Britain refuses to return to the country after the “jihad children”

“Let them listen to their fate.” According to several British media reports, the British government decided not to send people to stay in the war zone, the original British “jihad” elements of the children return home, will let them fend for themselves. The Middle East extremist organization “Islamic State” (IS) has a weak power, and a large number of “jihadist children” are in a difficult situation. How to properly arrange these children is a huge problem facing the international community. While sympathizing with their experiences, international public opinion is also really worried about the security risks that they will bring. The UK’s tough stance on this legacy has raised concerns.

According to the British “Times” reported on the 12th, former British Home Secretary Javed had left a clear direction for the Ministry of the Interior before he took up the finances last month: the British government will not rescue those who are trapped in the Middle East and the original British nationality. “The descendants of the molecule. The main concern of the government is that the crisis in the original war zone in the Middle East will inevitably lead to the British military and civilian rescue organizations being in danger and bearing huge security risks. The government is also concerned that once the United Kingdom “claims” these children, their parents who have been deprived of their nationality are likely to use their children and relevant human rights laws to re-apply for naturalization. It is understood that Jardine’s instructions are not personal decisions, but are supported by various government departments in the UK.

In February of this year, the encounter of a “jihad bride” in the United Kingdom raised a high level of concern for the special group of “jihad children”. In 2015, the 15-year-old British girl Begur quietly went to Syria and married a Dutch IS “jihad”. As the IS retreats, her husband became a prisoner. She was eager to return to her homeland and to give birth in England. She was rejected by the British government. A baby boy she gave birth to a few weeks later died unfortunately, causing heated controversy. The opposition Labor Party denounced the government’s move as “indifferent and inhuman” and the children’s charity organization also believed that this tragedy could be avoided. But then the British Interior Minister Jared said that this is done to prevent more children from being brought into the theater by irresponsible adults, and is used as a bargaining chip to help them get out of trouble.

According to UNICEF data, foreign “jihad” elements from more than 60 countries have left more than 9,000 “jihadist children” in Syria, most of whom are under 12 years old. Among them, a considerable number of children are born in an extraordinary period, and some are accompanied by their parents on the “thief boat.” The “Islamic State” has committed a lot of evil in recent years. These “jihadist children” born in the wrong place are not covered by family care, and even basic survival is a problem. The British “Daily Telegraph” reported that many foreign “jihad” elements and their families were detained in refugee camps in Syria and Iraq. The facilities in these places were rudimentary, thousands of people were on the ground, and the toilets were solved anywhere. At the beginning of this year, 35 children in a camp in northern Syria died of hunger and cold; afterwards, the camp was called “death concentration camp” by the media.

With regard to the placement of “jihad children”, international organizations such as UNICEF have repeatedly issued appeals to governments to “take them home”. However, the international community also acknowledges that resettling these children means enormous political, legal challenges and even national security risks. The US “New York Times” said that “jihadist children” grew up in a very environment, and their early experiences were very different from those of ordinary children; for example, many of them would be used by IS as spies, spies, and even suicide bombers, older The boy also has military training and experience in combat. According to the promotional videos released by IS in the early years, some older children participated in deaf activities such as beheadings and shootings. Newman, director of the Center for International Studies at the King’s College of London, said: “They are victims, but that doesn’t mean they don’t pose a risk.”

As of now, only France, Germany, Norway, Denmark and Belgium have taken back a small number of “jihadist children”. The British “Guardian” said that these countries are obviously very cautious in this work: they are picking up the orphans whose parents are both dead, because the risks are lower and the procedures are simpler. After returning to China, these children are either fostered at relatives or adopted by social welfare agencies, and are subject to close supervision by the local inspection department or social organization.

On social media, although many netizens expressed sympathy for “jihad children”, they generally expressed their reluctance to let them “return”.

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