My friend

I know that Dad wants a son. However, he has three daughters. He felt that his wish was difficult to achieve, and he could only make me a temporary son. As the father’s youngest daughter, I naturally won the privilege of going to the field with him.

I have been as naughty as a boy since childhood. I like flannel shirts in plaid patterns and daddy outdoors, especially fishing. In addition to rowing or fishing with my dad in the lake, I can’t think of a better way to let a little girl and her father spend the day. But my father’s patience sometimes makes me very upset. When he is fishing, he can concentrate on the line of fish and keep moving. It takes a few hours to sit, just like sleeping. This almost drives me crazy. As a 7-year-old child, I am eager to do something more exciting. I imagined that a fish bigger than me swallowed my bait. It struggled to beat the water, struggling, and I bravely dragged it onto the boat.

This kind of thing did not happen. I can only watch him as Dad stares at the line of fish. One day, Dad was playing endurance with the fish again, and my attention shifted to the bait. I sneaked my fingers into the box with the bait and dug a cockroach from the mud. I let it crawl on my hand and itchy. I take one more and then take one more. When the three or four shackles squirmed together, it was so lively, it was so fun.

When Dad was fishing, I had new friends. I gave them names based on each individuality. Of course, when you are only 7 years old, you will think that you have personality. I promise to these friends who are covered in mucus that no one can hang them on the hooks to feed the fish.

However, the disaster has come. Dad suddenly reached into the box and pulled Hamilton out. I took a breath. Dad is preparing to hang the struggling Hamilton on the hook. If Hamilton has a facial expression, I think it will be a panic.

“No! Dad, don’t hang Hamilton on the hook.” Dad raised his brow. “You gave this article a name?” He asked in disbelief, then shook his head, sighed and grabbed another A trick.

“This is Weigelsworth. It’s a very timid guy, I used to promise it, I will protect it.”

“That is Weigelsworth! Don’t hurt it!”

Dad was annoyed to grab a piece of the bar from the box. First Winsrup, a shy sly; then Slim, a friendly sly; and Marvin, a guy who likes to show off. In the end, Dad even married Maxwell, Sami, O’Reilly, Ster and Dogo. When I kept asking him not to hurt my friend, Dad complained helplessly: “Don’t tell me that you have given all the cockroaches in this box a name.”

I am timid and nodded.

Suddenly, Dad stretched out his arms and held me in his arms and murmured: “Alisa, I am sorry, you don’t have to be friends with these beggars, Dad will be your best friend.” Dad put my friends.

Since then, I often go fishing with my father. However, Dad is no longer focused on the fishing line as he used to. He often turns his head and talks to me when he is fishing, or tells me a joke. I think he is afraid to throw me aside as before, and I will find friends again.