Rainy night essay

A remote village suddenly passed the train, and the villagers curiously watched as the train flew past. One child was particularly enthusiastic. Every day when the train came, he stood on a high place and waved to the passengers in the car. Unfortunately, no passenger noticed him.

He waved his hand for a few days and finally he was full of suspicion: Is our village too ugly? Or am I too ugly? Or is my gesture wrong? Is the status of the station wrong? The innocent child is so depressed that he is sick. He was sick and still beat his spirit and continued to wave his hand, which made his parents very worried.

His father was an honest farmer and decided to go to a distant town to ask for medicine. I have asked several hospitals in succession, and all the doctors have shook their heads. The peasant stayed overnight in a small hotel and sighed and sighed a passenger in the same room. The peasant told him the child’s illness, and the passenger smiled and fell asleep again.

The next day when the peasant woke up, the passenger was no longer there. He went back to the village in a helpless way. When I first arrived at the entrance to the village, I saw an excited wife. The wife told him that the child’s illness was already good. When the first train passed this morning, a man put his half body out of the window and desperately waved to our children. The child followed the train and recovered.

The stranger’s figure has been shaking in my heart for several years. I think the writer should be someone like him.

Can be awakened by the suffering of others, do not do cheap counseling after awakening, actually can laugh and sleep peacefully. After falling asleep and not forgetting the responsibility, I took the first bus and went to the next day. He didn’t go to the children to talk too much about the truth, but only on behalf of all the passengers to wave their hands and return the warm humanity to a family.

The child’s wave is the game, and the passenger’s wave is to participate in the game. I said that using games to cure mental illness is the professional mission of our literature and art.

I actually mentioned the professional mission of literature and art, that is a major event, so I have to add a serious sentence –

Can such a simple game cure mental illness? can. Because most mental illnesses actually come from misunderstandings of strangers, just like the misunderstanding of the child to the train passengers.

Facing children

That day, I was in Israel.

There was a team of primary school students at the entrance of the church, dressed in white uniforms, and sang a pleasant hymn under the leadership of the teacher. The teacher stepped back and stepped back, smiling at the child and using the back to open the way for the children. The people around them gave way to them.

This picture, which is the dynamic shape of “facing the child, retreating into the future”, made me suddenly associate and shocked. The previous generation has been filled with hatred. If only the children are behind themselves and follow themselves, it is the continuation of hatred. If the previous generation can turn around, give up their original direction, and let the child’s gaze become the direction, what will happen?

I think, as long as you face the children and flip yourself, everything is easy.

Historical conclusions are often determined by the children.

Andersen’s lack of self-confidence for a long time, not only born in poverty, but also in small language writing, can it be recognized by the literary world? He was very melancholy and always wanted to be a Danish writer like the famous Orens Lager at the time, but he was ridiculed by various parties. More than one writer publicly accused him of only wooing the impetuous readers, and even his patrons were finally completely disappointed with him.

In fact, he has long been a great literary master. None of the celebrities he admires and fears can look forward to, not to mention regional figures like Orens Lager.

The reason is that he established a coordinate from the beginning of life.

As a result, it was a child from all over the world who voted for him.

Everything is esoteric, self-satisfied and boring, can lie to the world, but can not face the children. The child’s clear eyes are the first coordinates of the world’s aesthetics.

He refused

It happened in 1642 and Rembrandt was 36 years old. This incident completely cast a shadow on the painter’s second half of life, until he died at the age of 63, there is no redress.

In that year, there were 16 security shooters who collected money and asked Rembrandt to paint the group. Rembrandt felt that it was very difficult to arrange so many people in one painting and only one scene could be designed. According to their identity, Rembrandt designed the scene: it seems that they received an alarm and they are ready to go and check it out. The captain is telling the task, someone is rubbing the barrel, someone is smashing the flag, and some children are watching the excitement around.

This painting is a priceless treasure in the history of human art. Many foreign tourists who do not necessarily love art should also try their best to squeeze into the museum and take a look at it.

But at the time, the painting encountered real trouble. The sixteen security shooters thought that they did not average their status, the brightness was different, and the size was different. They not only refused to accept, but the court of appeals made a lot of noise.

I don’t know how many people in the whole of Amsterdam came to see this piece of work, and they all laughed. This laughter is not from artistic judgment, but from the excitement of others. This laughter is contagious and there are more and more people laughing. People seem to use laughter to draw a line between themselves and this piece of work to cleanse the shame it brings to the whole city.

What surprised the posterity most was the art critic and writer. They do not feel that they can’t fully appreciate the artistic brilliance of this work. They are also qualified to speak a few words about the ignorant security shooter and the general public, and give a little to Rembrandt, but none of them did. They stood in front of this piece and shook their heads frequently, which seemed so profound. When the citizens saw that they were shaking their heads, they laughed more confidently.

Some writers have played humor in this shameful siege. “You said that he painted too darkly? He was originally a dark prince!” Then the public rumors spread the nickname “Dark Prince”, and Rembrandt could no longer break free.

There is only one way to break free, that is to redraw a picture, completely in accordance with worldly standards, let these security shooters sit in front of the table in bright costumes, the table is rich in food. Many people made this request to Rembrandt. Some relatives and friends even pleaded with him, but Rembrandt refused. Because he has a dignity.

However, the cost of personal dignity is very expensive. For this reason, Rembrandt faced the desperate situation of no one to buy paintings.

Until a hundred years after his death, Amsterdam was surprised to find that some famous painters in Britain, France, Germany, Russia, and Poland claimed to accept Rembrandt’s artistic support.

Rembrandt? Isn’t that the poor painter who was screamed by security shooters, ridiculed by the whole city, and buried like a beggar? In the past 100 years, the memories of Amsterdam have blurred.

Of course, the 16 security shooters have also passed away. They are angry and marching to immortality.

Every time I see “Night Watch” on the album, I will always stare for a moment and think of this event.

This event, the art historian often used as a joke, actually took it lightly. Because it is related to a world-class painter, a world-class masterpiece, and a city with a high level of aesthetics, and the disaster of a whole life, and the grievances that have lasted for a hundred years. Inside, it clearly contains a series of major tragedies in the anthropological sense.

We should put away ridicule and face it seriously.

Some people say that the world is beautiful and radiant, and it is difficult to be distorted. The implication is that only the middle and lower levels of beauty will be subject to grievances at the lower and middle levels. The “Night Watch” incident proved that it was wrong.

Some people say that the beauty of intuition is hard to be distorted. The implication is that only the various flaws that cannot be directly felt will be reluctantly established. The “Night Patrol” incident proved that it was also wrong.

Some people say that every visitor is free to express their opinions, so it is difficult to be distorted. Some people say that even if the public lacks aesthetic level, as long as there are so many professional critics and scholars, it is difficult to be distorted…

It turns out that it is all wrong.

Some people say that, no matter what, Rembrandt is still there, his painting level is still there, his creative impulse is still there, and his beautiful new work is enough to turn over the “night patrol” smashing case? It turns out that it is still wrong.

At least, during the long time when Rembrandt was wronged, Amsterdam’s art scene was still very lively. So many popular painters’ works were exhibited again and again. Didn’t anyone recall Rembrandt in a silent comparison, say a few words. A little fair?

Unfortunately, this did not happen until Rembrandt died.

In the field of beauty, don’t be too optimistic about people, society, experts, and peers. In fact, the same is true in other fields. Everything is happening every year, burying the great, killing the great, smearing the sacred, and destroying the coordinates. Conversely, people who are sincerely worshipped, flattered, and enthusiastically follow are other goals. This kind of reversal can last for a long time, even forever. Rembrandt gradually recovered his true feelings in the casual expression of foreign painters after a hundred years, which is still fast.

When I talked about lies, I said, “The eyes of the masses are sharp,” which is the biggest lie in itself. Add a sentence here: I am not just talking about China, but also Europe and the United States, including the world.

There is no “snow” anywhere, so the journey of the entire spiritual civilization is “night patrol”.


I want to repeat the plot of a novel more than thirty years ago.

The novel was published in an “underground magazine” at the time. It was not published, and I heard it. I don’t know who the author is. But the impact does not seem to be small, the title seems to be “on the bench in the park.”

It is written for the majority of the life of a Kuomintang and a Communist. Both of them were intelligence personnel. Before 1949, the Kuomintang chased the Communists, and they almost succeeded again and again, and they fled again and again. After 1949, things turned over and became the Communists who chased the Kuomintang. They almost succeeded again and again, and they fled again and again. But after all, the chess was high and the Kuomintang entered the prison of the Communists.

Who knows that the “Cultural Revolution” came as a whole, and the Communists were defeated by the rebels and locked into the same cell with the old rivals.

The opponents of most of the life, know each other’s details, and even their own family is also a few treasures. They can casually tell the names of the distant relatives of each other and know each other’s unspeakable privacy. How can there be such a person with his heart? The prison life of the years and months makes them a close friend of the brothers.

At the end of the “Cultural Revolution”, both were released. Political conclusions and judicial decisions are not important. What is important is that no one can be separated from them. They sit on a bench in a park every day.

More importantly, this pair of men who have been chasing each other for most of their lives are already very old. Finally one day, an old man can only come to the park by his grandson. The other person had already felt the inconvenience, and saw that the other party brought the grandchildren, and the next day was supported by the granddaughter.

The grandchildren and granddaughters of both sides were just in the middle of the year, and when they talked with their grandfather, they chatted in a nearby pavilion. They are very speculative and sit closer and closer. The two grandfather looked up and couldn’t help but smile in the heart: “We sat together for a long time, and they walked all the way in just half an hour.”

The fault of this novel is too deliberate and slim. What is rare is that with a simple symbolic image, it provides a kind of thinking that comes down to life and settles the history of sternness.

Yes, history can’t be so turbulent forever, then publicity, then rebellion, and must be settled and settled in the aesthetic image of human nature.

The two white-haired old men on the park bench and the young men and women in the pavilion are the aesthetic images that are enough to settle the life and history, including the surrounding flowers and leaves. People always look forward to various archival conclusions, historical assessments, commemorative texts, and celebration ceremonies. In fact, this is not comparable to the two pairs in the park.

You may not be as old as the old man in the chair, nor as young as the men and women in the pavilion, but it doesn’t matter. No matter what age, what identity, the posture and expression you are sitting, standing, walking, it is beyond all of you. File information.

Beauty is the end of everything in the world and the starting point.