Things that seem important

The computer worked continuously for a few days, and suddenly there was no movement. I found a repairman. After a while, I determined that the hard drive was damaged. “Now the hardware is very cheap, and the capacity is several hundred times more than yours.” The other side comforted me with a dusty hard drive.

Where does he know that the data in the hard disk is far from what money can measure. I asked him temptedly, can I fix the data. He shook his head and said: “No need. The damage is more serious. If it is repaired, it will cost several thousand dollars, and it cannot guarantee the integrity of the information.

no need? I smiled bitterly. You can know that there are copywritings that I designed when I first joined the work. Although it is awkward, it is a testimony of my growth. There are also beautiful scenes that I have taken to travel around the country. Although not very professional, it records the fun of my trip; There are children’s compositions, my carefully selected songs, and my wife’s hard work to sort out the details of the wedding income…

I am lost, for the time that I can’t touch it again. If the hard drive is not broken, I can flip through any document, photo, or video. My wife gave me a wide heart: “The so-called important information, you never seem to have looked through, even after losing, you think they are so important.” Really good, if the hard drive is not bad, in one year, two years Even longer, I may still be able to think about them as usual.

In life, what makes me most entangled is that I sell scrap. In general, bottles and cans don’t have to be bothersome, but those with their own articles are sold or not sold, which always makes me feel embarrassed. I think that I have worked hard to write, and it’s hard to publish it. It’s a pity to sell it. When I’m fine, I can flip it over and see it. Keep it, it’s too much place. So, in a few years, the balcony was filled with thousands of publications mailed from all over the country. The dust above can prove that I haven’t touched it since I put it there. Every time I go to the balcony to dry my clothes, my mother will blame me: “What is the use of it? I have never seen you. The balcony is not big, it is full of them, and I will sell it to you one day sooner or later!” At this time, I always joked and replied: “That is my spiritual food, you must not move.” That day, heavy rain, the windows forgot to turn off, the rain soaked them all beyond recognition. In desperation, they had to deal with them all. If it wasn’t for the heavy rain, they would have to sleep there as usual, and I would never bother to disturb their dreams.

Appreciate a word – people can leave a lot of things. Those who seem to be important in life may not be really important, they are not so indispensable. Of course, this is the real feeling that will be felt after those things that seem important are really leaving.