My brain is sick

The stress of the exam, the troubles of growing up, is the life experience that every one of us can’t hide. However, some people are dominated by bad emotions in this process, and mental illnesses such as cognitive disorders, affective disorders, and social problems appear, which seriously affect the lives of themselves and those around them.

The body has a cold, need to take medicine to rest, then the brain is sick? Knowing more about the workings of our brains and common disease symptoms may help us get out of the haze as quickly as possible.

Isolated islands in the sea – autism

Autism, also known as autism, is a type of disease that humans may develop during childhood brain development. The prevalence of men is much higher than that of women.

Features: Emotional, verbal expression difficulties, social interaction barriers, obvious interest in restrictive behavior and repetitive movements, often showing high anxiety, intense emotional reactions and abnormal diet and other symptoms.

People with autism are like isolated islands in the sea. They are self-enclosed, far from others, but have their own free world. A friend who has seen the movie “Rain Man” is surely impressed by his brother, Raymond, who has a high mathematical talent. He is actually a typical autistic patient. These patients often have extraordinary talents in the fields of mathematics and art, and they also suffer from the pain that ordinary people do not have. The causes of autism are more complicated, and are closely related to heredity and acquired environment. If timely intervention is performed early in the discovery, it has a good effect on the development and rehabilitation of children with autism.

▲In the movie “Rain Man”, Raymond is a “rain man” in the definition of medicine, that is, autistic patients, repeating stereotypes on certain things, but the memory is amazing, and the mental arithmetic speed does not lose the calculator.

▲ In the movie “Husband has depression”, the male lead husband under the pressure of great work, the seemingly calm heart gradually became unbalanced and suffered from depression. In order to restore her husband’s health as soon as possible, the wife is forced to resign after the divorce, and the two have gained long-lost happiness on the road of mutual support.

Gloomy world – depression

Depression, also known as depression, is the most exposed mental illness in recent years. In fact, everyone will experience the downs and pains of setbacks, but after a period of adjustment can return to normal. It is only possible to develop depression as a result of long-term depression and depression.

Characteristics: persistent low mood, lack of motivation; habitual avoidance of the crowd; difficulty in obtaining pleasure and slowing down of time. Such affective disorders can also cause physiological dysfunction in patients, such as sleep disorders, appetite abnormalities, and chronic pain.

Although the outside world is wonderful, people with depression have been banned in the black and white world. At present, the incidence of depression is becoming younger and aging, which is closely related to the accelerated pace of social life and the increase of external pressure. Finding your own emotional abnormalities in time, early intervention is an important part of preventing depression. Studies have found that sports, social activities, etc. can effectively alleviate depression, activate the reward system inside the brain, and reinvigorate our brain.

Crazy and rational – schizophrenia

Schizophrenia, which involves many obstacles in perception, thinking, emotion, and behavior, as well as inconsistencies in mental activity,

Features: confusion, delusions, illusions, auditory hallucinations, social disorders and emotional disorders. Often accompanied by other psychological health problems such as anxiety and depression.

John Nash, a famous mathematician who won the Nobel Prize in Economics for his game theory in 1994, is a schizophrenic patient. He suffers from symptoms such as auditory hallucinations and hallucinations, but this does not prevent him from becoming a great man. Scholar. Some studies have found that genetic factors rank first in schizophrenia, and acquired factors such as drug abuse and alcohol abuse also have important effects.

Attention DefIcit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), also known as ADHD, is another common disease associated with brain development.

Features: Difficult to focus, overactive, and uncontrollable. But not all active children are ADHD and can only be diagnosed after a rigorous clinical diagnosis.

Like autism, children and parents with ADHD may suffer from this disease, but they may also be distinguished. The famous British educator Ken Robinson shared a case at TED. A young mother’s daughter was so active and active in the school that she could not sit in a chair for more than 20 minutes. Now it seems that this is an obvious manifestation of ADHD. When the mother was worried about communicating with the teacher, she inadvertently saw her dancing with music. At this time the teacher told her, “Your dauahter.she isnt SiCk.She isa dancer.” The little ADHD girl was Gillian Lynne, who later became a famous British ballet dancer, and the choreographer of Broadway “Cat” and “Phantom of the Opera”. Some diseases may not be cured, but learning to be right and with them can make a difference in your life.

▲ “Beautiful Mind” tells the story of the philosophical mathematician John Forbes Nash, who studied in the field of game theory and differential geometry, and finally won the Nobel Prize in economics.


Bipolardisorder (BD), also known as depression mania and bipolar disorder, is a disease in which mental state is frequently fluctuated in depression and mania. During the manic period, the patient feels or shows positive emotional symptoms such as abnormal happiness, vitality, and irritability: in the depression stage, the patient may exhibit negative emotional symptoms such as crying, avoiding the world, and suicidal tendencies. Van Gogh and Beethoven are typical two-way affective patients.

As the pace of life accelerates and external pressures increase, our bodies and spirits will inevitably be out of reach. Everyone has a mental disorder and some similar symptoms. Only by confronting and understanding mental illness and properly coping and handling it can better regulate our emotions and maintain a healthy spiritual life.