5 “Weird” suggestions

Everyone who lives in good life wants to be a long-lived one. Now scientists in Europe and Japan have made five “strange” suggestions for those who have such a desire.

Drinking wine

Wine is a high-grade beverage with a variety of nutrients. Moderate drinking can directly affect the body’s nervous system and improve muscle relaxation. In addition, wine contains a variety of amino acids, minerals and vitamins, which can be directly absorbed by the body. Therefore, wine can maintain and regulate the physiological functions of the human body, especially for those who are weak, have sleep disorders and the elderly.

Experts suggest that the amount of wine consumed per day should not exceed 150 ml, which is about 2 cups.

Take less bath

Bathing is actually a clean expression, and some people even wash it several times a day. However, for those who use shower gel every time, it is best to reduce the number of baths, because the human body is the same as the clock for the oil, as long as the external auxiliary skin care products are used regularly, excessively frequent cleaning and Maintenance will accelerate consumption and even destroy its own health balance.

Bathing two or three times a week is good for the skin and body. For people with dry skin, frequent bathing may cause the skin to be more sensitive, especially those who are less active in sebaceous glands, and are more likely to develop eczema. Most eczema occurs on the back because shampoos that are too high in chemical composition wash off the surface of the skin and make the skin drier and more irritating. Modern body cleaning products are becoming more and more chemically active, destroying beneficial colonies on the surface of the body and accelerating the growth of harmful bacteria.

Uncertain alarm clock

A study conducted by the National Institute of Industrial Health in Japan found that testers awakened by an alarm had higher blood pressure and a faster heart rate than those who slept naturally. Dr. Chris Edesinkowski of the Sleeping Centre in Edinburgh, UK, explained that when people sleep, there are some subtle changes in the body, which makes us easy to get sick in the morning, and the ringing tone only exacerbates the process. . Scientists have also discovered that when a person who is asleep wakes up, it affects their short-term memory, cognitive, and even computing power.

Raise a pet

Whether through physical contact or visual stimulation, people interact with pets to create a positive, calm and soothing atmosphere. Touching or embracing an animal activates the tactile receptors on the skin, allowing the central system to release various neurotransmitters. Stimulating tactile receptors also increases oxytocin and love hormones and lowers cortisol levels and stress hormones.

Studies have shown that pet owners, especially cat owners, have a 30% reduction in the risk of heart attack. A study by the California Institute of Technology showed that interaction with pets activates the dopamine pathway, which in turn improves mood, reduces anxiety, improves sleep quality, and improves mental health.

Do not avoid bread

The bread here refers to Western-style bread without “taste” rather than over-processed bread with a lot of sugar added. From a health point of view, whole-grain bread with a thicker taste and a large amount of dietary fiber is a good choice. This type of bread helps to regulate blood fat and laxative.

The benefits of whole-grain bread are that many foods cannot be replaced, and even occasional bread consumption can bring unexpected benefits to the body.