After the child is asleep, what are you doing?

“If the marriage is happy, and the child is asleep, you will involuntarily do something romantic with your partner.” This is the 50-year marriage of the 77-year-old Japanese housewife and the summary of the marriage in the TV interview. She smiled with a shy expression, these small things with a sneaky mood will become an emotional lubricant, and it will inevitably be boring in the couples who have been living together for decades. When she was young with her husband, what she did after she fell asleep included going to the sake house to drink and chat, playing with high-quality puzzles, making music in the kitchen very low, dancing a dance, and writing postcards to 10 relatives and friends expressing their feelings and greetings. , do a variety of jams, and personally do a “and son” model. The 77-year-old woman also made a song for this: Wait for the child to go to do some mischievous things after sleeping, and put the parents’ serious mask aside. At this moment, you and me are just on the river bank, with fireworks. Teenager.

From the birth of a child to the time he left home at the age of 18, going to college, every couple will face a problem – the mask of the parents has been worn for a long time, forgot to take it down, forgot the mask behind, and the vivid and mischievous diet men and women. s face. Many couples have developed to the point where they have nothing to say and nothing to do. Especially as a wife, even after the children are asleep, they are still tirelessly discussing the children’s achievements with their husbands, the children’s tutors, the children’s piano examinations, and the children’s breakfast tomorrow. Yes, once a woman in the East has a mother’s title, she rarely thinks about her identity as a wife. For her, can the child get the first prize in the Olympics, whether the child can learn to turn around in the pool, whether the child has the teacher’s favor, and its importance far exceeds what the person on his pillow is thinking, what joy he has. sad.

The annoyance of Chinese mothers is: “Why is it a matter for me to worry about my children? Why do I have to bear the anxiety and fatigue of this kind of widowed childcare?” Researchers at Johns Hopkins University in the United States discovered family life. The effect of boring, masculine, and male involvement in childcare – they scan through the brain to find that the areas of the male brain that dominate parenting are very close to the areas that feel romantic, and that these two areas are not as far away as women. In other words, after a man is married, only satisfied with his emotional life, he will give considerable energy and take the initiative to share the responsibility of child-rearing for his wife. In this family and the Penguin family, the male penguin can only feel the tenderness of the female penguin, and will stand still in the storm for 60 days, and keep the little penguin firmly in the body to cover the warmth. This is the same reason. .

So, as the child falls asleep, try to do something romantic as much as possible. In spring, I put my hands on my soft-soled shoes and went hand in hand to see the cherry blossoms under the moon. I went to the night stalls to eat radish pancakes and chives to boil eggs. In the summer, I quickly put a layer of strong defense on the other’s feet. Mosquito water, go out together to see the fireflies haunt. Yes, at this time, hundreds of fireflies are looking for their lover in the lanterns. The glimmer of greenery is extinguished like a Morse code. They form a beautiful stream of light on the grassy stream, which is shocking. . In autumn, of course, you have to go out and enjoy the sweet-scented osmanthus. A small bag of sweet-scented osmanthus can be used to make candied sweet-scented osmanthus in the middle of the night. It is added to the shochu and the brewed Xiaoyuan. In winter, it’s already snowing, what are you waiting for, and parents can’t go out to fight snowballs? Bring the new pile of snowman back on the balcony and wait for the child to get up tomorrow morning: Who brought the snowman back? Who is glaring at me and going out to play snow? You can sneer tacitly, and don’t admit that this is a good thing to do while your child is asleep. That’s right, only your close relationship makes the child a little bit awkward, a little bit of snack vinegar, such a relationship is flexible and can stand the test. Couples become partners, comrades-in-arms, allies and the most tacit confidant, which will make children realize that if they do something that makes their mother unhappy, they will also be attacked by Dad. He has no chance to have two sides.

Couples have been together for decades, when we hang down, can remember the moment of getting along, is it the indifferent scene of the game after the child fell asleep? Between the day, the only time for solitude is not so free to waste.

My friend’s string, the child can’t live without a person just a year old, so he must be careful after he falls asleep. So the couple just made yogurt, baked egg tarts in the kitchen, one earphone and one earphone, sharing their favorite documentary. Strings remember, because these romantic moments are paving the way, the children have to come over because of the life and death of the surgery for congenital heart disease. There is no complaints or no shirks, and only the two sides are in the same hands.