Apple’s mobile phone is sued for “radiation-induced cancer risk”

Apple, a well-known American mobile phone manufacturer, has been subject to new lawsuits by consumers in the United States. According to a report by Russian RT TV on the 26th, some American media have recently burst out. The RF electromagnetic radiation levels of many popular iPhones launched by Apple exceed the regulations of relevant US agencies, which may affect the health of users.

The iPhone and other mobile phones were tested and released. The Chicago Tribune, which previously tested 11 different RF radiation handset models in a California-funded laboratory approved by the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 11 models. The phones are from Apple, Samsung, Motorola and vivo. Test results show that mobile phone RF emissions, including some smartphones of the iPhone7, iPhone8, iPhoneX and Samsung Galaxy models, exceed the limits set by the federal government. The Chicago Tribune said that this ultra-regulated radiation level poses risks to human health, including “promoting the risk of cancer, leading to learning and memory deficits and neurological diseases.”

After the Chicago Tribune report was released, FCC spokesperson Neil Grace said that he was very concerned about the results of any non-compliance with RF radiation standards, and that they would get these tested phones and in the next few months. carry out testing. A class action lawsuit has followed, and many consumers have filed a complaint with the Federal District Court for the Northern District of California on the 23rd of this month, claiming that the RF radiation designed by Apple and Samsung Electronics has exceeded the prescribed level. .

For the content reported in the Chicago Tribune, Apple objected to the test, and issued a statement saying that the test was “inaccurate because the test setup did not meet the procedures required to properly test the iPhone.” Samsung also responded to the Global Times reporter on the 26th that Samsung devices sold in the United States comply with FCC regulations, and Samsung’s devices are tested according to the same test standards used throughout the industry.

Russian RT TV mentioned in the report that there is no mainstream public health organization that can clearly use the relationship between mobile phones and cancer or other serious diseases. If consumers are worried about this problem, one of the simplest suggestions is: don’t carry your phone in your pocket.