Rose and goldfish

The rose containing the cockroach is open, as if waking up from sleep. She opened her eyes to see herself, bright red clothes, tender yellow chest, how beautiful. Look around, the golden warmth of the sun shines the joy of everything. The willow branches are swaying in the wind, and the girl is dancing. The white clouds float in the blue sky and are the canoe of the immortals. Huang Xiaoge is singing and singing the joy of spring. Peach Blossom Girl is laughing and laughing at the joy of spring. Everything that is reflected in her eyes is all cute and beautiful.

Rose recalls the situation before she woke up: she was a young man, and her green porcelain pot was her home. The young man sifted the muddy soil and placed it under her feet; grab the cool spring water and let her drink enough. The morning of the gusty wind, the late night of the rain, always moved her to the room, and put down the bamboo curtain to protect her. The wind stopped, the rain passed, and she moved her to the yard again, letting her breathe in the fresh air in the warm sunshine. Thinking of this, she is very grateful to the young man. She said like singing: “Young people really love me! Young people really love me! Let me enjoy the beautiful spring scenery. All the happiness I have tasted is all the reward of the youth. He is not for anything else, just love me.”

The old mulberry tree heard it on the side, and sighed and said: “Children, don’t understand the world, and say idiots there!” His face was very deep and wrinkled, and he still had a lot of jealousy. It was really ugly. Rose can not accept his words, she turned her head and snorted.

The old mulberry tree said with a dry voice: “You are a child, have not gone through anything, no wonder you don’t believe me. I have experienced many things. From my experience, tell you honestly, what you said is all idiots. Let me Let me tell you the story. I am like you, cultivated by others, and irrigated by others. I took out the long branches and gave out the fat and green leaves. It was also a very happy and proud one in the garden. According to what you mean, people care for me like this, just to love me. Who knows that it is totally wrong, people don’t love me, just because my leaves are useful, they can feed their silkworms, so they are willing to work so hard. Now I am old. My leaves are thin and small, they don’t need them, they don’t care about me. Little children, I tell you, there is no reward in the world for remuneration, and there is no love for love alone.”

Rose still doesn’t believe it. She wants young people to love her like this, always just to love her. She smiled and answered the old mulberry tree and said, “The old mulberry uncle, your experience is indeed pitiful. Fortunately, the young people I met are not such unscrupulous people, please don’t worry about me.”

When the old mulberry tree saw her, she finally did not believe it and said nothing. His body shook a few times and expressed his indignation.

The ice on the surface of the water melted. The goldfish seems to have been kept in the house for a long time. Suddenly the doors and windows are wide open and I feel different. He swam to the surface of the water and crossed the new green grass, the more he looked beautiful. The branches on the top of the head are already green. The wind that has blown is already very soft. The neighbors of the next year, sparrows, swallows, have been very busy. Everything that is reflected in his eyes is all lovely, all good.

The goldfish recalls his previous life: the girl who feeds him is a girl, and the water tank that Jasper cuts into is his home. The girl fed him with the fines of the hoe, and asked the hoe to catch the worms in the river to feed him. In the summer, the sun is too strong, and the bamboo curtain is covered on the cylinder surface to prevent him from being heated. In the autumn, the cold west wind blows up, and the straw is protected by the side of the tank to prevent him from getting cold. The girl is always guarding the side, not letting the cat scare him, and not letting the eagle bully him. Thinking of this, he is very grateful to the girl. He said like singing: “The girl really loves me! The girl really loves me! Makes my life very comfortable. Everything I enjoy is all a girl’s reward. She is not for anything else, just love me.”

The old ewe heard it on the side and smiled and said: “Small things, all do not understand the world, there are idiots!” Her thin face with an inherent smile, the whole body’s white hair is dark, and also rolled into A group of one. The goldfish is not willing to be laughed at by her. His eyes were even more sharp, and the old ewes were smashed twice.

The old ewe sounded with sand and said kindly: “You are still a small thing, things are going too little, no wonder you are not convinced. I have experienced many things. From my experience, tell you honestly, what you said It’s all idiots. Let me tell you my story. I am like you, raised by others, loved by others. I have a green grass tiled yard and a warm and clean house on the ranch. It is also a very comfortable and very satisfying one. As you mean, people care for me like this, just to love me. Who knows it is totally wrong! People don’t love me, just because my milk is useful, can feed their children, so They are so worried. Now that I am old, I don’t have milk to supply their children, they don’t care about me. Little things, I tell you that there are no rewards in the world that are not expected to pay, and there is no love for love alone. ”

The goldfish still don’t comprehend, the eyes are still groaning, and the anger is not completely eliminated. He wants the girl to love him like this, always just to love him. He was very unhappy to answer the old ewe and said, “Mrs. Laoyang, your experience is indeed pitiful. But the world is not printed in a version. Fortunately, the girl I met is not such a heartless person, please do not have to Worried for me.”

When the old ewe saw that he finally did not comprehend, he closed his mouth. She exhaled in her nostrils and expressed her pity.

Young people and girls are in love with each other, and each other has the heart of each other. They both met in the garden every afternoon, sitting side by side on a cool chair next to the flower bed. Sweet words are better than birds singing, and a joyous smile is better than the moon at night. If one day does not meet, everyone seems to have lost their soul and everything is uncomfortable. So no one afternoon, there is no trace of them in the garden.

This morning, the young man went to the yard and stared at his head just to contemplate. He thought, “It is gratifying to love me like a girl. If I can manage to make her love me more, isn’t it better? The words of intimacy are almost finished, and the caress is no longer fresh, except for me. The things for her, there is no reliable way to enhance love.” He therefore thought of roses. He saw the rose red so bright, matching the girl’s beautiful face; the petals wrapped with stamens seemed shy, matching her girl’s modality. Giving her a gift to her will definitely make her very fond of it, thus increasing the level of love. He thought about it, smiled and nodded to the rose.

When the rose saw the youth, he smiled and nodded to the youth. She looked back and looked at the old mulberry tree. She showed a proud look and said, “You haven’t seen it. He loves me like this, just to love me!”

The girl also got up at this time. She plucked her fluffy hair and leaned against the jasper water tank. She thought, “It is gratifying to love me like this. If you can manage to make him love me more, isn’t it better? The sweet life is almost finished, and the hug is no longer fresh, except to take me. I gave him something to concentrate on, and there was no reliable way to improve my love.” She thought of goldfish. She watched the goldfish lively and fascinating like a youth. She wants to give him the goldfish, which will definitely make him very happy; the goldfish he has been carefully defending can express his deep affection and thus increase the level of love. She thought about it, put the little finger of her right hand in her mouth and smiled at the goldfish.

The goldfish sees the girl like this, and she is happy to swim like a shuttle. He raised his head and looked at the old ewe. He showed a proud look and said, “You haven’t seen it, she loves me like this, just to love me!”

The young man picked up a pair of scissors, cut the rose, and took it to the garden to meet his girl.

The girl picked up the goldfish and took it in a small glass jar and took it to the garden to meet her youth.

They both met. The young man raised the rose in his hand and went straight to the girl. He smiled and said, “Dear, I will give you a lovely flower. This flower is my year’s effort. May you always be like a flower. Beautiful, may you always remember my affection.” The girl also raised the glass jar in her hand and went straight to the youth. She said softly, “Dear, I will give you a cute little thing. This little thing. I love it in the day and night. May you be as lively as he is, and I will always remember my affection.”

The two exchanged things in their hands. The girl kissed the rose that the youth gave her. The young man kissed the goldfish that the girl gave him through the glass jar. They said, “This is what the beloved person gave me. Kissing the precious gift is like kissing the beloved. People.” Sure enough, their love has taken another step. The same sentence is usually used to saying that it feels extraordinarily fresh and extraordinarily sweet; the same common smile that is commonly used is especially cute and especially happy. Not only do they occupy each other’s hearts, but they are almost one heart.

Where does the rose get such a pair of scissors? Suddenly a sharp pain caused her to be numb. By the time she slowly recovered her consciousness, she was already in the hands of the girl. She recalled what she had just experienced, and she was almost crying when she was sad and heartbroken. But she felt that the whole body was dry, and the tears did not know when it had dried up. The girl returned to the house and inserted her in a vase of agate. She did not go through the worry, leaving her home made her sad, the youth’s love fell through, and told her how to endure it. She lowered her head slyly, and she died when she was not at night. The girl said: “The rose is dry and it looks really annoying. Tomorrow afternoon, the young man must have more beautiful flowers for me.” She asked the girl to throw the dried roses on the garbage.

Goldfish did not expect to have such a bump. From the jasper cylinder used to living, as the water flowed into a narrow glass jar, he was stunned. When he was awake, he saw the youth’s lips sticking to the outside of the glass jar. He wanted to avoid, but after retreating, the tail touched the glass, turned around, and the stomach touched the glass again. He couldn’t move, and he had to raise his head and sigh. The youth returned to the house and placed the glass jar on the desk. The goldfish is used to it, the new home can be so narrow, the girl’s love is lost, and how can he endure it. He was stunned with sorrowful eyes, and he died in the evening. The young man said: “The goldfish is dead, throw him away. Tomorrow afternoon, the girl must have something more lovely for me.” The young man threw away the dead goldfish and threw it next to the dry rose.

After a few days, the rose and goldfish rotted and scented. No matter what flower, no matter what fish, it is like this, the value is not to be noticed. Young people and girls certainly don’t pay attention, they have their own fresh gifts to give each other, in order to enhance their love.

Only the old mulberry trees rustled in the wind, and the old ewe looked at the sky and sang, singing sorrowful songs for roses and goldfish.