90% of British families squash when eating

Eat well, don’t lead the war! According to the British “Daily Mirror” reported on the 19th, in order to thoroughly study the table habits of Chinese people, a British consulting company recently conducted a survey of 3,000 parents in the country and found that 90% of families are prone to disputes at the table. Among the topics of all categories, the three most “leading topics” that are most likely to undermine the atmosphere of eating are money, politics, and video games.

In the table manners in the UK, the most controversial dining behavior is to play with the phone while eating. 30% of households surveyed said that some people playing mobile phones will directly lead to disputes; in order to avoid unhappiness, more than 80% of respondents said they would not allow mobile phones to go to the table when they were eating. However, more than one-third of all respondents expressed “compromise” in the behavior of playing mobile phones, so as to avoid “people are not together” when eating.

The survey also showed that although family members often “lift their mouths and bickers” at the table, up to 95% of respondents believe that eating together is important for family relationships, and 90% of respondents believe that the table can make the family more closely related. . The survey also found that life gossip, holiday plans and children’s performance at school is the most suitable “soft topic” for gathering meals, which is conducive to promoting “table harmony.”

A new study found that hackers can figure out your network password from tapping the keyboard. According to the British “Daily Telegraph” reported on the 18th, the US Southern Methodist University network security experts found that the sound waves generated when people type on the computer keyboard can be successfully received by the smart phone. After the voice signal intercepted by the mobile phone is processed, a skilled hacker can decipher which keys are tapped and what is being entered. In the test, the researchers can roughly decipher the content input by the keyboard with only one smart phone. Even in awkward environment, the whole process can be completed in a few seconds. This hacking technology poses a security threat to those who use laptops in public places such as cafes, libraries and public transportation.

According to the report, the research expert said: “We can get the information that people are typing with 41% accuracy. This interception is very dangerous because there is no way to know if you are being attacked by this method.”

What should I do if the Arctic ice melts and the sea level rises? Someone has suggested the idea of ​​refreezing seawater into ice! According to the “India Times” reported on the 19th, several Indonesian designers proposed the concept of “iceberg submarine” and won the second prize in the Thai design invention competition. The specific principle is that the submarine has a hexagonal water tank. When the submarine sinks, the water tank can collect a large amount of sea water. The equipment on the submarine quickly desalinates the sea. Since the fresh water is more likely to freeze, the seawater in the submarine is frozen into hexagonal large ice in the low temperature environment of the Arctic. Then, the submarine floated out of the water and released the ice. This cycle was repeated, and ice cubes were continuously created to fill the ice.

Although the idea has won the recognition of review experts, many people are skeptical. Some people think that if the submarine uses fossil fuels, it may further pollute the environment, and finding a viable clean energy is the key. In addition, if the ice cubes are still in the water, they will not directly lower the sea level unless they are transported to land. Of course, the fundamental to address sea level rise is to control greenhouse gas emissions. This idea is only a temporary measure.

According to the Swiss “New Zurich News” reported on the 19th, the European Union Statistics Bureau recently released data show that as one of the countries with the highest personal income in Europe, Switzerland ranks the bottom in the European countries’ housing ownership rate.

According to the report, the ranking includes 28 EU countries and individual non-EU countries such as Switzerland. In Eastern Europe, despite the low personal income, the proportion of people living in their own homes is significantly higher than in Western Europe. Among them, Romania ranks first with 97% of housing ownership, while Slovakia (90%) and Hungary (90%) rank second and third.

At the same time, the German-speaking countries took the top three in the bottom. The “financial kingdom” Switzerland ranks first with a 44% home ownership rate. Germany (53%) and Austria (57%) ranked second to last and third. Experts believe that the reasons for the low housing ownership rate in the German-speaking countries are as follows: First, because the property in the region has skyrocketed in recent years, the people do not have enough funds to purchase; the second is because the German-speaking countries have a long-term rental culture, and the rent has been very Low, and tenant rights are guaranteed. Moreover, people in these countries rarely use real estate as an investment.

Take water in the air and let your water-deficient areas have their own “small reservoirs”! According to Spain’s No. 5 TV station on the 19th, scientists at the Czech University of Science and Technology announced the development of a machine that can absorb water in the air. The technical principle is not complicated. The machine filters the surrounding air into the machine and drops the temperature to the condensation point to collect the water. After purification and mineralization, the water can be safely consumed. According to the report, the machine relies on solar power to generate electricity. It can produce 100 liters of drinking water a day. In case of high humidity, it can double the water. The cost of the machine is slightly higher, and the cost of a machine is as high as 360,000 euros (about 2.82 million yuan).

According to reports, air-based water is not a new technology and has been put into use in countries such as Israel. At present, the Middle East countries with more deserts such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait have begun to use this “air dispenser”. Czech scientists said that another small and medium-sized air water dispenser has also been put into research and development, used in high humidity indoors, the machine dehumidified to produce drinking water, killing two birds with one stone.

Former British Prime Minister Churchill’s former home, Blenheim Palace, was recently fired because of the “toilet”. According to the British “London Standard Evening News” reported on the 19th, Blenheim Palace installed a £1 million (about 8.54 million yuan) 18K gold toilet for tourists to take a toilet or selfie. The toilet will be officially opened in September this year in this luxury manor, placed opposite the room where the Churchill Prime Minister was born. In order to reduce the queue time, the official regulations are that each visitor can only use 3 minutes, and the toilet time must be reserved in advance.

According to reports, the gold toilet was designed by Italian artist Morriggio Carteran and was exhibited at the Guggenheim Museum in New York in 2016. About 100,000 people lined up for a few hours. Really. In 2017, the White House Treasury Office borrowed Van Gogh’s “Snow Scene” from the Guggenheim Museum, but was told that it could only lend them the gold toilet. As for the gold toilet will be stolen, the organizer believes that the toilet is made of gold, it is easy to be detected by the security department, so no special guards will be assigned.

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