5 sets of words that allow customers to pay 100%

In the daily sales work, you will often encounter the following situations. What will you do?

Customer: Let me see it again!

Difficulty factor: ☆☆☆☆☆

The customer simply strolled around the store and asked the price and said, “I will check it out again!” Many salesmen heard this sentence and groaned, feeling it was over. Be aware that the chances of a customer coming back are too small, unless your product is actually much better than others.

Error response

Overwhelmed, watching the customer leave.

Correct response

1. Ask the real reason why the customer is not satisfied, and work harder.

For example: “Mr., I am a newcomer who just started a shopping guide. I hope you can help me. Can you tell me what is the real reason why you don’t buy it? Is it price, brand or?” The shopping guide is so flattering, the customer is also very embarrassed to say : “In fact, there is nothing, just that the price is a bit expensive.” At this time we will pull the customer back: “It turned out to be a price problem. I may not have explained it to you just now. We have an activity here, come and come, I Tell me about it.”

2. Start the anchoring effect. Because the user’s perception of things always forms a one-sided cognition of the thing based on the first impression or information. Salespeople can use the advantages of their own store products to set standards, let customers measure other products according to the standards you set, and then turn back after a lap.

For example: the salesperson said that our family BB cream pregnant women can also be used. Although the customer is not a pregnant woman, but the subconscious feels that the quality is not normal. When she goes to other stores, she will ask: Can this pregnant woman use it? If the answer is no, then basically she will go back and buy.

Customer: Next door is cheaper than your home!

Difficulty factor: ☆☆☆☆

After introducing the product, the customer has the initial purchase intention, but does not want such a cheap salesman, he said: Your product is very good, but the price is too expensive. The next door XX brand is similar to your home, but the price is much cheaper than your home!

Error response

1. You can’t just look at the price, they can’t be quality.

2. Where are they, their other products are more expensive than our store!

3. We are famous brands, they can’t compare.

The method of lowering other stores to upgrade their own stores does not affect the customers. Moreover, “the price of famous brands is high.” The focus at this time is to explain clearly to the customer, why the type is similar but the price is different, so that the customer feels that you are too expensive!

Correct response

“Yes, someone told us that some of the products in the next-door shop are on the surface a little cheaper than us, but after comparison, most customers still choose our products… (in one sentence, explain the store or product advantages), I said good No, you will know it when you experience it yourself.”

Each store actually has its own unique advantages, or service, or reputation, or cost-effective, or commitment to consumers, etc., the salesperson should sum up a streamlined language, and keep in mind, encounter price issues You can blurt out.

Customer: Are there any discounts for old customers?

Difficulty factor: ☆ ☆ ☆

The customer saw a product and asked the salesperson to give a discount. The salesperson did not agree. The customer said, “I am your old customer, can’t you offer discounts?”

Error response

1. No way, this is the company’s unified pricing, if I can give you a discount.

2. Sorry, we have a price for both new and old customers.

3. Since it is an old customer, you should know that we are not bargaining here.

The first answer is a little inhuman. The latter two answers are a bit of a blow to people. Since both new and old customers are the same, what about customer loyalty? These three kinds of answers did not take into account the old customers’ ideas, and it is easy to hurt his face and feel that he has not received attention.

Correct response

1. I know that you are our old customer, you know that our prices are very real, and the quality is guaranteed, which is also an important reason why we have many old customers. Otherwise, I will fight for the store manager and send you a gift. What do you think?

2. Our store has preferential policies for old customers. I will give you points for each amount you purchase. We will give back shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetic bags and other products when customers purchase XX yuan, so that old customers can feel our hearts.

To receive old customers, the most important thing is to give him a feeling that he and the ordinary customers have different treatments in this store, and they have received more attention.

Customer: I know your boss, is it cheaper?

Difficulty factor: ☆ ☆ ☆

This situation is a bit special. Sometimes the customer does know the boss. Sometimes, the salesperson can’t offend the boss, and he can’t offend the customer. Unless the customer is willing to call the boss himself, the salesperson can’t confirm the facts on the spot (in case, no, the customer will be very faceless).

Error response

Then you call our boss and say something to our boss!

Correct response

really? It’s a great honor, I rarely see the boss, she travels a lot! What kind of work do you do? … the editor of the magazine, and sure enough, the people I know with our boss are particularly powerful. You come to our store to buy things, I must tell our boss, let our boss thank you!

In short, give her face, but never cut the price.

Customer: You will not have problems with quality?

Difficulty factor: ☆ ☆

This is a phrase that many customers often say when they buy. At this time, the customer has decided to buy it. Although he also knows that this is nonsense, he always wants to find some psychological comfort. If the salesperson does not answer the customer’s satisfaction, even if it does not affect the final transaction, it will give the customer an anxiety of regretting after buying.

Routine response

We are big brands, there are many specialty stores across the country, and our quality is not a problem. In case there is a problem, we have three bags, we will be replaced for six years, and a ten-year warranty.

Wonderful response

Mr./Miss, in fact, I bought an air conditioner before, and it broke down in a month. I screamed and slept well at night. After waiting for a month of maintenance, I was personally killed in the summer. So now I am very concerned about product quality issues, because I am also a consumer when I don’t sell things. It is precisely because our company has high quality requirements for products that I will sell here.

This said at least scared customers not to go to other manufacturers to buy.