Beware of formaldehyde pollution on the table

Water-based foods, especially some sea-water products, are an indispensable food on the table. But do you know that water-based foods are the “hardest hit” for food safety, especially when it is illegal to use formaldehyde. Many fish products such as squid, beef louver, tendon, hairy belly and sea cucumber are full of appearance and bright color. It is the “masterpiece” of formaldehyde. These formaldehyde-treated foods are placed on the table, which seriously endangers people’s health.

Formaldehyde is an important organic raw material, mainly used in the plastics industry, synthetic fiber, leather industry, medicine and dyes. It is a colorless, water-soluble and irritating toxic substance. According to experts, the toxicity of formaldehyde in food is mainly manifested in: human consumption of food containing formaldehyde can cause pulmonary edema, liver and kidney congestion and perivascular edema; formaldehyde entering the body can coagulate protein, and formaldehyde can bind to amino groups in proteins. Denatures proteins, disturbs the metabolism of human cells, and has a great destructive effect on cells, which can cause cancer; eating foods containing formaldehyde can also damage liver and kidney function, which may lead to kidney failure. If you ingest 10 to 20 ml once, you will die. Wait. Therefore, the state expressly prohibits the addition of formaldehyde to foods.

Although it is banned, why is formaldehyde still on our table?

This is because formaldehyde has the characteristic of denaturation of proteins. The aquatic products soaked with formaldehyde have a long shelf life, and the surface will appear relatively “shiny”, while the tissue of water-infused foods soaked with formaldehyde is uniformly interlaced like a rubber structure due to protein denaturation. The taste is greatly improved, and it is more “strengthful” and more chewy. Therefore, some black-hearted businesses use formaldehyde to soak water products in order to reduce costs and extend the shelf life of seafood.

In the market, the squid, sea cucumber, shrimp, abalone and hairy belly made of formaldehyde water are bright and bulky. The study found that adding formaldehyde to fresh water products such as shrimp, tendon, sea cucumber, hairy belly, duck intestines, etc., or fresh shrimp, can increase the weight by 5 to 7 times, the body moisture is not easy to go out, and the product shelf life can be extended. 3 to 5 times, the appearance of the product is full and the gloss is better.

Therefore, for the health of you and your family, when choosing seafood, don’t be fooled by its beautiful appearance. You may wish to initially identify the aquatic products of formaldehyde foam by “seeking and asking”.

Hope: Although the food soaked in formaldehyde is extremely difficult to distinguish by the naked eye, there are still traces to follow. After the squid is soaked in the formaldehyde solution, the color is brighter and the mucus on the surface is reduced. After the sea bream is soaked in the formaldehyde solution, the wrinkles are clearly visible, the mucus attached to the body is reduced, and the soup water is not turbid. If other fish are preserved with formaldehyde, the surface of the fish looks cleaner, but the fish is cloudy and the eye mask is blurred.

Smell: Fresh and normal seafood will have some sea bream flavor, but the seafood that has been soaked in formaldehyde, even after washing, will still have a slight pungent odor, which masks the inherent odor of the food.

Q: It is more than the price. The price of formaldehyde-soaked seafood is generally cheaper than normal water-based seafood. So consumers don’t want to be cheap, and they have to pay more attention to cheap seafood.

Cut: The seafood soaked in formaldehyde will be harder to pinch, and the fish should not feel the elasticity when pressed. The surface of the squid and sea bream will become smooth and non-sticky, and the shrimp will become hard and brittle and easily broken.

How to buy insurance for your family

It’s the most realistic pursuit of everyone. In order to live a life of quality and dignity, in order not to suffer from illness, it is necessary to return to poverty and to drag down the entire family. Insurance provides a solution for this. So, what problems should the family pay attention to when buying insurance?

Who to buy first?

First adult and then children. Many families, the only ones with insurance are children, and even some families have no insurance, and the children have several policies. Buying insurance for children, especially for children to buy education insurance and solve the problem of the future, is the first question many parents consider. However, buy insurance must not be reversed. Insurance must be bought by adults and then bought for children. Because parents are the umbrella of their children, giving parents insurance first is equivalent to giving children a double guarantee. And to buy insurance for children should be based on insurance, such as accidents, diseases, because the child’s own immunity is low, physical development is not sound, risk resistance is weak, accidents and disease incidence is high; second is to consider education insurance.

Family members after the family pillar. Whoever has the greatest contribution to the current and future of the family economy should be the one who is guaranteed by insurance, which is what we usually call the “family pillar”. It is necessary to buy a complete guarantee for the “pillars”. Once the accident occurs, a suitable insurance can take over the responsibility of your shoulders and become an important tool to protect your family’s life.

What kind of insurance do you buy first?

First, protect your money. Many people tend to put the cart before the horse in the order of insurance configuration. In the case that accident insurance and critical illness insurance have not been properly configured, many people are anxious to buy property insurance and education insurance. In fact, the main purpose of buying insurance is to hope to spend as little money as possible to help the family transfer the greatest possible economic risk. Therefore, when purchasing insurance, you must follow this principle: the first to protect health – accidental injuries and major diseases; the second is the education and pension of children; once again is investment and financial management. Of course, there are some differences in the priorities that will be addressed for different stages of life and family structure.

How much does it cost to buy insurance?

There are currently two popular recommendations. The first is the “Double Ten Law”. It is recommended that the premium expenditure ratio should be 10% of the family’s annual income. The second is the “Standard & Poor’s Family Assets Quadrant Map”, which recommends that 20% of household assets be placed on insurance. These two methods only provide a reference, and cannot be copied blindly. They should be analyzed according to the situation of their own family and specific issues. For example, the determination of the amount of insurance is not necessarily calculated according to the premium of 10% of income, but is calculated according to the overall needs of the family. Similarly, the 20% income budget of Standard & Poor’s is too much for the average family in China. In China, even if you use 10% of your income to make a budget, it may not be a small burden. If the income is average, it is almost the same in China to spend 5% to 8% of the annual household income. Insurance is very important, but it must not make the premium a burden.

Do you still have to buy commercial insurance with social security?

Social security is a national inclusive insurance. Its own premium is relatively cheap, and it can be insured with illness and will take effect immediately after purchase. At the same time, the medical insurance system is a reimbursement system. Afterwards, it is reimbursed by the hospital’s documents. The treatment cost needs to be paid by the patient’s family first. The medical insurance’s deductible line, self-paying part and capping line limit can cause the medical insurance to relieve the economic burden to a certain extent. Major illnesses usually cost a lot of money and hundreds of thousands of dollars. At this time, commercial insurance can be a good supplement. Social security is like a wooden door, and commercial insurance is like a security door. Double insurance can guarantee the safety of family property.

Old people are insured as early as possible

Older people in the family have a weaker sense of insurance when they are young. Most of them have only social security or no insurance. When they are sick, they find that there is still a lot of money after medical insurance reimbursement.

When the income of the children is high, the parents are old. At this time, the insurance premiums are relatively high, and the medical insurance will even be increased or refused. Many consumers will get the results after consultation, because they are too old. The cost is too high and the protection is low. It is recommended not to insure the parents. So, if your child wants to buy insurance for their parents, and they have more choices, try to buy as early as possible. From a rate perspective, insurance is relatively cheaper when parents are insured when they are young. At the same time, insurance companies have strict requirements for medical examinations. Once their parents’ physical condition declines, they may be refused insurance or may be required to increase their premiums for health reasons.