Bored because it is not true

People who are pretending or standing are never interesting.

The reason for boring is: no truth.

In East Germany in 1984, secret police were everywhere. The film “Eavesdropping Storm” said that during this period, the National Security Bureau intelligence officer Wisler was responsible for eavesdropping on a writer who was loyal and ruthless. Later, when he revealed the truth of human nature, the previous coldness suddenly had a sense of beauty. Liu Wei, one of the “seven sages of the bamboo forest,” was so drunk that the servant followed the shovel and followed him all day long. He also said that if I died, I buried me. It is so true! What you see at this time is no longer a drunk, but a Wei Jin style.

It is a real celebrity, since the romantic, but also a lot of fun.

In our culture, there is a word called “the crown of the crown”, which is the irony of those who deliberately pretend to be solemn. Obviously, such people have existed since ancient times, and everyone has never had a good impression of such people. I often hear a sentence: “He really took himself as a root.” Another sentence is: “You are the roots, everyone is too lazy to cut you.”

In fact, the people who install it are also very painful. I know such a celebrity. He wears fixed clothes every day, and he is in a fixed place. If he says it is fixed, he will be fixed even if he raises his hand. He said that he is like a clay tire that is put out every day. He can’t have his own thoughts and freedoms at all, but he doesn’t want to go back to the past, because the celebrity’s aura is too decent and too glorious, and he is reluctant to leave.

The secular society is worshipping the high end, so some people are rushing. The problem is that some people pretend that they may not conquer others, but they will faint themselves first, regardless of whether others believe it or not, and they believe first. So, the monkey and the crown, I feel that I have become a character, began to condescend, pointing fingers and feet. There is a joke that a person plays the emperor in the scenic spot for many years and leads a group of civil and military ministers to perform. On one occasion, when he went home, he gave his wife an imperial edict, and he was also arrogant and arrogant, and he was beaten by his wife. A person, no matter what it is loaded, has been put on for a long time, it is inevitable that the play is too deep, and the mask is not easy to take off.

When Zhang Yimou filmed “Love of Hawthorn Tree”, in order to find a girl with pure eyes, the scouts searched and searched all over the country. It took a long time to find a Zhou Dongyu. In awkward society, pure things are really less and less. Therefore, I especially like a folk song singer named Wang Erni. In addition to the beautiful voice, from wearing to face to the heart, you will find that she has the same simplicity and cleanness as folk songs.

Everything is natural, even if it is the height of personality.

When Emperor Wu of the Jin Dynasty, there was a person called Hu quality, and the official residence of Jingzhou County was very clean. The son Hu Wei went to visit him from the capital, and there was no car servant. He was riding alone. Hu Hu has a governor under his hand. He wants to tie up the son, and he creates an “encounter” on the way back, taking care of Hu Wei from time to time. When Hu Wei felt that something was wrong, he reported the situation to his father. When his father checked it, he found that it was done by his men. As a result, he whipped the Dudu and also withdrew his position.

Later, Hu Wei also made an official and was clean. Once, Emperor Wu of the Jin asked Hu Wei, who and his father were more honest. Hu Wei said, of course I am not as good as my father. My father is clean and natural, for fear that others will know. And my cleanliness, lest others don’t know. Based on this, I am not as good as my father.

To extend the meaning of Hu Wei, he probably wants to say: This world, if you want to let others know, it is easy to have the elements of acting, false, and there is no meaning at all.