When milk is drunk, can it really grow taller?

Someone brother often said: It’s okay to grow short, congenitally insufficient, and the day after tomorrow to make up for it. For example, the classmate of the second son of the second family of the next door, Wang Dashu’s family, is not high, but the children are in good condition and thirsty. It’s drinking milk, so now it’s a big man, it’s the result of drinking milk!

Are there examples of this classmates? The classmates who grew up together were half shorter than themselves in the past few years. In the past few years, they suddenly found two heads higher than themselves. Did he really secretly drink a lot of milk at home? When milk is drunk, can it really grow taller?

The facts may disappoint everyone: the biggest influence on height is always the genes. Just like, ordinary people drink milk every day is not likely to be higher than Yao Ming.

However, proper drinking of milk is good for promoting bone development. Years of research at home and abroad have shown that insisting on drinking a proper amount of milk every day not only promotes the physical development of children and children, but also makes their bones denser (ie, increases bone mass) and reduces their risk of future fractures.

For example, an intervention study to supplement calcium milk in Beijing showed that drinking milk for two consecutive years in adolescence can not only promote the growth of girls’ height, height and weight, but also the bone mass of their whole body and forearm. Growth has a positive effect. If the height of the pre-replenishment, puberty, physical activity and other dietary intakes are the same, the height of the girl who drinks the fortified milk every day for two years is 1.2 cm to 1.4 cm higher than that of the girl who does not drink milk. It is about 5% higher. And our dietary guidelines also recommend that you eat milk and dairy products every day. Drinking milk every day is good for your health.

However, we do not recommend that everyone drink milk as water. In fact, water is an important porter in the human body. It plays a role in transporting nutrients and metabolizing waste in the body. Although there is water in the milk, it is not the best choice for hydrating, and there is still a lot of fat in the milk. Especially whole milk), if you drink milk as water, you will drink a lot of fat, which is also bad for health. Our dietary guidelines recommend 300 grams of milk and dairy products per day, and 500 grams of conditional drink. This is equivalent to drinking 1 or 2 cups of milk a day.


Although the intake of dairy products is good for children’s health and bone health, it is also positively correlated with the height of adolescents. However, calcium supplementation (calcium supplements) does not have such a result. In 2006, Australian researchers analyzed 19 experiments on the effects of calcium supplementation on children’s height and weight. After comparing the data of 2859 children, the conclusion was that daily calcium supplementation had little effect on children’s bones, even though it may exist. The impact is minimal. It may be because people who consume more dairy products tend to pay more attention to a balanced diet and better living conditions, and the nutrition of milk is more comprehensive and reasonable than direct calcium supplementation. Therefore, don’t blindly eat calcium tablets in order to grow taller.