“Steel Giant” on the River: Thames Flood Control Gate

We know that when heavy rain strikes, the anti-smashing sandbag can play a huge role. It can block the large water to some extent and carry out effective flood control and plugging. However, if you encounter huge swells in the river, you need to be stronger. Things are helping. Around the world, people will build flood gates to prevent flooding, so as to avoid harming everyone’s lives and property. On the Thames in the UK, there is a 520-meter-long steel giant, the Thames Flood Control Gate. .

The Thames River in the United Kingdom is a tidal river flowing through the city of London. In the history of Britain, the tides and floods have brought huge disasters to the city many times. A storm surge in 1953 raised the tide level to 5.41 meters, causing the London downstream. The embankment, London was submerged in a vast ocean. This severe flood caused many flooding in the city of London, and a large number of houses were flooded, of which 307 people were killed in the disaster. It was this incident that contributed to the flood control of the Thames. Construction.

The Thames Flood Control Gate was started in 1974 and was completed in 1982. Once completed, the storm gate of the Thames will be lifted only after about 90 minutes. The two hydraulic cylinders turn the rocker and turn the gate to Closed position. After closing, the Thames flood gates can block downstream tidal water inundation until the upper and lower reaches of the river are high, and then open the gate when safety is restored. This eight-year huge project has saved the 125km2 range of the London coast. Under the flood hazard. guide:

The floodgate crosses the Thames River and has 10 large movable steel gates ranging in weight from 406 to 3760 tons, connected by concrete piers of the outer bread steel.

The bottom of the gate is round, like a quarter of the shape of the moon. Usually they rotate with the axis and lie flat on the riverbed, allowing the vessel to pass between the piers.

The Thames Flood Control Gate was hit by a dredger in the fog in 1997. The damage caused by this impact reached 13 billion pounds.