Bedroom 5 gold law, the more love the sweeter

Wait for him, don’t go to bed first.
If it is not really impossible to synchronize the schedule, having a common bedtime, it is very helpful for the relationship between the two. Many home consultants have found that the beginning of the emotional alienation of many couples is that the sleeping time is not synchronized – sometimes, this may be because one of the subconsciouss wants to avoid communication. On the contrary, if you can use this time skillfully, you will find that your intimacy rises immediately. Don’t patronize a lot of friends for a while or buy and buy. At this time, the most you need to pay attention to is actually him. If he hasn’t finished washing, he may wish to turn over two pages of books and wait for him. Don’t waste this rare romantic time.

Try to sleep naked (not only for love)
Many health experts are very respectful of naked sleep, because it allows the body to completely relax and return to the most primitive state – of course, a set of natural and comfortable bedding is essential. But for couples, there is an additional benefit to naked sleep: less clothing barriers, when the skin is intimate contact with the skin, the warm, comfortable feeling will make you feel a “connection” from the bottom of your heart. . Naked sleep is not necessarily for love, even if it is just a tight hug, it will make the intimacy soar.

Don’t let the phone become a third party in the bedroom.
A recent survey by Baylor University in the United States found that 50% of respondents felt that the other half had left themselves because of mobile phones. In the process of growing up a relationship, the mobile phone has played an active role in the early stage, which can promote mutual understanding between couples and communicate emotions at any time. But when the feelings go deep, the phone starts to help. It will distract you and even become the chief culprit in your communication reduction. If you can’t turn your phone off when you get home, at least don’t let it enter the bedroom – it’s the space for both of you, and you can’t accommodate a third party. And studies have shown that playing mobile phones, tablets and other electronic products before going to bed can reduce the secretion of melatonin by 22%, causing confusion and insomnia.

Design a small ceremony for the time before bedtime
Life is easily overwhelmed by the trivialities of rice and oil, which is not a good thing. The way to deal with it is very simple. It is to add a little sense of ritual to your relationship. This kind of small romance that breaks away from everyday life can keep your feelings fresh. No big project, a romantic bubble bath, a glass of red wine, or a 10-minute massage in turn before going to bed, and a lyrical slow song as a good night song, can make you more intimate while relaxing. . Not only will the feelings get better and better, but this little ritual will also become a signal that will stop your brain from “stopping work”, releasing stress and improving sleep quality.

Want to love love? Don’t talk, kiss him
If you are usually active in instigating the atmosphere between you, then you may wish to change the process slightly, and “actively attack” when you feel it, it will definitely make him feel fresh and burst into one second. Not only that, but psychologists also found that the active party in love and love usually dominates a relationship and has more voice. If you think he always complains about buying too many bags, this is also a trick to improve the relationship.

Tips: Finish “I love you” and sleep again
A good night’s sleep will not only make you energetic all day, but also guarantee a good quality sleep for a long time, which is very helpful to the body and brain. A study by the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom found that 711 genes had altered function, including metabolism, inflammation, immunity and stress resistance, among those with poor sleep quality or insufficient time. Is there anything better than sleeping in a sweet, warm mood to improve sleep quality? A simple “I love you” can help you achieve it. Moreover, this is also a good way to end a whole day with positive energy, but also to continue the happiness until the next morning.