to identify the truth and how to take care of myself and protect my family. However, she is too young to speak.

“Don’t say ignorance.” Seeing that I was pretending to be angry, my daughter smiled and nodded. “Well, don’t say no. Mom, we must give a good talk about common sense on weekends. We can’t let her go out and be deceived. Also, remember. Give her a cure for low back pain.”

Looking at the warm-hearted daughter, I can’t help but smile. It is the coexistence of enthusiasm and wisdom. It is the best care for the family and the best help for others. The daughter will definitely do better.

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